12 Best Phone Booster & Cleaner for Android

12 Best Phone Booster & Cleaner for Android

12 Best Phone Booster & Cleaner for Android – Choose anAndroid phone optimizerthat will fix system problems, do a thorough cleaning and act as an antivirus: Clean Master, 360 Security Lite, and RAM Booster are some of them that can improve your experience as an Android user, stop recurring crashes and many more!

12 Best Phone Booster & Cleaner for Android

Check out the 12 apps to optimize your cell phone that we carefully selected and start testing right now!

Phone Cleaner – Virus cleaner

Phone CleanerVirus cleaner offers cleaning, speed, performance, security and a powerful antivirus! There are several features, including AppLock, which password locks the applications you want! The application removes double photos, cleans residual files, optimizes the system as a whole – games and apps in general -, saves battery and refreshes the device by terminating apps that cause overheating!

Phone Cleaneris available for:


Avira Optimizer

Avira Optimizer is an excellent memory cleaner, memory accelerator and cleaner for unwanted files, apps and notifications. System optimization can be done in just one tap!

Avira Optimizeris available for:


AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleanerfrees up space on your smartphone’s memory, increases speed and makes your device’s battery last longer! With this application you will have access to smart features for cleaning photos, freeing up space, optimizing energy and speed with less data usage, as well as receiving periodic reminders to “clean” your phone and never get the system slow again!

AVG Cleaneris available for:


Nox Cleaner

NoxCleaneris a fast and powerful cleaning app, it helps to free up space, clean up memory, disable auto-launch of apps, remove or disable unnecessary apps and much more! The application takes up very little memory space and is totally effective in the process of optimizing any device!

Nox Cleaner – Cell Phone Cleaner Boosteris available for:


Speed BOOSTER & Memory Cleaner

Speed BOOSTER & Memory Cleaner are the best Phone Booster & Cleaner for Android
Best Phone Booster & Cleaner for Android: Speed BOOSTER & Memory Cleaner

Speed ​​Booster will increase your browser speed and make games stop crashing, optimize battery usage and all the improvements related to lightness, cleanliness and system optimization.

Speed BOOSTER & Memory Cleaneris available for:


Clean Master for x86 CPU

The app increases your device’s system speed, reduces battery consumption, and makes your phone safe from viruses! Plus, it frees up storage space by deleting cache and other residual files, cools your phone, and many other features!

Clean Master for x86is available for:


Speed accelerator

With a futuristic and technological interface,Speed ​​Acceleratoroptimizes the entire device at once! It cleans Android phone memory through Recycle Bin Cleaner, cleans cache, removes unnecessary files and cleans both internal and external memory, making the phone 60% faster with built-in antivirus!

Speed ​​boosteris available for:


360 Security Lite – Minor

360 Security Lite – Minoris exclusively designed for phones with less than 1GB of memory. The app provides lower battery consumption, lower installation package, antivirus engine, junk cleaner, large files, small WhatsApp video cache, and much more!

360 Security Liteis available for:


Throttle – Cleaner, Speed ​​Throttle

The application promises to be the solution for your device to work faster! With this easy-to-use app you will speed up your phone by more than 60% by eliminating all cache memory, simple as that!

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Throttle – Cleaner, Speed ​​Throttleis available for:


Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer will show you the memory level in real time, perform all system optimization in one tap, disable unwanted apps and notifications. The tools are complete and specially designed to expand the device’s memory and correct all faults.

Memory Optimizeris available for:


Norton Clean

Norton Clean cleans your phone’s memory, removes all junk including APK, optimizes memory, manages all apps and notifications, and removes bloatware – a big plus.

Norton Cleanis available for:


Memory Booster – RAM Booster PRO 2019

Ram Booster PROoffers a quick and simple way to speed up your Android device and tablet! The app’s main function is to improve the way your mobile works and speed up all your installed apps and games with a single tap!

Ram Booster PROis available for:


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