10 Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives in 2024

Google Adsense Alternatives

Best Google Adsense Alternatives – One of the terms that are familiar to blog users is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one way for blog owners to earn money from their blogs. 

But registering for Google Adsense is not easy. In fact, it is not uncommon for blogs to be rejected when submitting them on google Adsense. In this case, you can use the adsense alternative as one of the best solutions. 

There are many types of google adsense alternatives that you can try, but I will summarize them into the 10 best Adsense alternatives. What are they? Read this article to the end!

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Here’s an alternative to Google AdSense that you can try.


One alternative to google adsense that you can try is AdNow . AdNow is a widget-based advertising provider with native Ads type. 

This type of ad provider can adapt to the appearance of your website. Both in terms of the type of font, color to the form of the ad. 

Not only that, AdNow also adjusts the ad size depending on the device that visitors use to access the blog . So even if your ad looks big on a computer, your ad display will still look small on a smartphone. 

As for applying for AdNow, it is also very easy and does not require many conditions. You just need to make sure that your blog has no illegal activity on it, such as spam, adware, and the like. Easy isn’t it?


The next alternative ad provider that you can try is MediaNet. This ad provider is quite well known and has even been used by Bing and Yahoo. 

Even this ad provider has become the biggest competitor of Google Adsense. With sophisticated advertising technology such as native Ads and so on, of course making medianet the choice of several people. 

To install MediaNet on your blog is also very easy. You only need to enter a short code and the ad will automatically appear on your blog.

The ads that are displayed will also be adjusted to the content of your blog. For example, you create a blog about cats, then usually the ads that appear are also about cats. Interesting right?

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the best google adsense alternatives because it has existed for the past eight years. It has even managed to collect 150,000 publishers spread across 195 countries in the world. Great isn’t it?

This ad provider offers an AdBlock bypass system so that even if you use AdBlock your visitors can still see your ad. Not only that, this ad provider has also provided an ad filter, so that visitors will only see relevant ads. 

To apply for this ad provider, you just need to register then wait until you get a code to insert ads into any page on your blog. Easy isn’t it?

As for the types of property ads, there are push notifications, onclick ads, widgets, and so on. This wide variety of ads will certainly help you in choosing the best ads for your blog.


The best google adsense alternative that you can try next is Adsterra. Adsterra offers several types of ads such as video ads, push notifications, banners, and so on. 

All types of ads on Adsterra offer advanced protection. They can even protect visitors from inappropriate malware. However, if there is still malware that escapes, then you can contact Adsterra via Skype to solve it quickly.

One alternative to google adsense that you should not miss is infolink. With 100,000 users spread across 128 countries, you don’t need to doubt infolink as an ad provider.

More specifically, Infolink has collaborated with several well-known banks in the world such as Nike, Netflix, and Facebook. As for the types of ads provided, there are quite a variety of them, including InFold, In Article, InText, and In-Tag. 

Interestingly, whatever type of ad you choose will not damage the appearance of your blog. This is because infolink ads blend perfectly with the content or blog that you create. 

As for installing infolinks on blogs is very easy. You just have to submit it then after the submission is accepted, you will get a JavaScript code that can be added to your blog. Interested in trying?


Revcontent is an ad provider that has high quality, they even dare to guarantee that their ads can provide high engagement. This is because this advertisement has sophisticated technology, and has even collaborated with well-known brands in the world. 

Therefore, to join them is not easy. One of the conditions is that they require your blog to have 50000 visitors first per month. Interested in trying?


PopAds is the best google adsense alternative in terms of pop-under ads. Not only because of the completeness of the ads, but also you can adjust the frequency of appearance of ads so that visitors don’t get bored of seeing your ads.

Another advantage of this ad is that you can cash out every day. As long as you manage to earn more than $ 5 every day. 


Evadav is a recently formed Google Adsense alternative. Even so Evadav is one of the best advertising providers. Why is that?

This is because to get money from Evadav is quite easy. You can earn money continuously as long as visitors receive push notifications and interact with ads on Evadav such as opening or closing ads. 

Not only that, Evadav also guarantees that all the ads they display are safe. So you don’t have to worry if there will be obstacles or things you don’t want. 


RevenueHits is one of the best google adsense alternatives that you can try. By relying on a sophisticated ad provider system, you can even compare what types of ads are optimal for your blog.

So you can choose which is the best ad for your blog. You can even use different ads depending on the content of your blog, from banners to pop ups. Sophisticated isn’t it?


The last google adsense alternative is yllix. What is Ylix? Yllix is ​​an ad provider that offers an easy ad registration system. Not only that, the process of disbursing advertising funds is also very low at only $ 1 per day. 

The registration process is also very fast. Only a few minutes after the registration process, you can activate your account. Unlike other ad providers which usually take days for ad submissions to be accepted. 

There are various types of ads on Yllix, ranging from layer ads to full page ads. All types of ads are already on Yllix, you just have to use them as needed.

Interested in Trying the Google AdSense Alternatives Above?

Well, after knowing the many alternatives to google adsense. You just have to decide which ad provider to use. 

So, even if your ad submission was rejected by Google Adsense, you don’t need to be discouraged anymore. You just need to use one of these adsense alternatives to earn money. 

Not only that, if you feel that the income from Google Ads is still lacking. You can combine one of the ad providers above with google ads.

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