8 Best Chrome Extensions For Keyword Research

Best Chrome Extensions For Keyword Research

Best Chrome Extensions For Keyword Research – On this occasion I will discuss a google chrome extension that can help you do keyword research in finding the search volume for a particular keyword, in the previous discussion I taught you how to research keywords using the keyword surfer , this time I also want to review some useful google chrome extensions for doing keyword research.

So maybe some of my Indonesian blogger friends don’t know that there are several Google Chrome extensions for free keyword research that you can try. Instead of having to pay, why not try some extensions for keyword research that are provided free on Google Chrome? So, if you’re curious, just take a look at our review of the free and best extension for keyword research for Google Chrome.

Best Free Chrome Extensions For Keyword Research

1. Keyword Surfer

The Google Chrome extension for conducting keyword research called Keyword Surfer is our recommended keyword research tool because Keyword Surfer is the best and most powerful tool for keyword research. They also don’t only provide free keyword research features, but they make it easy for novice bloggers to find ideas. keywords and help you in making an SEO article.

2. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everyware

keyword everyware was previously the best keyword research tool we should want to put it in the first position but unfortunately from now on the keyword research extension called keyword everywhere is no longer free, you have to be willing to pay for them, the reason they changed keyword everywhere to a paid extension is because many people have who use this one keyword research extension. even so we still put the second position for them because now this one keyword research tool is no longer free.

3. Keyword Nowhere

in third place is keyword nowhere. The Google Chrome keyword research extension made by Negri Frindavan is a simple keyword research tool and the UI looks simple and elegant, just like any other keyword research but the difference is only in that their appearance is simpler and makes the user of the tool easier. This keyword research is comfortable and user friendly.

4. WMS Everywhere

WMS Everywhere is a free keyword research extension and has on-demand keyword research data which means it’s unlimited in Google search results.

What is WMS Everywhere?

is an extension that provides keyword metrics such as search volume and cost per click for your current search term and several related search term sets and this free keyword research tool extension is made by what’s my serp

5. SEMSTORM: keywords

SEMSTORM: Keywords is a free keyword tool that allows you to get more keyword suggestions from google, SEMSTORM is also a free plugin for google chrome that can help you to find more keywords and more accurate keywords for content ideas. your article.

6. Ubersuggests

Hearing the word ubersuggest , surely you are no strangers to this name, yaps, ubersuggest turns out that not only is there a web version available, but they are also starting to develop an extension for a keyword research tool on Google Chrome, you don’t need to doubt the keyword research tool from ubersuggest anymore because the extension is made by Neilpatel. it’s completely free and you are free to search and research keywords as much as possible.

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7. SeoStack Keyword Tool

The 7th free tool for keyword research called SEOSTACK is actually an extension of this keyword research tool which I rarely use because they don’t provide Indonesian country, maybe for those of you who like to write SEO articles in English, this keyword research tool called SeoStack Keyword tool is suitable to help. you to do keyword research and look for both low and high volume keywords.

8. Keyword Tool Dominator

Dominator extension keyword tool dominator provides access to unlock search power autocompletion of keyword tool offered if you use keyword tool dominator for keyword research they provide 8 cool features named as amazon keyword tool, ebay keyword tool, etsy keyword tool, google autocomplete keyword tool, youtube keyword tool, bing keyword tool, google shooping keyword tool where the features they provide have their respective functions. they provide free keyword research services to anyone who uses their keyword research tool extension.


That’s all about the extension for keyword research on Google Chrome, I hope this article is useful and helps you to do keyword research and find keyword ideas.

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