5 Best Lightweight Linux Distros for Old Computers [2023]

Best Lightweight Linux Distros for Old Computers

Best Lightweight Linux Distros for Old Computers – Windows 10 is an operating system that requires higher hardware specifications when compared to Windows XP. Hardware specifications for Windows XP certainly can’t be used to install Windows 10 if you plan to upgrade. Likewise, you cannot continue to use Windows XP because you no longer have support from Microsoft.

You might think about putting your old Windows XP computer in storage or handing it over to a used buyer when you buy a new computer. However, did you know that old computer devices actually still have use value. You can install a Linux based operating system that is a lightweight Linux distro .

There are many lightweight Linux distros that you can choose to install on older computers to replace Windows XP. Some of these lightweight Linux distributions (lightweight Linux distros) can provide a lag-free computing experience on old computer devices. Apart from being lightweight, some of these Linux distros are also safe and can operate fast.

Best Lightweight Linux Distros for Old Computers

As with Windows, you don’t have to worry about app availability. There are many free open source applications for Linux distros such as Mozilla Firefox for browsers, Thunderbird for email, Dropbox for cloud storage , VLC Media Player for multimedia files, LibreOffice for office suites , GIMP for image processing and many others.

Here are 5 lightweight and popular Linux distros that can run fast, secure and lag-free on older computers:

Linux Lite.

Linux Lite

As the name Lite means lightweight,Linux Liteis a lightweight Linux distro that doesn’t require high-end hardware. If your old computer device can run the Windows XP operating system properly, then the specifications of the computer device are very sufficient to run Linux Lite.

Linux Lite is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu LTS (long term support). Linux Lite is on the list of the best Linux distros for novice users. Linux Lite also has access to much of Ubuntu’s software through a growing application repository. If you are looking for a light, beginner-friendly and good Linux distro, Linux Lite is the right choice.

Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu MATE

Among the many lightweight Linux distros,Ubuntu MATEfalls in the “heavy class”. When viewed from the hardware side, this Linux distro is suitable for new computer devices and can operate quickly, but is also still useful for old computer devices. Ubuntu MATE is a stable, easy-to-use Linux distro in a configurable desktop environment.

Ubuntu MATE is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu and adds the MATE desktop. The MATE desktop is a continuation of GNOME 2 which provides an intuitive and attractive desktop environment using traditional metaphors for Linux and Unix. Ubuntu MATE provides a pleasant experience when transitioning from Windows or macOS to this Linux distro.


If you’re looking for a lightweight Linux based operating system for older computers, you can tryLubuntu. Many users say that Lubuntu has the official flavor of Ubuntu. Lubuntu is a fast and lightweight operating system. The “L” in Lubuntu is Lite which means light.

The plus point of Lubuntu is its compatibility with Ubuntu software and repositories which give access to thousands of additional packages which can be installed using the Lubuntu Software Center. Lubuntu uses the minimal LXQt desktop which is a merger of the LXDE and Razor-qt projects.

Lubuntu comes pre-installed with some essential software such as Mozilla Firefox browser, PDF reader, CD burner, email client, MP3 player, Word processor, MTPaint and many more. If you are already familiar with Ubuntu and want to find a lightweight Linux distro for older computers, you can try Lubuntu.

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Bodhi Linux


Bodhi Linuxis one of the Linux distros that deserves to be included in the list of lightweight Linux distros. Bodhi Linux can be installed and run on older computers with limited hardware capabilities. According to the official website, the Linux distro, which was first released in 2011, is capable of running with a processor of only 500 MHz.

Bodhi Linux based on Ubuntu LTS featuring Moksha Desktop. The word “Moksha” comes from Sanskrit like Bodhi which means emancipation, liberation or release. Moksha itself is a continuation of the Enlightenment 17 (E17) desktop which has undergone bug fixes and the removal of half-finished or broken things contained in Enlightenment 17.

Bodhi Linux is known for its minimal approach and support for low-end hardware. Bodhi Linux doesn’t come with much pre-installed software so it only has an ISO file size of less than 1 GB. Thanks to the Ubuntu repository, you still have access to a lot of free software. Bodhi Linux is a Linux distro that is suitable for low-end hardware configurations and provides a good user experience.



LXLEis a lightweight Linux distro based on the annual release of Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support). Like the Lubuntu Linux distro, LXLE also uses the LXDE desktop environment. As a supported LTS release for 5 years, LXLE places an emphasis on stability as well as long-term hardware support.

The LXLE project itself has two slogans, namely reviving old computer devices and a full-featured operating system for old computer devices. Most Linux distros support multiple file systems, however LXLE only supports Btrfs which is a newer file system, built completely from scratch and designed to enhance current file systems.

LXLE is aimed at reviving older computers that have low-end hardware configurations and is specifically designed to appeal to existing Windows users. LXLE comes with pre-installed software for many categories ranging from browsers, video and audio, games, image processing, office applications and many more.

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