Top 10 Apps to Have on your Apple Watch

Top 10 Apps to Have on your Apple Watch

What would our Apple Watch Apps be without the applications? Not much, really. And it is that Apps are an essential part of the functionalities of Smartwatches that are linked to mobile devices.

With them we keep a perfect control of our daily activities, we receive notifications from social networks, notifications from messaging, email or the calendar, discreetly and without having to look for the phone.

With the applications we also obtain weather information in real time, we can receive and make calls through simple vibrations of the clock or link the headphones to access our playlist.

But, of course, the most useful applications in an Apple Watch Apps are those of healthy life, because with them we carry out a good amount of fitness or sports activities under precise monitoring.

Therefore, it is time to know the best 10 applications to have on your Apple Watch Apps.

Better day

It is customizable, simple and very useful. Better Day is an application designed exclusively for the Apple Watch and all its peculiarities. It will help you display various dates and times, according to your style and personality.

In this sense, you can navigate through Digital Crown to access a three-year calendar. It also supports more than 20 languages, covering Europe, America, Asia or the Middle East. But there is more, because this App supports 11 different calendar systems, including religious yearbooks such as Islamic or Hebrew.


When you require detailed information on the routes and public transport of the capitals you visit, Citymaper is the App you need because it will not only give you abundant data but also real-time information on the journey you are taking. In addition, you can combine the routes by bus, metro, train, bicycle or even taxi to compare the best options.

Citymaper iwatch

The version for the Apple Watch is a true step-by-step guide to avoid getting lost in a big city and you can locate routes by public transport just by looking at your wrist.

Just Press Record

Truly useful when you need to record something immediately and not lose detail, the Just Press Record App gives you the opportunity to start recording as soon as it is activated and by pressing a button on the Apple Watch.

As if that were not enough, it provides transcription and synchronization in iCloud for each of your devices and it is even possible to edit from the same application and even record with Siri without using your hands. Something else: after capturing an audio, you will find a text file with the transcription of the audio.


When you want to manage calendars on iOS, macOS and watchOS for the Apple Watch, the option is the Fantastical App to customize each event by color and be more clear about the upcoming dates. It includes various features that analyze tasks and provide views of the days, weeks, months, and year.


You obviously want your Apple Watch to frequently check your heart rate and analyze the current rate compared to the last rate taken. The best app for this is Cardiogram, which can even tell you if your heart beats differently when you have the flu or if it varies in rhythm when you’re stressed.

Cardiogram iwatch


Sleep monitoring is another important element in all Smartwatch and when it comes to the Apple Watch, the most recommended App to track the quality of each rest session is Pillow , which has a simple design to quickly show you through two rings if the sleep goal has been achieved with quality.

You can even use it as a smart alarm clock to get up into the lightest phase of sleep and start the day in better spirits. It also records particular events such as snoring, when you talk in your sleep or sleep apnea. At the same time, it analyzes all the trends to compare the quality of sleep with 10 different Apple Health metrics.


We all need a good task manager and the application indicated for the Apple Watch is Things that with a simple design will show you a circle that will be completed as you finish your pending tasks.

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You will be able to classify the tasks according to specific filters, it has a useful search bar, it creates labels to classify and filter, as well as next to each project title there is a disk that indicates the progress of that task.

things iwatch

The Apple Watch version greatly abbreviates the tracking of daily tasks, and you will be able to see all the objectives on the main screen and compare them.

All the Rings

If you had excuses not to move throughout the day, the All the Rings App will refute them all to help you close each of the activity rings each day. By providing you with lapses, statistics and alerts, with this application you can modify the view for a better understanding of the factors. Also, you’ll see the rings turn into horizontal lines when you’re on a hot streak.


When you assume that it is time to define how much water you should drink per day, the most appropriate Apps for your Apple Watch is WaterMinder , because it helps you stay hydrated all day, it has analytical and reporting tools, descriptions for periods of inactivity, Compare your water intake with the goals you have set for yourself and show your achievements.

With this Apps you will accurately track the amount of water you drink, of course, according to your body weight or the goal you have set for yourself. By reviewing the percentages you will know the level of hydration that you have achieved.


apple iwatch streaks

Very complete and integrated to all health aspects, the Streaks App for iOS is an efficient tool to customize the list of habits that you want to complete with lists of the status of all the routines. With it you can complete all the objectives not only during the day but during the week. Includes custom icons that once completed will show a check-in.

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