Complete List of Mobile Legend Hero Based on Role

Complete List of Mobile Legend Hero Based on Role

Fans of the mobile version of the Moba game are of course no stranger to Mobile Legend. What’s more, Complete List of Mobile Legend Hero Based on Role comes from legendary characters in various regions of the World and some are fictional characters.

More than that, Complete List of Mobile Legend Hero has different characters and skills .

Until now, there are more than 100 heroes in Mobile Legend which are divided into 6 roles. Some heroes have a main role, although it is possible that there are heroes who occupy 2 different roles.

For Mobile Legend players, of course knowing the Hero and his skills is a must to be able to play the Hero well. In addition, Mobile Legend is not an individual game.

No matter how good your individual game is in playing Hero, of course with a solid team it will be difficult to win.

So there is nothing wrong if you individually want to be proficient in this game. The most important thing to be proficient is to learn specialties, roles, skills and items. 

Because each Hero has a different role and specialization, the configuration of the appropriate item will also be different.

For that you can learn the role and specialization of each of the following heroes. So that you can play Mobile Legend and become one of the Top Players.

Table of Contents 

Complete List of Mobile Legend Hero

  • Hero Specialties
  • Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends
  • List of Hero Mobile Legends Fighter
  • List of Hero Assassins in Mobile Legend
  • Check list of Hero Marksman in Mobile Legend
  • Check list of Hero Mage in Mobile Legend
  • List of Support Heroes in Mobile Legend

Hero Specialties

In addition to Skill and Role, in Mobile Legend there is also such a thing as Specialties. Specialties are unique skills possessed by Heroes, so Heroes can have 1 or more specialties. Of course, by learning specialties, you can design attacking and defending strategies in Teams. 

So, here are the types of Specialties in Mobile Legend:

1. Regen

Heroes who have these specialties allow them to regenerate their own HP ( Heal Points ), as well as the surrounding Teams.

2. Crowd Control

This special ability is of course useful for controlling or disturbing the opponent such as doing:

  • Stun,
  • silence the opponent
  • freeze opponent,
  • repelling,
  • throw an opponent,
  • or interfere with the opponent’s mobility.
3. Control

This specialization allows the Hero to control the opponent for a certain amount of time, making the opponent more vulnerable to attacks.

4. Reap

Next is Reap, most Heroes with Role Marksman have this skill. Of course this ability supports to prevent opponents from doing Farming (killing creeps to increase experience and gold).

In addition, heroes with this skill will find it easier to execute opponents.

5. Charge

This skill is very useful for the Hero to chase the opponent with a blink,  thus allowing the Hero to jump to a certain location, teleport and run fast.

6. Chase

In contrast to Charge, Chase’s ability focuses more on capturing enemy heroes who escape from the battle for further execution.

7. Push

Furthermore, Heroes with this skill have the ability to kill creeps and destroy the Turret (Tower) faster. Therefore, Heroes with Push abilities are very useful to Push Lane more effectively.

8. Damage

The start of the match can be very decisive, the presence of Hero Damage that can ignore some attacks is of course very disturbing movement. So that the opponent’s Hero will more and more often leave the Lane to increase HP.

9. Mixed Damage

This skill allows the Hero to have 2 types of damage at once, namely magic damage and physical damage.

10. Magic Damage

While Heroes with this ability will be better at increasing Magic Penestration and Magic Lifes Steal.

11. Burst

This specialty allows the Hero to launch an attack in a certain area, so that the opponent is exposed to damage at the same time. So it’s very useful to be able to deal damage during battle.

12. Poke 

This skill can be very disturbing to the opponent when doing a push line or when the enemy is about to attack. Because a Hero with this ability can deal damage from a distance.

13. Initiator

If you want to do an attack, of course this Hero can be the front line with the multi-skill abilities it has.

14. Guard

Hero guard is a hero who protects all Heroes in battle, especially Hero carry or late game hero .

15. Support

Hero support skills help teammates to get to battle as well as save friends by moving places. Of course, with the presence of this Hero, it will really support every battle you do.

Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends

One of the roles that may have to be in the team is the Hero Tank, because this role is very important to launch an attack or start a battle. In addition, Tanks are also important to protect teammates during an ambush. 

  • Akai – Guard & Crowd Control
  • Alice – Charge & Regen
  • Atlas – Crowd Control & Initiator
  • Barats – Damage & Crowd Control
  • Baxia – Support & Damage
  • Belerick – Crowd Control & Regen
  • Esmeralda – Regen & Mixed Damage
  • Franco – Initiator & Control
  • Gatotkaca – Crow Control & Brust
  • Gloo – Regen & Control
  • Grock – Crowd Control & Initiator
  • Hilda – Damage & Regen
  • Hylos – Guard & Initiator
  • Johnson – Support & Crowd Control
  • Khufra – Initiator & Crowd Control
  • Lolita – Guard & Crowd Control
  • Minotaur – Crowd Control
  • Ruby – Crowd Control & Regen
  • Tigreal – Crowd Control
  • Uranus – rain

List of Hero Mobile Legends Fighter

Hero Fighter’s defense and attack are good, of course the key to being able to master the beginning of the match. So that at the beginning of the match, this Hero can do a good push on Lane. In addition, when the end of the match and the Hero Fighter Item is complete, he can be the determinant of the direction of victory.

  • Aldous –  Brust & Support
  • Alpha – Charge & Damage
  • Alucard – Chase & Damage
  • Argus – Charge & Brust
  • Aulus – Damage & Crowd Control
  • Badang – Charge & Brust
  • Balmond – Damage & Regen
  • Bane – Push & Brust
  • Barats – Damage & Crowd Control
  • Chou – Chase & Control
  • Dyrroth – Chase & Brust
  • Freya – Chase & Damage
  • Gatotkaca – Crowd Control & Brust
  • Guinevere – Brust & Magic Damage
  • Hilda – Damage & Regen
  • Jawhead – Charge & Brust
  • Kaja – Control & Charge
  • Khaleed – Damage & Regen
  • Lapu-Lapu – Chase & Brust
  • Leomord – Chase & Brust
  • Martis – Reap & Charge
  • Masha – Push & Damage
  • Minsitthar – Initiator & Crowd Control
  • Paquito – Chase & Damage
  • Phoveus – Chase & Control
  • Roger – Reap & Brust
  • Ruby – Crowd Control & Regen
  • Silvanna – Initiator & Magic Damage
  • Sun – Push & Damage
  • Thamuz – Chase & Damage
  • Terizla – Brust & Crowd Control
  • X.Borg – Regen & Brust
  • Yu Zhong – Regen & Reap
  • Zilong – Chase & Damage

List of Hero Assassins in Mobile Legend

Next up is the Hero Assassin who is very good at ambushing when the enemy exits the Lane and tries to get gold and experience from Creep.

In addition, with high mobility the Hero Assassin is able to easily catch up to opponents who run away from battle. Of course in the early game, Hero Assassin can greatly interfere with Creeping of the opposing Hero.

  • Aamon – Brust & Magic Damage
  • Alucard – Chase & Damage
  • Benedetta – Chase & Brust
  • Fanny – Chase & Reap
  • Gusion – Brust & Magic Damage
  • Hanzo – Poke & Brust
  • Harley  – Brust & Poke
  • Hayabusa – Chase & Brust
  • Helcurt – Push & Brust
  • Kadita  – Brust & Charge
  • Karina – Reap & Magic Damage
  • Lancelot – Chase & Brus
  • Lesley – Reap & Brust
  • Ling – Chase & Brust
  • Mathilda – Initiator & Guard
  • Natalia – Chase & Reap
  • Saber – Chase & Reap
  • Selena – Initiator & Reap
  • Yi Sun-Shin – Reap & Chase
  • Zilong – Chase & Damage

Check List of Hero Marksman in Mobile Legend

Although weak during the early game Hero Marksman can be very deadly when entering the Late Game. Even though he has considerable damage to push lane, Marksman can’t be alone, with low HP. Of course Marksman will often be the target of Hero Assassin and Fighter.

Complete List of Mobile Legend Hero
  • Beatrix – Damage & Reap
  • Brody – Brust & Reap
  • Bruno – Brust & Reap
  • Claude – Brust & Chase
  • Clint – Brust & Reap
  • Granger – Brust & Reap
  • Hanabi – Damage & Reap
  • Irithel – Brust & Reap
  • Karrie – Damage & Reap
  • Kimmy – Damage & Magic Damage
  • Layla – Damage & Reap
  • Lesley – Brust & Reap
  • Miya – Damage & Reap
  • Moskov – Chase & Reap
  • Natan – Brust & Magic Damage
  • Popol and Kupa – Push & Brust
  • Roger – Brust & Reap
  • Wanwan – Brust & Reap
  • Yi Sun-Shin – Chase & Reap

Check List of Hero Mage in Mobile Legend

Fighters will be overwhelmed to face Hero Mage during the early game to mid-game. Because the Mage hero has high magic damage, as well as very agile movements. Of course, during battle, Mage is usually a support that can give a stun or freeze effect.

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Of course, this will be very detrimental because the stunned Hero will be more prone to attack without being able to escape.

So often Mage is the first target before the battle occurs.

  • Alice – Charge & Regen
  • Aurora – Crowd Control & Poke
  • Cecilion – Brust & Poke
  • Chang’e – Brust & Poke
  • Cyclops – Control & Poke
  • Esmeralda – Regen & Mixed Damage
  • Eudora – Control & Brust
  • Faramis – Charge & Guard
  • Gord – Brust & Poke
  • Harith – Chase & Damage
  • Harley – Brust & Poke
  • Kadita – Brust & Charge
  • Kagura – Reap & Poke
  • Kimmy – Damage & Magic Damage
  • Lunox – Brust & Damage
  • Luo Yi – Support & Crowd Control
  • Lylia – Push & Damage
  • Nana – Poke & Guard
  • Odette – Poke & Brust
  • Pharsa – Poke & Guard
  • Selena – initiator & Reap
  • Vale – Brust & Crowd Control
  • Valentina – Reap & Brust
  • Valir – Damage & Guard
  • Vexana – Poke & Control
  • Yve – Poke & Brust
  • Zhask – Chase & Damage

List of Support Heroes in Mobile Legend

Although this hero role is only a support during battle, the contribution of Support can be the key to victory. Because Hero support has a variety of skills that can make the opponent not move at all.

Of course there are 2 main skills that are very useful for Support, Heal and remove Crowd Control effects.

  • Akai – Guard & Crowd Control
  • Angela – Support & Guard
  • Atlas – Initiator & Crowd Control
  • Carmilla – Damage & Crowd Control
  • Diggie – Poke & Guard
  • Estes – Regen & Guard
  • Faramis – Charge & Guard
  • Floryn – Poke & Guard
  • Franco – Initiator & Control
  • Kaja – Charge & Control
  • Khufra – Initiator & Crowd Control
  • Lolita – Guard & Crowd Control
  • Mathilda – Initiator & Guard
  • Minotaur – Crowd Control
  • Nana – Poke & Guard
  • Rafaela – Regen & Guard
  • Tigreal – Crowd Control


More than that, Moonton as a Mobile Legend game developer almost routinely gives birth to new heroes with unique abilities. Likewise in 2021, the Latest Hero Mobile Legend has added 9 Heroes, Paquito, Yve, Beatrix, Gloo, Phoveus, Natan, Aulus, and Floryn. 

The plan is that in the near future Moonton will then bring in 3 additional heroes, Aaomon, Valentina and Yin. So it is possible that the Hero in Mobile Legend will continue to grow. For that, you can continue to update the patch in accordance with the provisions of Mobile Legend.

If you want to be a Top Player in Mobile Legend, at least you have to be able to play one or two heroes in each role. In addition, because Mobile Legend is a Team game.

Of course when the team fights the composition of the hero must be right. So, without the right composition in the Team, it is almost difficult to win.

COMPLETE HERO LIST for EVERY ROLE | Mobile Legends Project Next

In addition to learning the specialties, roles and skills of each Hero, to be able to win the match you need good teamwork. In addition, you also have to increase damage, defense, movement speed and attack with the right items .

With the right items , you can give birth to the Sickest Mobile Legend Hero even though the Role Hero is not one that has high damage.

So, there is no Strongest Mobile Legend Hero , because your team’s skills and strategies are what make the Hero invincible.

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