How do I add friends on Steam without spending money?

How do I add friends on Steam without spending money?

Many people enjoy playing games with their friends on Steam, the game buying and playing platform that is widely used in the world.

Of course, in order to join your friends’ game or invite your friends to your own game, you must first add Steam friends.

Of course, you can add friends on Steam, see the games your friends are playing and follow them closely.

However, there are some conditions for adding friends to do this. For example, in order to add friends on Steam, you need to spend more than $5 on the Steam account you first opened.

This expenditure can be made in two ways. The first is to buy a game that costs over $5, and the second is to buy some in-game material in any game (again you will have to exceed $5).

If you have fulfilled one of the two processes mentioned above and spent more than $ 5 on Steam, we can now explain how to add Steam friends. For this:

Adding Steam Friend

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How to Add Friends on Steam 2022?

First, open your Steam account and click on the “ Friends ” section at the top left of the window, then continue with the “ Add Friends ” option in the small window that opens.


” Add Friend ” is the above window will appear after clicking on the option. In this window, there are 3 different ways to add Steam friends.

The first of these is to write the code you received from the person you want to add as a friend in the ” Enter Your Friend’s Code ” section (Your friend’s code will appear in the window above, just like your code).

How to Add Friends on Steam 2022?


The second is to copy the link under the phrase “ Or Send a Quick Invite ” and send it to your friend via any platform (you need to send the link to your friend’s computer, so you can send it via e-mail or social media, depending on the situation).

When your friend clicks on the link you sent, you add him as a friend (Your friend must also have a Steam account open for this process to happen ).


The third method is to type your friend’s Steam name in the box that says ” Enter Your Friend’s Profile Name ” and click on the lens icon on the right side of the box.

Thus, your friend’s profile will be displayed and the ” Add Friend ” button will be located next to the profile.

By clicking this button, you will add your friend.

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Thus, we have presented you with a guide for adding Steam friends with 3 different methods.

It also states that you have to spend over $5 before adding friends. What are the Terms? 

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