8 Common Interviewer Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Common Interviewer Mistakes to Avoid

Common Interviewer Mistakes to Avoid – The mistakes that are made during job interviews are mainly those of non-verbal communication. Mistakes that you can easily pay attention to avoid being in a “trap” from which you cannot escape.

Common Interviewer Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the errors:

The greeting and the importance of the handshake: the greeting is the first contact and is a very important moment of the job interview. 

The handshake must be strong and decisive so that we can transmit security to the other but not too much to avoid “crushing” whoever is in front of you;

Take care of the posture: the posture “transmits” a lot to others even unconsciously. It can convey closure, too much openness, tiredness, etc .:

Everything depends on how we approach our interlocutor;

Do not gesticulate a lot: gestures, for everyone, accompany the words because it is as if they “reinforce” the message you want to express. 

But if the gestures become excessive or show nervousness they may not be interpreted well.

Eye contact: is the immediate expression with respect to the voice. 

The face is the mirror of feelings: precisely for this reason, in the wrong ways, it can betray attitudes (insecurity or fear) that it would be better not to demonstrate

Because they would become a double-edged sword. So a beautiful smile is the only winning weapon.

Heal the voice: pay attention to the tone of the voice, the volume, and the speed with which you speak. The voice must convey security, tranquility, and interest;

 Be natural: don’t behave too rigidly but be natural. Looking fake can be counterproductive: therefore a balance must be found in behavior;

Show interest in the interview: you must make it clear that you are interested in what you are talking about otherwise the recruiter will th ink that you have little interest in both the interview and any job. Without being exaggerated, give proof, that all this is of interest;

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Never get distracted: don’t look at your cell phone, watch, window, etc. because this unprofessional attitude would give the interlocutor the impression that you are bored, that you are not focused and that you are not interested in the job.


It should be considered that knowing non-verbal communication will also help to “understand and discover” the recruiter’s behavior.

This will also give you the opportunity to try to understand how the interview might have gone.

Common interview mistakes


These aspects are also important in a job interview as in personal life: therefore, the attitude must always be taken into consideration.

We need to be more “loose” to reveal a “sense of wall” which would serve to protect us but which, to the eye of the recruiter, only transmits insecurity as well as distance.

These are small details that make a “simple interview” an “excellent conversation”.

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