How to Increase iPhone Battery Health

How to increase iPhone battery life

How to Increase iPhone Battery Health – Have you been using your iPhone for quite some time and just now are you noticing that it trudges andthe battery drains faster? Don’t worry, I’ll help you! Here I will show you how to increase iPhone battery life.

How to increase iPhone battery life
Increase iPhone Battery life

Unfortunately, our Smartphones are sold to us with many settings activated by default! Most of the time, we do not need Settings, we do not use them at all and they do nothing but slow down your phone and drain the battery.

But then let’s seehow to improve the performance of your iPhone, turning off unnecessary functions such as sending data to developers, tracking your activities, etc.

How to Increase iPhone Battery Health

As I said earlier, our iPhone is sold to us with dozens of settings turned on by default, and these can affectbattery life.

You must know, however, that many of these functions you will never need, they are performed without any specific utility for you, and you can disable them without problems. Here’s how to do it:

background app refresh
Increase iPhone Battery health

First, go to theSettings,scroll down and access the ”Privacy” section . Here select ”Location Services” (Location Services), and scroll down to ”System Services” (System Services).

You will see tons of features that you can turn off based on your interests. These are used, in most cases, forlocalizationand if you travel abroad and, by deactivating them, you will save your battery!

On the same screen, go to ”significant position” (Significant Location), right on the bottom of the screen where you see all the switches.

Here Apple saves all the places you’ve been. Move the switch to“Off” and clear the history if you want.

Now back to the previous screen, and locate the ”Product Improvements” (Product improvement) that scrolling can find the same screen where all the switches.

Here, move all switches toOff, unless you want to help Apple with its development program …

Disable location services: click on ”Alerts location-based” (Location Based-Alerts) that previously had turned off, on and off position for each individual application.

If a certain application has access to your location, it means that every time it uses it, it consumes some of your battery.

By clicking on each App, you can decide whether to make it use the position always, never or only when the application itself is used. Choose at your discretion.

Disable Personalized Ads: If you don’t need to see personalized ads, go toSettings>Privacyand scroll down until you find ”Apple Advertising” at the bottom. Here shiftsOffswitch next to ”Personalized ads” (Personalized Ads).

By doing so, will you no longer see personalized ads? Yes and No, because there will still be the targeting of your interests but it will be less precise.

Now go back to the ”Privacy” section and, still at the bottom, click on ”Analytics …“. Here is all the data that Apple sends to developers for the improvement of its product. You can very well turn them all off, by flipping the switch toOff.

Still in the ”Privacy” section , click on ”Tracking” (at the top). Here the Apps are allowed to track your activity and send it to third parties.

By moving the switch toOff, applications like Facebook will not be able to track your activity and the battery will gain in life.

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You know when you install an App and are asked to make areview? Here, let’s disable this feature too! InSettings, go to ”App Store” (just under Privacy).

Here look for ”Ratings & Reviews” (in-App Ratings & Reviews) and flip the switch toOff. How many of you review the installed apps? …we understood each other!

Now go toSettingsand then to ”Mail“. Press on “Accounts” and in “Fetch New Data” (acquire new data). Move the switch next to ”Push” toOff.

Then set “Every 30 Minutes” or “Every 15 Minutes” from the settings at the bottom of the screen.

It is not necessary to check the status of the emails every second! The 15 minute interval is more than necessary.

apple app updates

Updating Apps in the Background: to disable the update of the app in the background, from the pagesettings, went to ”General” and then ”Update App in Background” (Background App Refresh).

By tapping at the top on ”Background App Refresh“, select only ”Wi-Fi” and, returning to the previous screen, disable all those applications that could download data in the background, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Well, I showed youhow to increase the battery life of your iPhone. Mine are just tips, it’s up to you to turn off the features you deem unnecessary. I hope I’ve been of help, bye and see you next time!

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