How to Hide Last Seen On Telegram in 2023

How to Hide Last Seen Telegram

How to Hide Last Seen On Telegram is similar to the one on Whatsapp. One of the features provided by Telegram is last seen, aka when was Telegram last seen.

People who are in our contact list or who have not entered our contact list will be able to see when we are online and when we last opened Telegram.

For some people, this is very beneficial because we can know whether the person we are going to send a message or text or call can immediately respond or not. But for some others, this feature is a little annoying.

Then can this feature be disabled? Of course, I can. Ovirius will discuss it this time, which is about how to easily hide the last seen telegram.

 Last Seen Telegram
Hide Last Seen Telegram

Last seen or last seen Telegram is indeed considered annoying or even unnecessary by many people. People like this must have thought that with last seen, they felt they had to immediately respond to incoming messages.

Even though they may not want to reply or even don’t want to reply to the message. Well, for those who want to get rid of the last seen telegram, Ovirius has a way to hide the last seen Telegram that you can do easily.

A. How to Hide Last Viewed On Telegram

Hiding last seen on Telegram you can do very easily, especially if you can do how to remove last seen WhatsApp because the method is almost the same.

WhatsApp users who deactivated their last seen, will almost certainly do the same on their Telegram account. This is how to hide last seen Telegram.

1. Open menu

How to open menu telegram
Hide Last Seen Telegram

Open the menu by clicking the three lines icon in the top left corner

2. Select Settings

How to open setting tab on telegram
Hide Last Seen Telegram

3. Click Privacy and Security

privacy and security
Hide Last Seen Telegram

4. Tap On and Visible Time

5. Choose what you want


If you choose this first option, then Everyone can see your last seen and when you last opened Telegram. This is the default setting when creating a Telegram account.

So if you haven’t made any settings changes, then everyone can see when your Telegram was last seen.

My contact

If you select My Contacts, only people in your contact list will be able to see when your Telegram was last viewed. If you haven’t saved someone else’s number to your contact list, then that person can’t see your last seen Telegram.

There is not any

This is the one you should choose if you want other people to not be able to see when you were online even when your Telegram was last seen.

Both people who are in the contact list and those who are not in the contact list, of course, can’t see when your Telegram was last seen.

 Last Seen Telegram
Hide Last Seen Telegram

In addition to these 3 options, you can also add favorite people who can see your last seen Telegram even if you choose None in the options above.

You can also add a blacklist when you select My Contacts.

If you add certain people to the blacklist, then they will not be able to see when your Telegram was last seen even though they are in your saved contact list.

6. Done

If you have made your choice, click the tick icon in the top right corner. A notification will appear that you can’t see the last time you saw the telegram of the person you’ve hidden.

That’s how to hide our last seen telegram easily and quickly. Besides being able to hide it from everyone, you are also given the option to still be able to share when your Telegram was last seen with people of your choosing.

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For example, if you want only your wife or husband or boyfriend to see your online status or when was your last seen on your Telegram, this can be done by adding it to the ‘Always Sharing With‘ category.

Select the name in your contact and click the check icon in the lower right corner and the contact can still see our last seen telegram even though we have hidden it from everyone.

last seen recently

Like WhatsApp, if we remove the last seen WhatsApp that we have then we also can’t see the last seen telegram of others.

This also applies to Telegram. Like notifications or notifications that Telegram says when we finish selecting

That we can’t see when we were last seen on someone else’s Telegram which we have hidden if we hide when our telegram was last seen.

Of course, eliminating the last time seen for some people is considered a weakness. Then what are the other advantages and disadvantages if we still want to eliminate the last seen telegram?

B. Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiding Last Seen On Telegram

All the features provided by the application must have advantages and disadvantages. It’s the same as hiding this Telegram lat seen.

1. Advantages

  • Can relax in replying to messages

If you remove the last time you saw your Telegram, then you can casually reply to messages and don’t feel rushed to reply to messages immediately. That’s of course because the person who sent you the message didn’t know that you were online.

2. Disadvantages

  • Can’t see other people’s last seen

If you hide your last seen telegram, then you also can’t see the last seen telegram of others. This will have an impact when we need something urgent or emergency. You find it difficult to find people who are fast response or who are online, even though you need help.

How to Hide Last Seen in Telegram | Freeze Your Last Active

That’s how to hide the last seen telegram and its advantages and disadvantages if you activate it. If there are still advantages and disadvantages that have not been written, you can add them in the comments column. Keep trying and good luck!

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