9 Best Wifi Hacking Apps For Android in 2023

Best Wifi Hacking Apps

Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android – When you hear the word wifi breaker application, surely you think of an application to break into wifi networks and think a little about network hacking applications. yaps, it’s true that on this occasion I will review several applications to break into other people’s wifi networks, by using the wifi breaker application you can get information about other people’s wifi passwords and you can also find out the wifi password you want to break.

the wifi breaking application that I want to review is only for android, because my friend asked for some wifi breaking applications on android so I might as well write and review some of the best wifi breaking applications on android and of course without having to root (No root) so you guys you don’t need to bother rooting your android device, now you are curious about the best wifi breaker application on android? see the following reviews.

Best Wifi Hacking Apps For Android

WpsApp Pro

WpsApp actually has two types, namely WpsAPP and there is also Wpsapp pro, so here I took WPsApp pro, this network breaking application was created by TheMauSoft, an application to break into networks, they deliberately created for those of you who like to hack networks through your Android phone.

WPSApp Pro Is an application to check the security of your wifi network and also that of other people, how this wifi breaker application works by utilizing the wps protocol, using the wps protocol allows you to connect to other people’s wifi networks.

Download WpsApp Pro

Wifi Master By Wifi.com

This wifi master is a free wifi application even though it can be said that it is not a wifi breaker application but this application is able to provide a network connection for free, even though they provide free wifi, actually the wifi comes from themselves not belonging to other people around your house who have wifi at their home. For the network speed of the wifi master application, it is fast enough (fast) it rarely experiences lag or pending when we surf the internet.

Download Wifi Master By Wifi.com

Wifi Password Master

Wifi Password Master is a very useful application because it has several functions to check all wifi near your location, you can also enter known passwords to connect to wifi, a wifi cracking app called wifi password master also has a tool to show all passwords wifi near your cellphone.

Download Wifi Password Master

WiFi Password Recovery – Pro

Wifi Password Recovery is the best wifi Hacking application without root according to our friends, this wifi Hacking application is able to view wifi passwords directly, not only that from the SSID information, Key MGMT, and there are also several other features that you can try to launch action to break into the wifi network using your android device.

Download WiFi Password Recovery – Pro

WiFi Map

Wifi map is an application for breaking into the most popular wifi network in the world, this application has been installed by more than 50,000,000+ people around the world including Indonesia. This wifi breaker application also provides a free VPN feature that functions to hide your IP address, so if you are caught breaking into someone else’s wifi, your location cannot be tracked by anyone.

Download WiFi Map

WiFi WPS Tester

Wifi WPS Tester is an application to analyze wps. Speaking of WPS, what exactly is WPS? actually the router has a function called WPS if someone opens wps on his router we can break into the wifi network and be able to get the wifi password.

Wi-Fi WPS Tester is a utility that helps you detect vulnerabilities on wifi that includes password vulnerabilities, and is able to analyze wps vulnerabilities on routers.

Download WiFi WPS Tester

8. Show WiFi Password

Show Wifi Password is a tool with the richest features because the show wifi password application is quite complete. By using this wifi cracking application, you can retrieve saved wifi passwords from someone else’s Android device.

Download Show Wifi Password


This wifi breaker application is the same as other wifi breaker applications, the only difference is that they provide a wps/wpa scan feature on wifi routers and also you can get other people’s wifi passwords easily, without the need to root your Android smartphone, just click and wait . Scan until it’s finished, so you can get other people’s Android device wifi password information easily without having to have wifi hacking skills.


WPS WPA2 Connect Wifi

In my opinion, WPS WPA2 Connect Wifi is a good wifi cracking application, I have used this application to steal a neighbor’s wifi password, it is quite easy and very easy to use. If you are curious, you can immediately try it on your Android smartphone.

Download WPS WPA2 Connect Wifi


What do you think is the best network breaker application out of the 10 applications? or do you have some applications to break into other best networks? if so, please comment below so we can review the application.

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