3 Pros And Cons Of Buying Facebook Accounts

3 Pros And Cons Of Buying Facebook Accounts

3 Pros And Cons Of Buying Facebook Accounts – Buying an existing social media account can be a shortcut to promoting your business or personal content. On Facebook, it allows you to start off with a well-performing page so you can focus on sustaining the growth and skip the smaller details of making a new account.

That being said, there are a few drawbacks to having a bought account that might not be seen right away. Over time, you may run into obstacles that hinder or hurt your growth and momentum because of the nature of your account. Therefore, if you want to know what to expect, you should weigh the good and bad aspects to discern whether it’s worth it.

Here are 3 pros and cons of buying Facebook accounts:

Pros of Buying Facebook Accounts:

Immediate High Follower Count

One of the greatest benefits of buying Facebook accounts is that most accounts for sale already have high follower counts. You don’t have to start from scratch and build an organic following, which can take months, depending on the time and resources you put into it.

Furthermore, the time you would’ve spent on growing your account can then be used to plan and execute your content strategy. Doing this will allow you to retain your high follower count and ensure your numbers don’t drop. Ultimately, Facebook accounts for sale present you with an entire pre-made social media package instantly.

Credibility And Visibility

It’s no secret that social media accounts with a high follower count and high engagement are attractive to users who might stumble onto your page. Being a big account portrays you as a credible, appealing brand and an authority figure within your niche.

Moreover, the fear of missing out or the FOMO mentality driven by social media consumption will make viewers feel left out on popular topics and content if they don’t follow you. Furthermore, your bought account can also lead to greater visibility due to the number of likes and shares you get per post.

Social media algorithms tend to favor and boost accounts with high engagement rates, meaning you’re more likely to be discovered, and your content appears on the feeds of potential new followers.

Faster Impact

With a high follower count comes the potential for a wider audience reach and more likes and shares at a faster pace. If your posted content truly excites the followers of your bought account, then you could even go viral, which can bring in more followers and even sponsorship deals from influencer marketers.

If you’re using the bought account for business marketing, you could see an increase in traffic to your website with a higher and faster click-through rate. In addition, your immediate impact also means gaining a large volume of insights to analyze and incorporate into your content strategy.

This data will give you a better idea of who your followers are and their Facebook habits to target them better.

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Cons of Buying Facebook Accounts:

Non-Relevant Followers

In many cases, buying a Facebook account won’t guarantee that the followers it comes with will be interested in your content. It could also mean there’s no pattern or shared demographics to your followers as they could be seemingly random people or worse, bots. These will only circulate your content shares within their own network, leading to no new audience reach either.

If this is the case, you’re in no better position than to start a new and original account, because the wrong target audience is equivalent to having no audience at all. There’s also the possibility of your account substantially losing its follower count as uninterested viewers begin to unfollow.

Legitimacy Issues

There’s always a legitimacy risk involved with buying any social media account, especially if you’re using it for business purposes. The practice of buying Facebook accounts is still frowned upon because people hold the opinion that it’s dishonest and creates an unfair advantage over users who choose to grow organically.

Moreover, your account could lose its trustworthiness if your engagement rates start high and drop suddenly–a noticeable giveaway for a bought account. For a business, this could mean losing potential customers or clients, while content creators could be subject to a mass unfollowing if users figure it out.

Lack Of Engagement

A high engagement rate is undoubtedly the most coveted social media goal for businesses, niche pages, and personal accounts. However, a bought Facebook account might run into engagement issues because followers weren’t obtained organically.

Even if you manage to keep some of your followers interested initially, over time, you may see a drop in the number of people who like, share and comment on your posts as non-responsive followers scroll past. Once you see a decrease in engagement, your visibility is also likely to drop, and you’ll have to use resources to find your audience again as a new account would.


The pros and cons of buying a Facebook account depend on several factors. The most important metric is whether you’ll attain high-quality followers and consistent engagement.

While you might start with more followers, if they’re outside your target audience, then a bought account might not be valuable. However, you still have the opportunity to attract real and organic followers with a strong content strategy and the initial wider reach and visibility that a bought account affords you.

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