7 Best Web Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing in 2023

7 Web Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing in 2022

Best Web Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing – Best website tracking tools for Marketing, more than any other area of ​​the company, are based on analytics. Regardless of the strategies and platforms used, it is essential for marketers to find out what works and what doesn’t. But above all, what can be improved. Analyzing your own efforts is the best way to learn how to maximize results. 

In the internet and social media age, it is crucial for a company to analyze the overall performance of a website. How? There are tons of tracking and analytics tools out there to help you understand your site traffic, page views, clicks, keywords most attract visitors, and more. Curious to find out which ones?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Did you expect something else at the top of this list? I do not think so. Google Analytics  has now become a default option for many companies because it is  among the best Web Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing and above all it is free . Its  strengths  are the intuitive interface , the  real-time reports  and its  compatibility with other Google solutions  such as  Google Search Console ,  Google Optimize  and  Google AdSense . It will tell you who is visiting the site, where they are visiting it from, what is the time spent and more. But it can be done better.


An open-source and self-hosted tool, Matomo provides detailed, real-time reports on your website traffic . All historical data and visitor reports are stored in its own database, with the possibility of exporting them to Excel, PHP and XML.

Matomo is highly customizable : in case you want to expand the number of features, all you have to do is install a specific plugin, and that’s it! The dashboard is also highly customizable, allowing you to interface according to your needs. Another unique feature of Matomo is that it has the ability to easily block traffic, URLs and IP addresses :

if you notice abnormal behavior you can immediately prevent the user from accessing your site again. Oh, I forgot: it’s free! Definitely one of the Best Web Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing you can find around. 


Hotjar 1

Hotjar is a tool that combines visitor tracking with customer feedback collection. It offers features that literally allow you to observe how visitors spend time on your website, including heatmaps, session recordings, motion maps. All this helps you to identify the areas of the site that have intrigued the visitor the most and in which areas the visitor has lost his attention and left the site.

It features an intuitive user interface and is very simple to use. Plus, unlike most tracking tools, it also offers customer feedback tools, including online surveys and surveys.

All for a fee. 


Real-time website tracking tool, Woopra largely focuses on customer engagement. It allows you to monitor multiple websites at the same time and offers detailed information on how visitors use your website, instead of just telling you who is using it.

A distinctive feature is the ability to trigger personalized messages or interactions based on behavior and viewers. This way you can send messages (it also has a built-in live chat) when visitors trigger a specific action. But all this has to be paid for. 


GoSquared analytics Tool 1

GoSquared is a real-time analysis tool that offers insights and access to data even for a single user.

It has a specialized segment dedicated to monitoring and analyzing data relating to an e-commerce site.

This means that you will have data such as estimated revenue for a given month, the percentage increase or decrease in revenue from the previous month, and it will also show the categories and product pages that are enjoying the highest traffic.

GoSquared offers accurate data on how long visitors stay on the site rather than just an average figure . You also have a live chat with which allows you to chat with your site visitors as they browse your site. This tool is also paid, but it’s worth it. 

Crazy Egg

This tool shows you how your visitors interact with your website, how they navigate the different pages, where they get blocked and what they are actually looking for. With easy-to-understand heatmaps and visual overlays, you can watch your visitors’ entire activity. 

This includes any movement of the cursor and the areas they click on. You can use this information to use your site’s higher activity areas in a better way. It integrates with WordPress and Shopify. Base price: $ 189 per month. 

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Adobe Analytics

Its ability to provide real-time interactive information on website traffic makes it one of the best tracking tools on the market. Adobe Analytics takes visitor tracking to the next level by providing incredibly detailed information.

With this tool, you can find out in detail every minute a visitor spent on their journey through the pages of the site.  You can even segment your visitors into groups – you can create visitor segments by adding specific tags to those showing similar behavior. However, it is quite an expensive tool and it will take time to learn how to make the most of its features.

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