7 Best Dog Training Apps for Android

Best Dog Training Apps

Best Dog Training Apps – Want to train your dog? These are the best apps to train and educate your dog from anywhere. Tips, tricks, exercises, clickers and much more.

Many families around the world have a dog as a pet. And it is for no one it is a secret that these animals are considered man’s best friend and one more member of the house. However, they tend to be a bit disobedient at times and we would like that to change a bit.

Fortunately, in the world of technology, there are many tools that can help you. So not only can you find apps to recognize dog breeds and find the perfect name for your pet, but you can also train your dog from the comfort of your home with these apps. Best Dog Training Apps: Clickers, Whistles, Tricks and More

Best Dog Training Apps

Below you can see a selection of highly effective dog training apps that will help you teach basic obedience, behavior and house rules to your pets.

Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training

Dogo: personalized training programs

Dogo is one of the best dog training apps that exist in the Google Play store. It incorporates over 100 training skills and fun juices to teach your dogs obedience.

At the same time, it includes more than 100 tricks, commands and challenges for your pets, supported by videos and tips from professional trainers. It also includes special clickers for your dog to recognize good behavior and help them receive stress-free obedience commands. This application is very good and is available in the Android store completely free.

Download Dogo


How to Train a Dog is an application to educate your dog and teach him basic tricks like going to the bathroom and how to behave in front of his friends and family. In short, your pet will be prepared for order and discipline with this application.

It includes dog training tips and tricks with exercises that will steer your pup away from wild and animal behaviors. This way, not only will you teach him to bring the ball when you ask him to, but you will also be able to prevent him from engaging in inappropriate behavior.

Download Pupford

Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer: Clicker & Whistle: support your dog by training him

Clicker & Whistle is an app for training dogs from anywhere. So you can go to a park and teach your pets correct and balanced behaviors using clickers and whistles. They will serve as a support and help to understand through high sound frequencies when the animal has made a good movement.

Remember that each time your dog does a good exercise or obeys a command, you must reward him with a treat and activate the clicker or whistle so that he recognizes that he has done well.

Download Dog Trainer

Dog whistle & training app

Do you want to get rid of your pet’s bad habits? Then it’s time to download one of the best dog training apps on the list: dogo

The platform incorporates tips, advice and daily lessons for your dog to learn basic obedience without violence, to go to the toilet, not to throw his pee in the trash and includes a detailed guide for those who have just adopt a puppy. Best of all, it not only works for dogs, but it also incorporates helpful tips for cats.

Download Dog whistle & training app


Train your dog: learn step by step

Some think that training a dog can take years, however, with the Goodpup app, it will be a piece of cake. It incorporates over 500 training videos, step-by-step canine lessons and exercises, and a variety of behavior selectors.

And not only that, it also presents a list of recipes so you can prepare healthy meals for your pet and physical and mental health guides for our dogs.

Download Goodpup


Puppr: basic and advanced tricks

Puppr is one of the best and most comprehensive dog training apps on Google Play. It incorporates a series of videos, over 80 lessons and exercises that will teach basic and advanced obedience to your puppies. Plus, you can track your pet’s progress and you can chat live with professional trainers.

Although not a free app ($12.99 per month), it has become an alternative for those who want their pets to learn to steer, sit, and stand still. Even better, it includes clickers and whistles and you can ask questions 24/7.

Download Puppr

GoDog: Dog & Puppy Training

Teach your dog rules and obedience with this mobile app

GoDog: Dog & Puppy Training is an application that includes tips, tricks and tricks to teach your dog behavioral techniques in a simple and easy way using a few video tutorials.

If you still don’t know the right age to start training your pet, then learn how to identify the appropriate time based on breed with this app.

The platform provides guides to teach canine obedience and the basic rules of behavior to your pet from scratch, so if you want an educated dog, don’t hesitate to download it.

Download GoDog

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