Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 [Updated]

Best Free PC Game Download Site 2021, Complete and Updated!

Best Free PC Game Download Site – Where to Download Free Offline and Online Free PC Game Download Site For a gamer who usually plays on a PC or laptop.

There is nothing more fun than downloading the latest PC games and then playing them. Especially if the game he wants can be downloaded for free.

However, it is not easy to find a free PC game download site that contains exciting games. Mostly, free sites only provide games that are not interesting and boring.

But all that has changed after some of the best PC game download sites provide exciting, challenging games that anyone can download without costing a penny.

If you are a gamer who needs a new game to kill boredom, then immediately get your favorite PC game on the following sites:


Currently, who does not know Steam? Game lovers of course know with this site. The existence of Steam as a legal game and software platform is indeed very grateful.

Although not all can be obtained for free, Steam still provides popular games that can be downloaded at no cost.

Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022

Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are two popular games that can be downloaded and played for free via Steam.

Even if you are interested in buying a paid game on Steam, don’t worry, the price is not expensive for an original game. Interested? Just download Steam, and play your favorite games.

Download the Steam Application

Website to Download free games on stream

Epic Games Store

Gamers, of course, know with exciting titles like Fortnite which is now transformed as one of the famous battle royale games or Dauntless which has gameplay similar to Monster Hunter.

The two games made by Epic Games have indeed attracted a lot of fans. But apparently, Epic Games not only created these two popular games, but also a game platform called the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store
Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022

Even though you have to pay to get your target game, every week the Epic Games Store distributes free games to its users.

Interestingly, the free game can be owned permanently. So, if you are a free game enthusiast, then it never hurts to download it on one of these sites.

Download the Epic Games Store App


f you want to get a new game but not from a pirated PC game download site , then you should try visiting Origin.

On this site, there are a lot of the best and most popular games today. The Origin feature is indeed quite similar to Steam, although the number of games available is not as complete as that of Steam.

Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022

But it doesn’t matter as long as you can find fun games of today in it, such as Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, Star Wars: The Old Republic, or APEX Legends which is now also increasingly famous as one of the best FPS games, rivaling CS: GO, PUBG, and Fortnite. Of course, you can have these games for free.

Download the Origin App

Websites to Download free games on Origin

GOG Galaxy

One of the disadvantages of downloading games on Steam is that there is Digital Rights Management (DRM) which causes all the contents of the game library to be lost or forfeited when Steam closes your account.

That’s why you are also recommended to visit GOG Galaxy. Not a pirated PC gaming site and most importantly, it has a DRM-free feature.

Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 : GOG Galaxy
Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 : GOG Galaxy

Another advantage of this site is that in it there are lots of light and old PC games that are suitable for nostalgia and can be played offline. Many games are also available that can be played for the Linux operating system which is currently very difficult to find. Interesting right? So, immediately visit GOG Galaxy.

Download the GOG Galaxy App


In the past you must have tried to play the game World of Warcraft. This exciting game made by Blizzard is indeed quite stuck in the memory of gamers.

If you are interested in playing it again, then you should visit Blizzard Yes, Blizzard’s gaming platform does provide all the games ever made by the famous developer.

Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 : Blizzard

On this platform you can find games like Heartstone, Starcraft, Overwatch, as well as the Diablo series. This free PC game download site also has many excellent features that are not inferior to its competitors. How? Interested in visiting Blizzard right?

Download the Blizzard App

If the platform or other game client contains games from big and well-known studios or developers, takes a different step. This site prefers to provide quality indie games that cannot be underestimated at all. Free PC Game Download Site
Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 :

There are more than 50 thousand games that you can download easily and for free to then play on your PC or laptop. So, if you want a new PC game to accompany your days, it is highly recommended to visit

Download the app

Website to Download free games on

Humble Store

This site can be an alternative to download games at low prices or even free. Humble Store is already quite well known among gamers.

This site even has its own nickname, namely Humble Bundle. This site often shares free games for its customers, such as the game Company of Heroes 2, Layers of Fear, and many other games.

Humble Store Free PC Game Download Site
Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 : Humble Store

Even though the free games shared by the Humble Store are old games, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to play.

Humble Store is also known as a source of offline PC game downloads because there are so many offline games that can be downloaded from this site. Don’t hesitate, try visiting the Humble Store right now.

Download the Humble Store App

Ubisoft Uplay

Creating game clients seems to be a trend among game developers around the world. Ubisoft as one of the leading game developers certainly doesn’t want to miss this trend.

Ubisoft created Uplay as a platform that contains its games, such as Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, The Crew, to The Division.

Ubisoft Uplay Free PC Game Download Site
Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 : Ubisoft Uplay

Unfortunately, there are not many free games available on Uplay. However, you can still take advantage of the game demo you want or buy it when there is a discount. There is no doubt about this site, many of its customers have benefited from Uplay.

Download the Uplay App

Microsoft Store

With so many users of Windows-based laptops or PCs, Microsoft has also taken the initiative to provide a platform that can be used to download games, paid or free, online or offline. That’s why, Microsoft is also one of the best offline PC game download sites today.

Microsoft Store Free PC Game Download Site
Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 : Microsoft Store

Some of the exclusive games that you can get from this site are Asphalt 9, Forza Horizon, and many other exciting games. Regarding the price, it is not much different from other platforms. But for convenience, the Microsoft Store can be very reliable.

Download the Microsoft Store App

Rockstar Games Launcher

Rockstar, a developer who always creates quality games and has great success in the market. No wonder Rockstar has so many fans.

To make it easier for its customers, Rockstar recently followed in the footsteps of other developers by creating a Game Client named Rockstar Games Launcher.

Rockstar Games Launcher Free PC Game Download Site
Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 : Rockstar Games Launcher

All the best Rockstar games are on this site. Starting from GTA V to Bully Scholarship Edition. Even when it was just released, this platform immediately provided GTA: San Andreas for free. You must be interested, right? Then just download all the games available on Rockstar Games Launcher.

Download the Rockstar Games Launcher App

Every gamer definitely likes to play PC games, both online and offline which he has been after all this time. His happiness must be doubled if the game can be downloaded for free.

Any site that can provide such happiness, will always receive full support and prayers from gamers for the good and happiness of the creator.

Hopefully, you are like these Best Free PC Game Download Site 2022 [Updated] and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this.

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