What is Discord Bot? How to add discord bots?

What is Discord Bot? How to add discord bots?

What is Discord Bot? The Easiest Way To Add Bot To DiscordDiscord is a high-quality messaging and call communication platform used by many gamers to interact and chat with each other. In this application, there is support for bots to make the user experience better. So you already know what is Discord bot? How to add bots to Discord?

What is Discord bot?

Bot Discord is a bot that makes user communication more convenient. Each bot in Discord will be programmed in a different way, able to perform tasks such as playing music, managing chat channels or chatting automatically.

Where is the Discord bot obtained?

If you have coding skills, you can create your own Discord bot, but this is quite complicated. Therefore, you should focus on finding bots available at some sites like Bots On Discord, top.gg or Discord Bot List. You can learn more about bots and then clickinvite/join/add optionto get the bot to theserver.

How to use Discord Bot

You don’t need to be good at programming to add bots to your server, just download pre-made bots and customize their functionality. Think of Discord bots as server add-ons that extend Discord’s core capabilities.

Most Discord bots are designed to run 7/27 on the server and users can communicate with them using text commands. These commands will then trigger specific parts of the code to perform actions on the server. If you want to get somewhere in Discord then bots will help you.

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How to add Discord bots

Check Discord Server Permissions

To add any bot to your server, you need to be the server owner or have administrative privileges on the server. Go toServer Settingson the menu bar to see your roles.

Then click onRolesand then selectManage Channelsso that selected members have the same permissions.

Invite Bot

Next, invite the bot to the server and then redirect the link to the Discord page. Here, you proceed to use theAdd to server drop-down menuto select the server you want to add the bot to and then clickContinue. You should note, sites that receive bots require anInvite buttonor other equivalent option.

Authorize Discord

On the screen will appear all the permissions that the bot needs on the server, in which advanced bots need a lot of privileges to work properly. However, you must make sure to add only trusted Discord bots to the server and clickAuthorize.

Then do aCAPTCHA verificationto prove you’re not a bot. After successful verification, the bot will join the server and you can see them at the member list.


Set up bot roles in Discord

Most bots in Discord automatically assign a new role on the server using the permissions you agreed to in the previous step. Click on the server name on the left side then click onServer Settingsand selectRoles.

You should now see the bot’s new role in the Roles column, then left click and drag all other options. This allows the Discord bot to easily manage members on the server.

The best and most popular Bots for Discord servers


Rythm is a Discord music bot that provides high-quality music from various sources such as YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud,… to provide a great music experience for users.

Link to access the Rythm bot:https://rythm.fm/


This is a very useful bot for companies or organizations, because they help you moderate the role of each member, give them permissions in the channel or add roles to specific groups in the channel. In addition, with the automatic mode of censoring rules, YAGPDB will save you a lot of time handling tasks such as automatically warning, automatically triggering or automatically banning violators.

Link to access the YAGPDB bot:https://yagpdb.xy

Carl Bot

Carl Bot is one of the best moderation bots in Discord with 250 roles and all sorts of other moderation features. They allow users to record name changes between members on the server, suggest custom commands, music, logging, word breaks, repeating messages, auto-provision, and more.

Link to access bot Carl Bot:https://carl.gg/


Groovy is a music Discord bot that allows members to queue up playlists of songs from various Internet sources. In addition, you can pay for Groovy bot premium to access many features such as sound effects, volume control, and 24/7 play.

Link to access the Groovy bot:https://groovy.bot/


The MEE6 bot will help you manage and grow your online community on Discord. They provide servers with interactive game features, integration with YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit.

You can set up the automatic feature to avoid spam users or other rule violations, you should also turn it on to optimize management performance.

Link to access the MEE6 bot:https://mee6.xyz/

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This is a Discord bot that will assist you in automatic moderation with bans, filtering messages or inviting members out of the channel. In addition, you can also play music, auto reply to messages and search for GIFs easily through RED.

Link to access RED bot:https://index.discord.red/


Dyno is a great bot on Discord, not only helping you to search for information with Google, find music on Youtube, but also help manage all features in the channel through the control panel. For example, you can view notifications, delete messages, mute, browse logs or block time.

Link to access Dyno bot:https://dyno.gg/


This is a bot that assists you in controlling users, setting greetings, deleting messages and many other features through written commands. In particular, Tatsumaki has a dedicated control panel that makes setup and management easier and more efficient.

Link to access Tatsumaki bot:https://tatsu.gg/


Pancake is known as a versatile bot with full features such as banning users, controlling servers, searching images and music from many other sources such as SoundCloud, YouTube,… With many other commands and features together, the Pancake bot will help you manage your server more easily.

Link to access the Pancake bot:https://pancake.gg/

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Bot Discord

What are the most popular discord bots?

Carl Bot, Dyno, Tatsumaki, Pancake, MEE6, RED, EPIC RPG. Above are instructions on how to add bots to Discord simply and the most popular Discord bot types today.

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