Board games for printing and play for free

Board games for printing and play for free

If you stay home, it can be fun to get together as family or friends playing a board game like they did when they were kids. You do not need to buy any board games or wait for the courier to return home with the selected game: on the Internet we can find many board games to download and then print, consisting of a board and cards. A printer, scissors, and a little imagination are enough to start playing the most beautiful board games right away. In this guide, we will see together the best board games for printing and play for free so that we can have fun at any time by spending zero Dollars and using only the printer and computer to select and immediately print the game we want to have fun with.

Free and printable board games

In the following chapters, we’ll show you both the best games we can print right now and the sites that offer a list of games to download and print, so you can decide whether to play the free games we’ll show you, or whether to choose another game from those available for free.

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The best games “print and play”

The first game we can print is Battleship, available for download in PDF format.

This game for two is very simple: print two sheets from the naval battle and place the ships on the squares of the graph on the left, being careful to color them with a marker (be careful not to show the colored squares: let’s use the notebook below to hide better). Once the ships are positioned as indicated on the left, we can call the rocket launch in turn with the coordinates “letter-number” (for example A5 or B6), marking with a minus sign (-) empty strikes and an X for the hits. The first player to drop all opponent boats wins. Another interesting game we can print is the goose game, available in many different versions; for this guide, we have chosen the version with cars available for download in PDF format.

The game is very simple, although it is in English: we print the sheets and cut the cars out from the bottom so that we have car-shaped markers (we can play up to 4 players). After cutting out the tokens, place them in the box labeled Start and roll only one die in turn to decide how many squares to advance. We will have to pay attention to the stop signs (for one or two spins), the deviations, and the double throw boxes, which allow you to double the number released on the next throw. 

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The first to reach the box wins a finish; if we do not have dice to roll, we can use a website or a special application to simulate the roll of the dice, as seen in the article draw random numbers, a card and roll a coin or dice. If we are looking for a fun and educational card game, we can bet on Chronology, a complete commercial game, from which a free demo download is available from the official website.


In this game we will have to print and cut out the maps in PDF, which outline some inventions and some great events in human history; each card has two sides, so we will need to stock up on cardboard, glue, and scissors to be able to recreate all the playing cards.

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Once the cards are ready, shuffle and distribute 3 cards to the players present (up to 8 players), being careful not to show the face of the card with the date printed (which must be facing the table so that it is not in favor of no one). After distributing the cards, we place a card in the center with the date on display; players take turns taking one of their three cards and placing it to the right or left of the chronology, based on their intuition or knowledge of historical events (we need to know if the event happened before or after the main card, placed on the table).


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If we know the timeline, the map remains on the ground; if, on the other hand, the card is placed incorrectly, it is discarded and the player who made the mistake draws another card from the deck, completing the turn. The player who correctly places the last of the three cards wins the game. Another board game that you can print and play for free unlock, a game that mimics “escape rooms” and which we can download for free from the official website.

This game allows you to recreate rooms from which to escape, search for clues and solve puzzles using simple PDF sheets for printing. There are rooms on the sheets, but to play and continue in the game, you need to download the UnLock app! Support, available for free download for Android and iPhone / iPad. Although the rules may seem difficult to understand, the mechanism is the same as in all evacuation rooms: we must leave the rooms before the end of time; we can play both together and in teams to increase the fun and decide as to the winner the first team that guessed all the clues. A free downloadable tutorial is also available to learn how to play.

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Sites for downloading games for print

To try other print and play games, we can also visit one of the sites in the following list to find valid alternatives to the most famous board games and, with a printer and a little passion for DIY, create in a few minutes a new fun game. The best sites for finding ready-to-print games are:

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  • Print And Play Asmodee: perhaps the best site to find Board games for printing and play for free and for a fee. Almost all games are also available, so that everyone can play them without language barriers.
  • BoardGameGeek: another great site with an always updated selection of print games created by users or professionals. The games on the site are free, but only available in English.
  • Tabletopia: on this site we find a large collection of games for printing or playing directly online via computer, smartphone or tablet.

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We open all the recommended sites and immediately try the games we like the most, so we can spend a pleasant evening in the company of friends or relatives.


Although there are several very famous Board games for printing and play for free on the market (think only of Monopoly), we can do our best and with a little paper and printer, we can get free printable and play board games in minutes without spending money or waiting for arrival on the Amazon package. For those who do not want to print and build these board games (for some it can be a challenge), we recommend reading our guides Card Games and Online Solitaire is the Best Board Games to Play Online.

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