Embrace Mobility to drive Performance of Field Team with Data collection app

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Embrace Mobility to drive Performance of Field Team with Data collection app – Imagine a world where you can live in the moment, with no need to worry about missing data. Imagine not having to worry about losing important data or wasting time manually entering it because all of your field data will be automatically delivered to your back-office systems.

From the time data collection app are developed in the early 1900s, like many other industries, every other industry has been using paper-based systems for capturing field data.

With the advent of technology and the internet, there is a need for an effective solution that can bridge the gap between the field and back office operations by providing real-time access to data from anywhere in the world. The solution should eliminate manual data entry into spreadsheets or emails, which lead to errors and delays.

A data collecting app, a cloud-based tool that lets businesses effortlessly manage their business processes by capturing data from multiple sources such as websites, social media feeds, and other mobile applications, has recently found a solution to this problem.

The solution also provides real-time analytics and reporting capabilities to analyze the captured data. Enterprises in various industries can use the solution. Its biggest advantage is its ability to connect with multiple data sources without any integration effort required by the end user.

Positive performance :

No chance of errors:

The advent of mobile technology has completely changed the way enterprises work. The old paper-based system is long gone, and enterprises are looking for ways to make their operations smarter and more efficient and empower their employees by using their smartphones.

Additionally, data entry workers would make mistakes as a result of illegible handwriting and manual faults. All of these mistakes cost a lot of money and wasted a lot of time.

No paper-based data storage:

The outdated paper-based approach has been replaced by mobile technology, and businesses are now searching for ways to use smartphones to empower their employees and run operations more efficiently.

One of the advantages is that it reduces the time taken for data entry by a huge margin as compared to the traditional method of data entry done through computers. The main reason for this is that there are no manual errors and illegible handwriting when you are working on your smartphone. There is also no wastage of paper, which adds to huge costs for companies in ink cartridges, printing paper, printer maintenance, etc.

Enterprise mobility management :

Mobile applications are changing the way we do business. And not just in the way that you might think. Mobile apps are not just for consumers; they’re also an important part of enterprise mobility management (EMM). EMM is a system that uses mobile devices, cloud computing, and other technologies to help businesses manage their operations, including security measures, data storage, and more.

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The data collection app is designed specifically for companies that want to create custom apps that run on both smartphones and tablets. These allow users to access their data anywhere they go without having to worry about downloading updates or backing up files manually each time something happens unexpectedly.

Overall, As data collection apps become more sophisticated and user-friendly, we expect a 100% adoption rate of field data collection apps by small, medium, and large oil and gas companies in the next five years.

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