Role of Artificial Intelligence in User Experience: Ai Impacts UX

Role of Artificial Intelligence in User Experience

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in User Experience – A good user experience (UX) means that the deployment of an AI tool or system meets customer needs. It goes without saying that the satisfaction of a company comes above all from the satisfaction of the customers.

For a business, marketing efforts are rewarded when customers close sales. Giving them a good experience through different techniques is therefore the best way to achieve this goal. Among these techniques is the use of AI tools. Find out how artificial intelligence improves the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence in User Experience

Let ‘s start with a reminder of whatAIorartificial intelligence is. It is a branch of computer science that aims to develop machines or software with the intelligence of humans. More accurately, AImimics how a brain solves a given problem. Generally, these problems relate to natural language processing , visual data processing or computer vision , predictive and decisional analysis as well as automation.

As such, AI can have different uses in multiple industries. Among its fields of application, that of companies has many advantages to draw from it, and particularly in terms ofmarketing. Companies can, for example, take advantage of intelligent systems for marketingautomation.

On the other hand, some companies are adopting artificial intelligence in the whole process. Among other advantages of this technique called AImarketing, we can cite thepersonalization of customer service. It is about putting AI at the service of the tools made available to customers toimprove their user experience.

AI tools that improve user experience

There are different ways to leverage AI in marketingto meet customer needs. First, businesses can use smart tools togenerate contentfor marketing campaigns. Through trend analysis and optimized copywriting tools , AI helps the company create more relevant campaigns.

In addition to the dynamism of the contents, they are also customizable. Indeed, data analysis tools based on artificial intelligence offer the possibility of obtaining personalized information on each customer. As a result, it is possible tocreate targeted contentto engage more customers.

These are already great tools for improving the customer experience (CX). But where the customer’s experience as a user comes into play is when they themselves interact with the AI ​​tools.

Conversational AIs

A conversational AI is an intelligent computer program capable of holding a conversation with a human user. These can bechatbots,voice assistantsor evenvirtual assistants. In the field of AI marketing, the conversational AIs that improve the user experience are mainly chatbots and virtual assistants. They are typically used forlead nurturingor forconversational commerce.

In terms of customer service, chatbots , which are automated scripts, make it possible to respond to simple requests. They provide guides to direct the customer in his buying process or to ask other questions. If the chatbot is unable to answer their question, they redirect the customer to a human operator.

A virtual assistant is more developed than a chatbot. ItsNatural Language Understanding(NLU) capability is more advanced so that it can understand the context or intent in a query. Thus, the conversation with a virtual assistant can be more natural and therefore more satisfying.

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How to Choose a Good Virtual Assistant

Either way, chatbots like virtual assistants are the best AI tools that improve customer user experience. They help engage prospects and one study even found that 53% of customers prefer conversational AI commerce.

The benefits of AI for user experience

The use of AI benefits both customers and the business. As we said earlier, it allows you to personalize the approach of customers and prospects toestablish a good customer relationship. In addition, the company can meet the needs for innovative experiences that customers are increasingly looking for.

For customers, a good user experience primarily meansless waiting and satisfying responses, and that’s what AI delivers. This is because AI analytics tools can process data (queries) much faster than humans. Additionally, with predictive analytics, intelligent systems can anticipate customer requests in order to formulate more relevant responses. Finally, some virtual assistants can even identify feelings and respond accordingly.

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