Best MOBA Games for Android

Best Free MOBA Games for Android 2022

Best MOBA Games for Android – For game fans, especially online games, you must be familiar with several types of game genres that are currently in great demand and played. Call it the most frequently played, for example, Mobile Legend and DOTA.

These two types of games at least certainly exist on every smartphone. Well, what you need to know is that these games are actually different and classified by genre. The two games above are included in the best MOBA game genre for Android.

About MOBA Games

Lately, MOBA genre games are being loved a lot, especially by smartphone users. MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is an online game genre where one player to another will fight each other with a strategy that has been prepared in the provided match arena.

Initially, this game could only be played on a computer or PC. But along with the development of innovations made and the continued development of fans of this game.

Then it can also be played from smartphones. In addition to Mobile Legend and DOTA, there are many other best Android MOBA games that you can try to play.

7+ Best MOBA Games for Android

Well, as a friend’s choice in determining whether to install MOBA games. This time I will give a review of the 7+ Best MOBA Games for Android that are fun and challenging to play on your cellphone.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Best Free MOBA Games for Android: Mobile Legends
Best Free MOBA Games for Android: Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not only the best online Android game, but also the most popular game in Indonesia to date. 

This Mobile Legends game itself is an Action Strategy game genre. So here you have to have a good strategy by using a variety of characters (heroes). 

There are many characters that you can choose from, each character in this game also has a different background and ability. Like other MOBA games, you will also form a team with four other players and fight against enemies (5 vs 5).

To win the battle, basically you must have a good strategy and teamwork in a team.

2. Garena AOV- Arena of Valor

Best Free MOBA Games for Android: Arena of Valor

The next best Android MOBA game that you must try is Arena of Valor. This game is widely played because it has characteristics similar to DoTA, but with a mobile version. The feature is very interesting because it allows players to fight one on one up to 5 against 5.

Not only that, AOV also offers various interesting features in it, such as a match time of 10 minutes with more than 20 heroes. There is also a multiplayer co-op feature that will make the game even more exciting.

3. Heroes of Arena

Best Free MOBA Games for Android: Heroes of Arena

This game also offers a choice of multiplayer games from 3vs3 to 5vs5. The graphics are very stunning with a variety of interesting additional features.

You can choose the level of the game from low, medium to high. This game will also choose its own graphics according to the capacity or specifications of the device used.

4. Iron League

Iron League also has the potential to be the best MOBA game with its advantages. Such as the number of heroes which is quite a lot up to 30 heroes, as well as the variety of game modes to choose from.

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Unfortunately, when you play, you will be limited to only 3vs3 games. Not only that, playing time is also limited to a maximum duration of 10 minutes per game.

5. Legendary Heroes

This game is the best Android MOBA game that can even be played offline. Very suitable to play if you are in a place with an unstable connection.

The attraction of this game is the skills provided to each hero. There are a total of 4 unique skills that will make the battle even more exciting.

6. Heroes of Order and Chaos

Next is Heroes of Order and Chaos which has up to 57 heroes to choose from. The advantage of this game is that there is no game time limit because it does not use an energy system.

7. Onmyoji Arena

In terms of gameplay and overall, this game is very similar to Mobile Legend. The only difference is the mention. This game deserves to be called the best MOBA because it already carries perfect graphics in it.

8. Heroes Evolved

Best Free MOBA Games for Android: Heroes Evolved

Finally, there is Heroes Evolved which not only offers a large number of heroes but also various unique and interesting features in it. Such as the existence of clans, the short duration of the game, as well as the Chaotic Strike mode.

The final word

Hopefully, you are like this article from techjustify this time about 7+ lists of the best Android MOBA games that you should try. 

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