How to Create a Personal Blog on Instagram

how to create a personal blog on instagram

As it turns out, how to create a personal blog on Instagram is no longer a difficult matter. Even only armed with the Instagram application on a smartphone, you can do these settings. A personal blog on Instagram is a sign that this type of account is professional.

Instagram has really improved a lot by releasing various rich features. Not long ago Reels was launched, where users can upload various interesting videos. Apart from that, there is also a personal blog feature which is one of the professional account categories.

Actually, apart from personal blogs on IG, there are also other categories that you can embed. More about tutorials, definitions, and the benefits of creating a personal blog on IG, here’s the review.

Getting to Know a Professional Instagram Account, Interesting to Have

Maybe a few years ago, at the beginning of Instagram, there was no professional account service. Instagram is still limited to a social media application for sharing videos and pictures. However, this social media service continues to improve to present many new features.

There was once a reels feature which at first glance was similar to the one on Tiktok. Apart from that, there is also an IG TV service for longer video durations. Not long ago, another professional Instagram account appeared which is also interesting to have.

How to create a personal blog on IG is one method for switching to a professional account. Your Instagram account actually remains the same, the difference is that the type is different. This service is intended for public figures, influencers, online shops, and the like.

Business accounts and creators are indeed more suitable for using this service because there are many features that support their needs. For example, for Instagram creators, there is demographic data for followers, studio dashboards, and so on.

In addition, for this type of business professional account, there are services that are suitable for business needs. It is also suitable for freelancers, designers and other needs to expand business. There are many exclusive features that you can’t find on a regular account, namely:

  1. Insight
  2. Level request
  3. Additional business labels, and so on

For how to create a personal blog on IG and choose other information, it’s not difficult. You can change it according to your wishes through the settings menu. In addition, to return the account to normal settings again, you can also take a few steps.

Differences between Personal and Professional Instagram Accounts

As previously discussed, you can create Instagram personal and professional Instagram accounts. If your Instagram account isn’t just for posting and having fun, turn it professional.

This professional Instagram account offers many benefits, such as being able to see follower traffic. Suitable for use if you have a lot of Instagram followers, as well as for business needs. You can see the difference with a personal account in the following points.

  1. Privacy

You are certainly no stranger to Instagram accounts, which are sometimes locked for privacy reasons. For example, besides being a follower, it means you can’t see the various posts. Before doing how to create a personal blog on IG , pay attention to this one too.

Professional account services cannot use privacy features, so the account becomes a public type. That is, both followers and not can see your posts. Therefore, consider before deciding to change the type of your Instagram account.

  1. Reach

Usually, how to create a personal blog on IG aims to indicate that the account is professional. Instagram will increase consumer reach if users invest in the platform.

This means you have to pay for the service to increase your reach. This is of course different from the reach in a regular account which is more organic. Ordinary account users also don’t need to think about payment methods, because they can use IG as usual.

  1. Other Benefits

Many people do how to create a personal blog on IG because it provides many benefits. One of them can indicate that the account they have is more professional. Of course for branding needs, this is very important.

In fact, the benefits of professionalism are almost the same as a blog with a domain. The difference is, you don’t have to pay if you want to put a personal blog statement on IG. Conversely, if you want to use a personal domain on your blog, you have to pay.

When compared to a regular Instagram account, of course visitors are more interested in professional ones. Especially when it comes to shopping, checking account authenticity, and so on.

How to Create a Personal Blog on Instagram

Even though there are no limits to privacy, it turns out that a professional Instagram account still has many benefits. Evidently, the more professional accounts you will find on the Instagram page.

  1. More Professional Dashboard

Unlike using a regular Instagram profile, dashboard services can be obtained on a professional account. The dashboard contains account performance, access to tools, and the like for you to enjoy. The goal is that the performance of using Instagram accounts is also more optimal.

  1. Link to Facebook Retrieved

Facebook is still widely used because it saves a lot of memories and is easy to use. In addition, for branding needs, many still use Facebook. Luckily, you can auto-link a professional Instagram account to Facebook.

This link does exist in the regular account feature. However, the difference is that access can be obtained directly. You can link editors, admins, pages, and various other Facebook features to Instagram.

  1. Insights Will Appear

Unlike a regular account, you can get information about followers if you switch to a professional account. Instagram Insights will provide detailed information about interactions with posts. Starting from the number of likes, impressions, and interactions, all are reported in detail.

This is of course very helpful for optimizing your account performance. Moreover, the need for business matters, this Insight certainly has an important role.

  1. More Complete Profile Info

If your Instagram account is used for professional services, complete profile information must be embedded. Doing how to create a personal blog on IG turns out to be able to do this. Contact info like accurate location, email, mobile number can be added.

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Displaying complete profile info below the description is very helpful for consumers to contact you. Of course selling on Instagram will be easier thanks to this service. In addition, category labels can also be added and selected based on needs.

How to Make a private blog on Instagram

Creating a personal blog on IG is actually different from the mechanism for creating a blog on WordPress or other website builders. The tutorial only changes account settings from normal to professional.

Therefore, in the previous point it was explained about a professional Instagram account as your description. Here are a few steps to add a personal blog description on Instagram.

  1. Make sure you’re logged in

The main step to turning Instagram into a personal blog is to log in to the application. Use the Instagram application on your cellphone to make it easier to use Instagram. Indeed, this application is more likely to be used for smartphones.

  1. Enter Settings

After making sure you are logged in, the next way to create a private blog on IG is by going to Settings. This setting menu is in the Instagram profile section with the gear image logo. After that, click Switch to professional account.

  1. Switch Account and Choose a Category

The next step is to choose the right category. Select the category you want, namely Personal Blog. To confirm, just click Done.

  1. Select Sub Category

There is a sub category that you also have to choose, namely Creator or Business. Select a sub-category according to your needs. Continue with information adjustments such as filling in Instagram niches, profiles, and Explore Professional Tools.

Instagram does have many interesting features that also support business people and creators. Proven with professional account services, this is certainly good news. Of course, how to create a personal blog on IG is also very easy to practice.

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