The Best and Effective Way of Blog Keyword Research

The Best and Effective Way of Blog Keyword Research

The Best and Effective Way of Blog Keyword Research – To win the competition on the top pages of search engines, especially Google, here is important keyword research.

Starting from the basics, web foundations, until articles must contain the best Blog Keyword Research to win the competition. Every blogger must know this one thing, because if you don’t know this one thing, your website may lose in the competition.

People who search for information on the internet, most likely just click on the article that is on the first page of the search. It’s rare that someone clicks on the next page, maybe fellow bloggers looking for references.

Therefore, this is where the important role of keyword research. So what should we do in the context of keyword research? see the following review!.

How to Research Keyword

A. Type of Keyword

There are several types of keywords in the competition that you must know, here are the types:

  • Short Tail Keyword = Short, often used in high-volume competition.
  • Middle Tail Keyword = Medium, often bloggers use in medium – high volume competition.
  • Long Tail Keyword = Long, used in low – medium volume competition.
  • Seasonal Keyword = Many bloggers use it at certain times, such as new year, rainy season, dry season, and the like.
  • Eternal Keyword (Keyword ) = That is, this keyword is often used by people in low to high competition, but in the form of tutorials that are always sought after.

B. How to Find Keywords

1. Finding Keyword Seeds (Short Tail)

If you want to buy a Samsung cellphone, then what you will be looking for is a cellphone shop. Likewise how to set the keywords. You can use keywords: cell phone shops, cheap cellphone outlets, and the like.

If your blog describes food, then the keyword seeds are food composition, taste, ingredients, and those related to food. For example = material for making fish, the nearest restaurant.

From that keyword, you can determine the right keywords for your Blog Keyword Research.

2. Find Long Tail Keyword

After getting the keyword seeds, you should look for low competition keywords. Here’s how:

  • Go to
  • Enter the keywords that you have thought of in the fields provided.
  • Choose the language you want
  • The web preferences remain unchanged, click Search
  • Then a list of recommended keywords will appear related to the keywords you entered.
  • The list of keywords in the search results still has sub or other keyword lists in it, all you have to do is click the + button and the keyword list will automatically come out again. Those are called Long Tail Keywords.
The Best and Effective Way of Blog Keyword Research
  • If you have clicked Select All Keywords
  • Click Get
  • Then Copy Paste the results of the Get earlier into Microsoft Word or Notepad
  • Upload keywords that you have saved on your computer earlier
  • Click “Get Search Volume”

By using the latest version of ubersuggest, you can also see SEO competition, CPC prices, and much other information.

C. Viewing Keywords On Google Trends

To be more optimal, you can search for keywords that have been previously obtained from ubersuggest on Google Trends. The use of Google Trends is actually very optimal for news websites and things related to viral.

In addition, the use of Google Trends is also very suitable for websites with seasonal keyword types. For tutorial websites, the use of Google Trends tends to have no effect.

The Best and Effective Way of Blog Keyword Research

You can use google trends on the page.

D. Application

For application to articles, you can put long-tail keywords which include short tail keywords in several parts of the article, such as Title, Meta Description, beginning of the article, end of the article, to the article URL, but remember not to SPAM.

If on WordPress, you can do this with the help of the Yoast SEO Plugin, this plugin can measure the number of keywords in an article, so if there are too many keywords, this plugin will warn that it is spam.

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