Best Mind Mapping Software For Students

Best Mind Mapping Software For Students

Best Mind Mapping Software For Students in 2022 – Free Minds Map Software and If you are looking for a company to help you express your ideas and complete the work in the form of diagrams, charts or graphs, etc., in a complete, professional, accurate, simple and fast way, it is not recommended. Skip to the Best Mind Maps Software For Students below.

In the following article, we will learn more, so that we can immediately pocket the top 8 free mindmap software that is being widely used right now!

Best Mind Mapping Software For Students in 2022

Edraw Mind Map software – The first free mindmap drawing software

Edraw Mind Map is a completely free mind mapping software that helps you easily create a mind map, express thoughts, plans, ideas, etc. in the form of images and other documents. The diagram template is built-in into the menu of Edraw Mind Map.

In addition, Edraw Mind Map software also has a variety of different effects, for each diagram to become clear and easy to remember.

Edraw Mind Map software stands out with features such as:

  • Create different types of mind maps.
  • Add, remove, and edit easily with available formats.
  • Ability to automatically sort or insert topics.
  • Intuitive interface, easy to operate like Microsoft Office applications.
  • Create multiple formats.
  • Integrate many templates.

Link download Edraw Mind Map:

SimpleMind Desktop mind mapping software 

SimpleMind Desktop is a software that provides you with a tool to help you quickly draw mind maps with an intuitive, easy-to-see, and easy-to-remember interface.

This SimpleMind Desktop software integrates many different operations, many effects, and vivid colors to support users to design a complete, clear, and fast mind map.

SimpleMind Desktop has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with features like:

  • Easily edit and arrange on mind maps.
  • Equipped with many effects and colors to present mind maps.
  • Cut, copy or move themes.

Download SimpleMind:

Mind Mapping mind map creation software – MindManager 

Mind Mapping software is an application to create mind maps developed by MindManager. This software specializes in providing ways for users to arrange content and information flexibly and creatively in mind maps.

With this Mind Mapping software, you will save a lot of time in managing and tracking work more effectively.

In addition, Mind Mapping also equips users with mind map templates from simple to complex, giving you many options to suit the content of your work.


The Brain Software 

The Brain software is a simple mind mapping software for beginners to use computers to draw. Because this software does not focus much on the elaborate form, but on the arrangement and logic of the topics in the diagram.

The Brain software has high compatibility for both Windows, and Mac, …

Download The Brain:

iMindMap Free mindmap software 

Currently, iMindMap software is considered as a support tool for maximum learning, because it helps to create mind maps that express ideas clearly and provide a variety of images and colors. design a scientific diagram, efficient and fast. Software software is a free online mindmap drawing software, with the integration of tools such as: Google Drive, Google Docs,… and free online applications.

With you do not need to register an account when using the tool, shorten the time with pre-designed frames, and create many formats such as PNG, PDF, JPEG, …


Coggle Software

Coggle software is an online tool to draw mind maps, just with an easy account registration, then accessing Coggle can be used comfortably.

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Coggle software helps you create mind maps along with some computer tricks to help you visualize a variety of different images and colors, integrating the ability to interact with other members.

Download Coggle Software:

Canva software – Online mindmap drawing software

Canva software is an online mind mapping software that allows you to share emails in the background of the application or insert pictures, links to diagrams and symbols, icons, your diagrams. you add scientific and intuitive, easy to see.


Above are the Best mind mapping software for students 2022 today, everyone consult and choose for themselves a suitable tool to improve work performance and learning results right away!

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