Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story – Fixed 2024

Can't Share Posts to Instagram Story - Fixed 2022

Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story – On this occasion I would like to share my interesting experience in overcoming not being able to share other people’s feeds to Instagram stories.

Many have speculated that this failure was caused because the Instagram account was blocked, no friend. Then why can’t you repost other people’s posts?

Regarding the Instagram application, this application is the second largest social media after Facebook

Because it has increased significantly in recent times, Instagram has updated its application by adding a post sharing feature to your insta story.

There’s no doubt that they don’t know that bugs often occur when they want to reshare or repost these interesting posts to Instagram stories (IG) so that our friends see what we see.

So, before getting into the main point of this discussion, it would be nice if you first knew the reason why Instagram didn’t want to be reposted, could you be the culprit of all this? hehe joking friend, let’s see the following review.

Still Using Old Instagram

So you have to know in advance whether the application you are using is still the old or latest version.

If it’s the old version, it’s better to throw it out in the sea, friend, why is the old version still being used today, it’s outdated, wow.

Private Accounts

Another no less fun feature found on the Instagram account can be private owner, so when you want to take the feed, you can’t, friend, because you are not marked or allowed to be shared.

It is an icon like a paper airplane hidden from the public.

That way my friend won’t be able to share other people’s posts, so that’s the name people want to keep their privacy closed, so let’s just assume you haven’t been lucky enough to get it.

Just look for other interesting posts, because in the explorer menu on Instagram (IG), many people share them.

Maybe there are only two reasons that I can convey, friend, the rest let me just conclude why you can’t share it to your personal Instagram insta story.

Then go to the core of the problem, namely fixing the problem to get the best solution.

How to Overcome Why Instagram Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story (IG)

IG has bugs that have not been updated, so every month there must be an update several times.

Had not been updated means Instagram has fixed the bug. The name is also that social media applications must have new problems, such as not being able to repost to our stories.

Are you impatient in dealing with situations like this?

If I’m really annoying, so it doesn’t take long for my friends to get my experience also in fixing the problem of Instagram not being able to repost, here’s the review:

  • IG Application Update
  • Logout IG Account
  • Report a Problem
  • Restart

Instagram Application Update

Updating the application is a natural action if the application is no longer suitable for use.

Whatever the problem, I will definitely ask you to update Instagram, friend, maybe it’s a bug because Instagram is rarely updated. Try now, open the Playstore and search for Instagram, then click Update.

Fixed Can't Share Posts to Instagram Story
Fixed Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story

By updating Instagram, you have participated in selling your friend’s new experience in surfing the world of Instagram to start activities again as usual on Instagram. Then my friend tried again, can you still re-upload or not?.

Logout Instagram Account

As we know that previously we have updated while the account is still logged in, now try to remove your account first and then log in again so that there are no errors like this. Does this method work bro?.

It is unlikely that it will reduce other bad effects, so if there is no problem, it means that it has been resolved, if it still exists, it means that it must be handled using this third method.

Report Problems to Instagram

Instagram has special services for customers and users when they have problems with Instagram.

You can use this feature to complain by giving a good reason and it still concerns the problem you are experiencing.

Fixed Can't Share Posts to Instagram Story
Fixed Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story

How to contact Instagram via the report a problem menu? you can visit the official website then just look for the report a problem menu at the bottom.

If an android user can go to the profile then click the three line icon above then settings -> Help -> Report a Problem.

Write your complaint there and include screenshot evidence to clarify your problem.

Restart Phone, Clear Instagram Data and Cache

I will discuss these three things in detail why they are related to each other. First, about restarting your cellphone, make sure you restart your cellphone for approximately every 6 to 8 days.

So that your cellphone can feel refreshed and restore your performance or performance even though the effect is only a little.

Fixed Can't Share Posts to Instagram Story
Fixed Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story

Second, clear the cache and data of your application. When you find an error on Instagram, it’s usually because the cache and application data accumulate.

When you do an explorer on Instagram, trash (cache) will accumulate and be enabled to speed up the performance of the IG application.

That’s why you have to clear the cache in order to refresh the application process, how do you do it?

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Instagram -> Clear Cache or Clear Cache.

Then delete data, this method is not recommended for users who forget the password because after deleting the data, the login data and so on will be permanently lost, so you have to re-login, for users who still remember you can do this method.

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Instagram -> Clear Data or Clear Data.

Everything is finished, then if that’s the case, log in to restart your account, then check if you still can’t repost on your account’s insta story?.

I think it’s enough for the tutorial to solve it, the rest I will provide input in the form of questions that often occur in problems like this.

Why can’t Instagram repost insta stories? Someone asked like that but I just got the idea to review a little here.

Maybe the method above can give you a little help regarding Instagram, you can’t repost insta stories.

So, you don’t have to worry about how to deal with it anymore because I have described it above.


Maybe that’s all I can convey in this meeting.

That way, my friend is no longer afraid to spread other people’s posts to your story, because you don’t worry about ig being banned, it turns out that this is the only problem.

Hopefully, you are like these ways to Overcome Why Instagram Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story (IG) and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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