7 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps in 2023

Best Photo Editing App For Instagram Posts 2022

Best Instagram photo editing app for Instagram posts – Who doesn’t like to illustrate Instagram with the best photos possible? Although the social network provides its own filters and editing tools, applications specifically aimed at image processing are the best way to get the best out of your records. 

We brought seven software for you to edit your photographs in the most diverse ways possible.

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps in 2023

Adobe Lightroom

With plenty of features for users who don’t want to pay for the premium version, Adobe Lightroom ( Android / iOS ) for smartphones is a good app to edit your Instagram photos if your focus is on optimizing everything you’ve captured.

This is because the tool will allow you to change brightness, contrast, white balance, vibrancy, saturation, the intensity of each color channel, and much more. The positive aspect of Lightroom is that it has a very intuitive interface. Basically, even if you’re new to editing, just move the app’s sliders to see, with real-time preview, what exactly you’re changing.

Thus, a certain mastery of the controls can be obtained relatively quickly. Another interesting aspect is the possibility that the settings made on a photo can be saved as a custom filter. In this way, your next editions can already start with some defined points.

In addition to the functions already mentioned, it is possible to make more creative edits as well. There is a unique tools section for texture effects, vignettes, and even filters like on Instagram itself. 

By combining the correct functions it is possible to greatly improve the general appearance of the images. We give some examples obtained in our tests below:

This is the original photo, which is soon edited above the Original photo, before retouching

The final photo, after retouching in Adobe Lightroom Original photo, before retouching

The final photo, after retouching in Adobe Lightroom


Also free but with paid features, Bazaart ( Android / iOS ) is all about creative editing. A highlight is the massive library of stickers — with new ones arriving fairly frequently.

One thing that works really well is the background removal tool-free for the first 7 days of use.

Photo before the automatic background removal process

The result after automatic background removal

She is able not only to cut out people but also animals. Once this is done, it is even possible to duplicate these clippings, most of the time very precise. This makes working with creative montages even easier. 

But even if you are not willing to pay for the “magic” of the software, the possibilities for using the tool are still endless. And you can also bring your transparent PNG files to enjoy them here.

With images without background, Bazaart becomes an even better app for editing Instagram images. That’s because it has a dedicated area for backgrounds, which range from simple gradients, through minimalist patterns, to real photos — with a free license to use.

Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera ( Android / iOS ) is a photo editing app by Adobe that tried to compete with Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms that built-in some creative features. The cool thing here is that you can achieve great transformations in your photos with just a few clicks.

The app comes configured by default with some filters (here called lenses), and it is possible to download more from a store in the software itself. Take a photo or choose something from your gallery to start browsing your customizations. Some lenses have alternative versions, just swipe the screen to see the other possible results.

You can make big changes to images of people, animals, objects, or even landscapes. In the example below, with a single touch we change the sky of Rio de Janeiro:

Photoshop Camera 1

Some results are animated and can be exported that way for your publication. The possibilities here depending on your exploration. And unlike Bazaart, you don’t necessarily need to be inspired to achieve great results: just choose the right lens to breathe new life into your record.

Another creative intervention from the Photoshop Camera filter. With this filter, the photo can be exported in an animated way


Another app aimed at fine-tuning photos, Snapseed ( Android / iOS ) is a completely free Google product. If you didn’t like the Lightroom experience or simply would like to use some of the paid features without paying, this might be the solution.

Despite offering a number of filters, Snapseed’s gold is hidden in the “Tools” menu. Here, you can adjust the image’s perspective without paying a premium subscription. And the feature works very well:

Compare with the image above and see how the colors are stronger and how the perspective has changed.

Other highlights are the automatic HDR and background blur tool for portrait mode simulation.


This is an app to edit your Instagram photos if you are looking for something more conceptual. Just like Instagram itself, you browse through pre-selected filters — but you can also download free (or paid) ones.

They appear in a row and just click on one to immediately see what your image might look like. The advantage here is to enjoy a quick way to reconfigure the atmosphere of your photo, change the color palette, and also be able to work with a visual identity for your account. After all, just bookmark your favorite filters to always have files that are aligned in visual identity.

In VSCO ( Android / iOS ) you can also change controls for exposure, contrast, crop, sharpness, saturation and others. So, you don’t need to use the Instagram editor at any stage of the publication. But keep in mind that these controls here fall short if we compare the software with Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom.


VaporGram ( Android ) is an eccentric application both in its proposal and in its user experience. That’s because to edit your Instagram photo you need to accept its “vaporwave” aesthetic, an artistic movement that is inspired by the aesthetics of the 80’s and 90’s. This is also the software’s desire: to transport your images to this nostalgic past.

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Navigation may not be the most intuitive as the icons are not the most descriptive. A strong point is that, despite the Pro subscription, many advanced features and filters can be used when viewing ads.


Also aimed at you to edit your Instagram photos with a retro aesthetic, the application has a friendlier interface and an interesting differential. Its filters are applied with a margin of variation. This means that whenever you click on one of them, GlitchLab ( Android / iPhone) will apply it at different points in the photo.

That is, it is possible to vary the results greatly even if you choose the same filter several times. And it is also possible to make fine adjustments, as well as insert other objects and customize the file before importing.

Additional effects can be purchased. The most interesting turn out to be the Pro package, which brings 63 of them in a single price without recurrence (lifetime). The package also includes background removal tool.

Editing for any work

From more professional options to those aimed exclusively at creative editing, these applications can certainly be useful when editing photos for Instagram and even other social networks. Eventually, some may be unavailable on the App Store or Play Store, depending on your OS version or hardware requirements.

Virtual app stores, by the way, are a great way to explore other tools in this market. Always look for software with good ratings and be sure to read reviews about them before downloading.

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