Netflix Alternatives : Best Video Streaming Apps in 2024

The best alternatives to Netflix in 2022

Best Netflix Alternative – Netflix is ​​great, but it’s not the only streaming service out there. There are many other services that offer movies and TV shows, some of which offer more content than Netflix. Discover the best alternatives to Netflix!

Netflix Alternatives for watching movies and TV series

apps and channels best alternatives to Netflix

Amazon Prime / Instant – $ 99 / yr ($ 8.25 / month) for Amazon Prime and $ 7.99 / month for Instant Video

If you are already an Amazon customer, or just looking to save some money, you might consider Amazon’s video service as the best alternatives to Netflix.

While its library doesn’t even have close to as many titles as Netflix, it does offer some good content that Netflix doesn’t offer.

Hulu Plus – $ 7.99 / month

With Hulu Plus, you can watch current seasons of NBC, ABC, Fox, Syfy, Comcast Xfinity on Demand TV series, Comedy Central shows like South Park and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, plus past seasons of shows like Lost and The West Wing.

Showtime – $ 8.99 / month (one stream and one offline)

If you are a fan of Showtime series like Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Californication, or Weeds, then you can subscribe to Showtime directly on their website for an additional cost over Netflix.

They also offer uploaded movies as well as live TV (eg boxing).

YouTube Red – Free (with ads) or $ 9.99 / month (ad-free; allows offline viewing; YouTube exclusive original content)

You may not think of YouTube as a video streaming service, but they recently launched a paid version called YouTube Red that offers new features: ad-free videos and the ability to play videos in the background or even download them for offline viewing.

You can also subscribe to some of your favorite YouTube channels and get exclusive content from subscribers.

Vudu – $ 8 / month (standard definition) or $ 10 / month (high definition)

Walmart’s streaming service is a Netflix alternative that might be worth checking out if you don’t have access to Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus, but it doesn’t offer movies that are still in theaters.

In fact, it has more TV series than movies, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which you can’t watch anywhere else.

Sling TV – $ 20-40 / month depending on subscription length and add-ons

Watch live cable TV without paying for cable with Sling TV, a service that offers live streaming from select channels including AMC, Comedy Central, ESPN, and HBO.

You can even record shows with their cloud DVR for access wherever you go.

Netflix DVD – $ 7.99 / month

This is a bit different because it’s a physical version of Netflix instead of digital content on the internet.

If you don’t plan on using Netflix very often, but want to keep your options open for watching movies at home, then subscribing to Netflix via regular mail might be the best alternatives to Netflix to consider.

Alternatives to Netflix for watching movies on mobile devices

You don’t have to watch Netflix exclusively on your computer or TV!

Many Netflix subscribers also use the app to watch movies on their mobile devices, especially while on the go.

Here are some best alternatives to Netflix you might consider if you’re using the Netflix mobile app:

best alternatives to Netflix
  • Hulu – Free (with ads) or $ 7.99 / mo (ad-free; allows offline viewing; Hulu-exclusive original content)
  • Netflix isn’t the only service that offers ad-free streaming and downloads for offline viewing. If you like to watch videos on your phone without too many interruptions, consider downloading the Hulu app instead of using Netflix. You can also save some money by subscribing to Hulu instead of Netflix and Amazon Prime (which gives you access to many free TV shows and movies).
  • Sling TV – $ 20-40 / mo depending on subscription length and add-on-Many people already have Sling TVs on their TVs, but did you know they also have a mobile application? 

It allows you to watch live TV from select channels including AMC, Comedy Central, ESPN, and HBO. Also, you can record shows to watch later with the cloud DVR function.

Disadvantages of Netflix

Netflix is ​​a great streaming service, but it’s not the only one out there.

There are also other companies that offer movies and TV shows, which may be a better alternative to Netflix for some people.

Benefits of Netflix

– Wide variety of movies and TV shows available

There are many movies and TV shows available on Netflix, all organized into different categories like Action, Adventure, Comedy, etc.

– Provides an easy way to watch content through Netflix devices

It provides an easy way to watch their content across different devices without having too many apps or subscriptions required.

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For example, Netflix allows you to watch Netflix on your computer through your browser by going to and accessing it. You can also watch Netflix on your phone with their application, and also on your TV through devices such as a video game console.

– Access to Netflix Originals

Netflix is ​​becoming more popular by the day, which has led them to start creating “original content”, or shows that are exclusive to Netflix. 

Examples of this include House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black – Viewed from different countries Being available in so many different countries, Netflix is ​​one of the most international platforms out there in terms of geo-location restrictions. 

This means Netflix fans in America can watch Netflix in Canada or Netflix users in Australia can easily access Netflix UK.

– Great variety of plans If you want a single subscription with fewer streaming devices connected

Then there are several plans that you can subscribe to and which have a lower price. For example, the Basic plan is $ 7.99 per month and allows you to connect only one device at a time, while the Standard plan is $ 9.99 and comes with high definition video and allows you to connect two devices at the same time.

The best series to watch on Netflix

The following are some of the best shows on Netflix that you shouldn’t miss

best series to watch on Netflix

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a science fiction and horror TV series that was released in July 2016. It follows main characters such as Mike Wheeler who spends his summer trying to find his missing friend Will.

He eventually becomes friends with other people who help him search for their missing friends like Dustin, Lucas, and Nancy.

Together they learn about Eleven – an unusual girl with special abilities who may be the key to finding Will.


Sherlock is one of Netflix’s most popular originals because it features masterful writing and storyline along with great acting from lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Dr John Watson).

Sherlock’s first episode is “A Study in Pink” and it won a Peabody Award for being one of the best new shows on TV.

House of Cards

House of Cards is a political drama produced by Netflix that centers on Frank Underwood, a fictional politician who works as the majority leader of the Democratic Party.

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Immediately after taking on this role, he must find ways to take down the competition as he continues to climb the political ladder.

The show was highly acclaimed by critics and fans for its cast, including actors such as Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) Robin Wright (Claire Underwood), Mahershala Ali (Remy Danton), Corey Stoll (Peter Russo) among others. – Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black, Season 6

Many fans can’t get enough of this show because it’s fun and enjoyable to watch despite its dark themes about life in prison.

best series to watch on Netflix

Some of the characters on the show are Piper Chapman, Alex Vause, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren among others.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is one of Marvel’s darkest shows because it focuses on topics like rape and abuse.

It’s not for kids, but adults will appreciate how well-written the story is when they watch it, even if some stories are heartbreaking to experience. Leading actors include Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), David Tennant (Kilgrave) among others.

With great shows like these, it’s no wonder people are willing to pay for a Netflix subscription. However, Netflix isn’t the only platform out there worth subscribing to.

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