10 Best Business Name Generator in 2024 (Ai-Powered)

Top 10 Business Name Generator in 2022

10 Best Business Name Generator in 2024 – A business name is one thing that is very crucial and must-have for those of you who are going to start a business. Because the name will represent the image you want to show to everyone.

However, choosing a good company name is sometimes not an easy thing. Fortunately, there are several tools in the form of a business name generator or business name generator that you can use.

In this article, we will provide recommendations for the 10 best brand name generators that you should try to find company name ideas.

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10 Business Name Generator Tools for Creating a Great Company Name

Zyro’s Business Name Generator

Ranking first on our list of business name idea generators is the AI-powered brand name generator developed by Zyro. With this tool, you can get good company name suggestions based on the keywords entered. In fact, you can add some conditions to get more specific results.

Zyro’s Business Name Generator

If you feel like the choices are too many, there are useful tips on how to choose the best name for your business, located at the bottom of the Zyro Business Name Generator.

Apart from creating a name, you can also create a free online logofor your company with this tool! So cool, right? Zyro has a powerful logo maker and web builder that will make your business look more professional and attractive to your audience.

Even better, these features are available for free!

Shopify Business Name Generator

If you want to create an online store, the Shopify Business Name Generator might be the right tool for creating a great store name. This tool provides a choice of the type of store you want, such as clothing, jewelry, furniture, and so on.

So, suggested business names will be optimized for your chosen industry. The only downside to this tool is that you can’t enter more than one condition to sort search results to be more specific.

Then, Shopify Name Generator also has another cool service called Exchange market. With this service, you can buy an already established store along with the name of the business. If you’re not planning on starting an online store from scratch, this platform might be a pretty quick and easy solution.

Namelix Business Name Generator

Namelix is ​​a business name generator that you can use to create quite detailed business names. Before displaying the results of business name ideas, this tool will require you to apply some filters first. You need to specify the length of the name and choose options among the various variants of the name, such as the name to be branded, rhyme,compound wordsand more.

Luckily, there are two examples next to each option so you can compare and pick a good company name idea. Once the results appear, you will get a paid or free logo.

The minus, this tool does not provide information whether the generated business name has been used by other businesses. So, to avoid copyright issues, make sure you always check the rights of the name.


Industry FilterandResult Filterare two features that make Business Name Generator stand out from its competitors. This tool allows you to change your search preferences so that you will receive the most relevant suggestions.

However, you must first click thegeneratebutton to access these features.

What makes this tool convenient to use is that each item of the query results can be clicked and you can see the availability of the domain at the same time. At the bottom of the page, the tool also offers some premium names and logos that you can purchase.

Despite its powerful and useful features, keep in mind that Business Name Generator displays a lot of ads which may be annoying to some users.

Oberlo Name Generator

Perhaps, Oberlo Brand Name Generator is the simplest compared to other tools that provide too many filters. Just enter your keywords, clickgenerate names, then several pages of business name ideas will appear for you.

The problem is, the generated business name may sound too mundane, as if the tool just randomly inserts additional words for each item of the query results.


With Novanym, you’ll get business name and logo ideas based on your chosen style and industry.

While this tool may seem pretty simple and cool, Novanym still has its flaws. For example, query results do not always include the keywords you entered. Not to mention the logos are expensive and don’t look as good as some of the other tools.

However, at least this tool can still help you create a great shop name ready to go with a .com domainextension if you have one.


The advantage of SquadHelp is that you can apply multiple search filters before getting results, including business category, domain extension, word length, syllable, emotion, and style.

All business name and logo ideas provided are premium products that can cost up to4000 USD. Fortunately, there is an option to sort the results from the lowest price and pay in installments with tenors of three or six months.

In addition, each name includes a domain registration fee and a free logo design. So, apart from creating a great store name, you can also get a domain and logo.

SquadHelp also offers audience testing. This feature lets you test multiple variations of the same design and see which design your target demographic prefers.


Dot-o-mator uses a different method to create a business name. You should write a few words for the front and the end, then combine the words to suggest a business name.

After that, Dot-o-mator will show the names that are available, or those that are no longer available. After specifying the name, you can purchase it from the available registrar.

Dot-o-mator is a cool and unique business name generator, but it certainly has its drawbacks. The UI seems less up-to-date and the mobile app is only compatible with iOS devices.

Company Name Generator

When it comes to a simple display, Company Name Generator is the winner. There are no ads, filters or tips on their website. You’ll only see a search field and hundreds of random suggestions below it.

Even cooler, the Company Name Generator will still work even if you don’t enter any keywords.

Company Name Generator is suitable for those of you who like a compact tool. However, if you are looking for more advanced features, this tool may not be suitable.

One thing that is an advantage is that this tool can register a domain name directly or allow you to specify the type of industry to create a cool brand name for your business.

NameMesh Company Name Generator

This tool has two types of generators. The first is a type generator that allows you to use two or three keywords. While in the second type, you can enter three to four words.

However, since NameMesh is actually a domain name generator, this tool will also suggest business names based on the available domains.

After you clickGenerate, the NameMesh Company Name Generator will group the recommendations into eight groups, namely:

Common— combines the keywords entered and combines them with well-known extensions such as .com, .net

New— uses the new GTLD (Generic Top Level Domains) when searching for available names, such as.shop,.online,.space, etc.

Short— shorten the name by converting the last two words of your business name into a domain extension (e.g. Rabb.it, stori.es)

Extra— inserts less popular domain extensions into your business name, including.biz,.asia, and so on.

Similar— replaces the entered keyword with a similar one to create a unique name

SEO– optimize your business name so people can find it easily on search engines

Fun– recommends business names out-of-the-box by rearranging and adjusting entered keywords

Mix– add suffixes like-ly,-er,-ableto your keywords.

Tips for Making a Cool Business Name

While the brand generator tool above can provide tons of great brand name suggestions, you can still choose any business name you want. To help you choose the right name, here are some tips for choosing a great store name:

Check availability — make sure that the name,social media username for business, and the domain name are still available. You can check it manually by using a tool such as theTrademark Electronic Search Systemprovided by the US Patent and Trademark Office

Create memorablenames — keep names short and original so they’re easy to remember and make a good impression (e.g. Amazon and Apple)

Think about your niche— use your business name to let your audience know what you’re selling, even more so if your niche is specific.

Think international markets— make sure the name doesn’t have a negative meaning in the target consumer’s language. If not, then your brand image will be at stake

Keep it simple— don’t waste time thinking about the perfect name. If your business name has all of the above criteria, then be sure to choose the name.


Choosing a good and appropriate business name is an important step to starting a business. While the process can be difficult at times, there are plenty of business name generator tools that can help you find the right name.

In this article, we’ve reviewed ten of the best business name generators that can help you come up with business name ideas. To help you remember, we will summarize the discussion described above.

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