6 Best Org Chart Software for 2023 (Top Ranked + Reviewed)

Best Org Chart Software

6 Best Org Chart Software for 2023 (Top Ranked + Reviewed)Flowcharts are simple yet useful charts for many businesses. They make it possible to represent the human organization of a group, for managerial or communication purposes. But to create a flowchart online, several tools can be used. Below, we have therefore listed the information necessary to find the most suitable tool for your needs. 

What is the point of creating an organizational chart online?

The organizational chart is a graphic that presents, in a visual and synthetic way, the organization of a company . Each employee is represented by an image or by name. Connecting lines and color codes further symbolize their working relationships. 

Depending on the type of organization chart chosen, it is thus possible to represent a hierarchical structure, or a division into work teams. The organization chart is also a document whose interest is to be shared. In the classic company, it is thus hosted on a private cloud , or on a website , as needed. It is for this reason that we are mainly interested here in the creation of an online flowchart.

Depending on the context, the organizational chart can be created for managerial purposes , or for communication purposes . In the first case, it is useful for the hierarchy of a box, which can rely on it to make better strategic decisions. It is also an asset for cementing a spirit of belonging to the company. 

Indeed, thanks to the organizational chart, each employee can visualize the place reserved for him in the group . In addition, the organization chart helps to get to know your colleagues. In a large structure, it allows everyone to put a head to a name, and vice versa, even when memory fails. 

Moreover, from a communication perspective, the online organization chart gives a reassuring impression of transparency. Here again, a new client can use it to get to know the employees of a box, even before having set foot there.

It also induces for him an engaging feeling of familiarity. It’s for this reason that marketing agencies, as well as many law firms, post their organizational charts online .

The different types of organizational charts online   

There are several forms of organization chart. However, three of them are much more recurrent than the others:

Organization chart  

This organizational chart template can be recognized by its vertical structure . It allows to represent the hierarchy of an organization in the form of graphics. Often, an image is associated with each collaborator . The chosen image can be a photo portrait , or more rarely an avatar . 

The graph is also divided into different levels , representing as many strata of the hierarchy. Each level is introduced by a short text, which summarizes the titles of the employees concerned. Hierarchical relationships are represented by connecting lines . 

This type of online organization chart is useful for understanding at a glance how decision-making power and responsibilities are distributed within the company. However, it does not make it possible to understand how employees collaborate at the same hierarchical level.

Matrix organization chart  

The matrix organizational chart thus responds to the defect of the hierarchical model. It results in graphs of rectangular shapes. Indeed, the matrix organization chart represents the division of the company into several teams working in parallel . 

The same team can thus be represented as dependent on several project managers . And precisely, the matrix organization chart is especially useful to the company which organizes its production in the form of projects. 

Flat flowchart  

Finally, the flat organizational chart is mainly found in small structures. It is said to be flat because it has no level .

It simply makes it possible to represent the various collaborators of the company without classifying them, neither by team nor in hierarchy. 

Ranking of the Best Org Chart Software online tools

To make a flowchart, there are dozens of tools . Each software thus has its qualities and its defects. Their specific functionalities therefore make them more or less adapted to the specific needs of each company. Below we have compared a selection of the most well-known tools: 


Canva is photo editing software . It has features similar to a tool like PhotoShop, but it is easier to use. In addition, it includes a whole series of models that can be used with just a few clicks. 

Each template allows the creation of graphics with a design suitable for professional use. To facilitate the creation of an online flowchart, Canva provides Internet users with a tutorial .

A major advantage of Canva is that it offers an actual free version . Complete enough to allow the creation of a professional online organizational chart. Additionally, Canva sells its premium templates individually for a single dollar. This makes it possible to obtain an original design at a derisory cost, with a view to occasional use. Otherwise, the premium version of the software is billed at €109.99 per year for individual use. 

Strong points

  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Allows quick creation of a free flowchart
  • Several customizable templates available
  • Easy to use 
  • Free version with extended features

Improvement points

  • No cloud for hosting your organization chart


Word is a non-specialized solution, but it may be suitable for creating organizational charts. In fact, since 2003 it has had a powerful graphic design tool called SmartArt . To use it is very simple. Just open the “Insert” tab, then click the “SmartArt” button. Several models of organization charts to be completed are then proposed. 

Word does not allow you to easily create organizational charts with an original design. The shapes of the models are, on the contrary, rather minimalist. On the other hand, Word has the advantage of representing a free solution for those who are already equipped with the software.

Strong points

  • Free solution if you already have Microsoft Office
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to embed an editable flowchart in a text file

Improvement points

  • Limited design features.


For creating flowcharts, Excel is a very similar solution to Word. Indeed, it is the same SmartArt tool which is integrated into the solution, and which you can thus use. To access it, simply click on the “Insert” tab of Excel, then click on the “SmartArt” button. 

Strong points

  • Free solution if you already have Microsoft Office
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to embed an editable flowchart in a text file

Improvement points

  •  Limited design features.


LucidChart is a software specialized in the management of graphics . Especially designed for human resources professions, it automates the creation of organizational charts from data from a spreadsheet . 

Moreover, you can then easily modify any flowchart created, by simple change of data. In connection with the cloud hosting solution, this allows any published file to be upgraded in real time. 

LucidChart has a free version. In paid format, the software costs €8/user/month . It is one of the least expensive tools in this comparison. 

Strong points

  • Solution you can use offline
  • Importing data from a spreadsheet to create an organization chart automatically
  • Integration with BambooHR
  • Attractive prices
  • Allows the redesign of any flowchart created in real time

Improvement points

  • Lack of versatility
  • Lack of choice in terms of design


It is an online charting software . It is now hosted by IBM and by the Unilever group . More generalist than a tool like Venngage , it allows the creation of models and diagrams. Visme thus includes the necessary functionalities to illustrate each of your presentations. 

It thus includes hundreds of different chart templates. Each model can be completed in two clicks, for a professional look. With Visme it is even possible to design an interactive online flowchart . 

In addition, Visme provides a cloud storage space , which allows each flowchart to be hosted online after it has been created. Otherwise, it is possible to download your organization chart in any desired format. In this respect, the PNG format makes it possible to display a transparent background. As for the HTML format, it allows the integration of interactive images. 

Solution designed for a company, it is a software especially useful in paid version. Two packages are offered. The “Personal” plan is billed at $29/month , while the “Business” plan costs $59/month . (a 50% reduction is applied in the event of an annual subscription). Moreover, a free version exists, but it is quite limited in functionality. 

Strong points

  • Large number of models available 
  • Enables rapid creation of ultra-custom graphics 
  • Allows the creation of interactive charts 
  • Cloud storage of each flowchart

Improvement points

  • The free version does not allow you to download a flowchart
  • The free version imposes the representation of a “Visme” logo on the graphics created 


Venngage is a specialized flowchart software , unlike Visme or Canva. Today, the company notably equips Google, HubSpot and the Microsoft group. 

We can say that Venngage is one of the best in its field. It allows you to quickly create organizational charts of all shapes, using ultra-customizable templates . In addition, the software includes a tool that automates design creation to match your company’s graphic charter. To do this, simply upload your logo, and let the algorithm work. 

Venngage is also an integration with social networks. This allows you to post each new flowchart to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn, without having to leave the app. 

Venngage is available as a free version. In addition, the software’s Premium plan costs $19/month/user , while the enterprise plan costs $49/user/month (a 20% reduction is applied in the event of an annual subscription).

Strong points

  • Specialized online flowchart tool
  • Enables rapid creation of ultra-custom graphics 
  • Tools that automate the creation of a design in accordance with the company’s graphic charter
  • Integration with major social networks
  • Each file can be downloaded in PNG format, or in PDF format

Improvement points

  • The free version does not allow you to download a flowchart
  • Not versatile software.

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