5 Best File Manager Apps For Android You Should Use in 2023

Best File Manager Apps For Android

Best File Manager Apps For Android You Should Use in 2023 There are tons of Android File Manager apps available on the Google Play Store, but not all of them offer the features or conveniences you want or need.

Most of these apps are released for free, but your phone will be filled with ads that appear constantly. Therefore, we are providing a list of the best File Manager apps that come with no ads at all.

You can download the File Manager application below via the Google Play Store or via the link we have provided.



MiXplorer has long been a favorite among the XDA Developers community.

MiXplorer not only allows you to explore files that are on your device, but MiXplorer is also able to explore your private network such as LAN, FTP and cloud -based storage such as Google Drive, Mega.co.nz, One Drive and Dropbox.

MiXplorer also comes with abundant customization features and is easy to use. You can easily open various file formats directly because MiXplorer is fully integrated with EPub, PDF formats, MobiPacket, image viewer, text editor and media player.

MiXplorer can also be used on devices without root, but various additional functions will be available if your phone is rooted.

Coming with no ads, free to download and developed by skilled people, MiXplorer deserves to be one of the best File Manager apps for Android.

Size2.8 MB

ASUS File Manager

As the name suggests, this application is a File Manager application that is usually used by ASUS Android devices, be it phones or tablets.

ASUS kindly released this app for free on the Google Play Store but was later removed for reasons that are uncertain.

You can still download this application on APKMirror via the link below.

ASUS File Manager comes with an aesthetic design but is still easy to use. ASUS File Manager is also compatible with cloud -based storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

In addition to exploring the files you have, ASUS File Manager also has other features such as compressing and decompressing rar and zip files, then wireless transfers between mobile phones and PCs and others.

DownloadASUS File Manager
Size17.77 MB

Files by Google

Files by Google

Files by Google was developed by Google as a File Manager application and a junk cleaner application on Android.

Maybe you will use this junk cleaning feature more often than the File Manager itself.

Files by Google is able to detect junk files from your phone such as old photos, memes from chats, duplicate files, rarely used apps, cache and so on.

As a File Manager application, the features of Files by Google are actually not too many, but they are still quite good to use.

Other features of Files by Google besides the junk cleaner are being able to back up files directly to the cloud, share files offline safely thanks to WPA2 encryption and a claimed file transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps.

DownloadFiles by Google
Total Downloads1 Billion+
Size9.5 MB
Google Play Ratings4.6

ASTRO File Manager

When you first see the Astro File Manager icon on Google Play, you will immediately know that Astro File Manager comes with no ads at all.

In addition to being present without ads, Astro also has a garbage cleaning feature like Files by Google.

You can also compress and decompress rar and zip files, bookmark files or folders and media player to play videos or music.

With a simple interface and a fairly small application size, Astro File Manager deserves to be one of the best Android File Manager applications.

DownloadASTRO File Manager
Total Downloads50 Million+
Size7.7 MB
Google Play Ratings4.4

X-plore File Manager

What’s unique about X-plore File Manager compared to similar file manager applications is that there is an option for dual-panel so you can copy files easily and quickly.

X-plore is also able to view APK files and add folders to the APK package directly.

X-plore comes with a disk map that allows you to see which files are taking up the most of your storage.

Some other features are PDF viewer, video player with subtitles, access to cloud-based storage, music player, WiFi file sharing, favorite folders and others.

DownloadX-plore File Manager
Total Downloads10 Million+
Size7 MB
Google Play Ratings4.5

All of the above file managers are released without ads at all and can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store or the link we have provided.

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