10 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android in 2023

Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android

10 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android in 2023fingerprint or fingerprint sensor is one of the newest features that used to only be pinned on flagship class phones. But now many new smartphones are equipped with this feature. 

Even in the low entry and mainstream classes. So the Fingerprint has become a common feature in almost all cellphones, it has functions to unlock, lock and open applications.

Some vendors have equipped their phones with fingerprint sensors with the software pre-installed. But for a more exciting experience, you can use applications from third parties to use fingerprints. Here are some of the best fingerprint lock apps for Android that we have collected .

Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android

This time, I have 10 of the best fingerprint lock apps that you can use on your Android device. Everything is equipped with a download link at the end of the discussion if you want to install it.

AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

With a size of only 1.44 MB, AppLock App – Fingerprint Unlock is one of the smallest fingerprint lock apps for Android. You can install it directly from the Apk Pure.

To Install it, you have to make sure that your device is supported with Android version 6.0 or higher because this fingerprint sensor is not available on non-Samsung devices and gadgets which have Android.

AppLock is an application developed by Cheetah Mobiles that can lock all the applications you run on your android phone. The application can even lock settings such as Bluetooth, Wifi and so on.

Interestingly, this application is also equipped with a feature that allows the phone to identify anyone who is trying to break into your phone. Also, the app protects incoming calls, preventing installs or uninstalls that you don’t.

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App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

Next in this list of best fingerprint apps for Android is App Locker. The functions and features are almost the same as the first I mentioned earlier. The most different is only a matter of appearance and presentation. So if you don’t like the first option, you can try this one.

Now for this second application, you can choose several locking options. In addition to using the fingerprint sensor, you can also use a Pin, Pattern, and Password. Interestingly, this fingerprint lock application is also equipped with a fake crash screen to confuse anyone who wants to break into your phone.

Some other features that are also pinned on this application are Locking the applications you just opened and Setting the lock time

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FingerSecurity is one of the most feature-packed fingerprint lock apps available for Android. You can lock any app with the help of FingerSecurity.

In addition, this application has the ability to open several applications at once. Also you can apply lock on each app with a different key. But you can still apply a master lock so that if you forget to lock each app, you can unlock it via the master lock.

This will be very useful if we lock the application, maybe someone who tries to break into the phone gets a preview of the notification. To prevent this from happening, FingerSecurity has added a double lock feature.

This app cannot be uninstalled or forcibly terminated without you first unlocking the main lock. So you don’t have to worry if someone takes your phone, they will have a hard time removing your key.

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App Lock: Fingerprint Password

What kind of fingerprint lock app are you looking for? Almost all fingerprint apps have the same features. But about the appearance of each is different. Well, if you are looking for the one that has the most beautiful display, App Lock: Fingerprint Password is the most perfect choice.

This app helps you protect everything on your phone by applying lock options, there are fingerprint, password and also pattern. Set the safest. 

One of the best features of this app is its multilingual support. You can take advantage of this application with support for more than ten languages. When installing a new app, App Lock will lock it as well.

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App lock – Real Fingerprint

The next application that you can use for fingerprint lock on the best android is App Lock – Real Fingerprint. In terms of features, this application is also not much different from the others. It really works to lock your phone. Moreover, there are interesting color choices in this application.

One of the best features in this application is its ability to provide notifications. You can set the app to notify you when someone tries to break into your lock. notification will be sent to your email. the app also lets you choose to lock via PIN and password.

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Fingerprint Lock Screen

Fingerprint Lock Screen is the next fingerprint lock app. This app lets you lock the keypad and only grants access after your fingerprint scan is done. 

To unlock, press your finger on the indicator light next to the scan area for two seconds, until the indicator light flashes green. Then scan your finger and you will be given access to unlock the phone.

Now this application is very supportive for phones that are not equipped with a fingerprint. Where this application can work on Android. Also there is Sound support at Locking & Unlocking time. It also includes theme support that changes your screen according to the lock.

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ICE Unlock

Next there is the name ICE Unlock which is supported with ONYX. Which means that users of the ICE Unlock application really allow the phone to only be unlocked by your finger by taking a picture or taking a picture of your fingerprint. So it can not only be used to open applications installed on the phone.

Now to use the features of this application, users can start by placing your finger on the camera on the back. Then press the camera to take a picture.

Let ICE (Identity Control Essentials) UNLOCK do the next process by matching the image and unlocking the device. With notes in accordance with the one on the phone.

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Fingerprint Gestures

No need for a smartphone with fingerprint support, through the fingerprint gertures application, you can apply a fingerprint sensor on your cellphone. Enough only phones that have support for Android.

The method applied is tapping your fingerprint on the screen. You can choose several modes, you can select one tab on the screen or twice. It all depends on your choice to unlock the screen .

You can even set a tap to sleep the phone. Fortunately again, this fingerprint lock app is available for free on the play store. please download it yourself via the link below.

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Real Home Button Fingerprint!

The next best fingerprint app for android is Real Home Button Fingerprint!, just like most other apps, this app lets you lock your phone with your fingerprint.

The difference is, this application can work on phones that do not have actual fingerprint support. Where this application works by utilizing your phone’s home button as if there is a fingerprint. What you can do is actually just lock and unlock the phone.

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Fingerprint Quick Action

If you are looking for a fingerprint lock application with limited and simple features only on the fingerprint sensor feature, Fingerprint Quick Action is the most appropriate choice. This app lets you lock your phone with the fingerprint you apply on the screen. You just swipe or tap the screen to open it.,

In addition to fingerprint sensors, the application is also supported with features for Sleep, Go home, Go back, Show recent apps, Expand notifications panel, Expand quick settings, Show power menu, Toggle split screen, Toggle notifications panel, and also Launch app or shortcut . If you want to use this application, click the link below.

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The final word

Whatever method you use to protect the privacy on your phone, it’s important that you do it. It also includes applying a fingerprint lock application . Or if you don’t like it, you can use another best app locker for android  .

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