Best Chrome Extensions for eCommerce

Best Chrome Extensions for eCommerce

Best Chrome Extensions for eCommerce – With 1 billion active users, the Google Chrome browser is one of the most widely used on the market. In addition to its loading speed and its mobile compatibility, it is distinguished by an incredible extension store!

Best Chrome Extensions for eCommerce

User-Agent Switcher

Need to improve the user experience on your e-commerce? The User-Agent Switcher extension is particularly interesting for this.

Thanks to it, you can ensure the proper functioning of your merchant site on all browsers and mobile devices.

The module allows you to switch between different browsers to check your store’s display. In case of bugs on one of the platforms, all you have to do is rectify it or inform your web developer .


Need to analyze the competition? SimilarWeb scans the pages of competing stores, to then establish a precise report on the keywords used, incoming traffic, the impact of communication on social networks, referring sites, etc.

By collecting this valuable information, you will be able to better position yourself in your market, optimize your SEO and find new partners for your backlinks . The goal is to gain market share by improving your results!

Streak CRM

Streak CRM has the power to transform your Gmail box into a real CRM (customer management software). With this extension, you can sort your emails in a very convenient way and easily find your customers and business contacts. You can also take notes on each of them and assign them to members of your team.

Finally, a very interesting feature is planned: soon, Streak will allow you to track your emails and know when and how many times they have been opened by their recipients.

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Need to align your offer? Shoptimate is a Chrome extension that you absolutely must use!
It automatically compares the prices of the same product and can also warn you in the event of changes among competitors. More than 100 merchants are analyzed in real time, located in France, Europe and the United States.

As a professional, Shoptimate allows you to quickly compare your prices to those on the market to align them with your competitors (or lower them). 


Need to track your SEO? Thanks to the MozBar extension , you will have access to interesting data concerning the pages of your competitors. MozBar also works on competing e-commerces, to inspire you with their own SEO strategy, in order to optimize yours. 

Effin Amazing UTM Builder

In terms of web marketing, it is very important to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to optimize your strategy and make the right choices.

Effin Amazing UTM Builder allows you to customize a link with UTM tags in just a few clicks.
To learn more about UTM tags and tracking a marketing campaign with Google Analytics, see our tutorial on the subject. 

Check My Links

When browsing an e-commerce site, there are few things more annoying than clicking on a link that leads to a non-existent page: the famous “404 error”.

For example, each time you stop selling a product and remove it from your site, all the links leading to it become invalid. That’s where Check My Links comes in, which goes through all the links on a web page and finds broken ones in seconds. A considerable time saver in your hunt for HS links.

By installing these 8 extensions, you will get all the information you need to optimize the performance of your e-commerce and improve your conversion rate .

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