How smartwatches affect our lives

How smartwatches affect our lives


  • 1 Does a person need a smartwatch
    • 1.1 Features of a smartwatch for a child. Do you need a kids smartwatch
  • 2 The main functions of a smart watch that will be useful to a person
    • 2.1 Displaying phone notifications
    • 2.2 Tracking physical activity
    • 2.3 Displaying important information on the wrist
    • 2.4 Working in headset mode
    • 2.5 How smartwatches save lives

Today, Smartwatches affect our lives and smartwatches have become so commonplace that even in the subway it is easier to meet a person with a smart device on their wrist than with a classic chronometer. They are functional, practical, and, most importantly, inexpensive.

But is a smartwatch really necessary for a modern person?

Does a person need a smart watch

A smartwatch is a companion device. Their own functionality is rather limited, they only work fully in conjunction with a smartphone.

In conjunction with a smartphone, smartwatches help:

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  • Stay in touch without missing important calls, messages, and notifications;
  • Track physical activity, lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Search for the information you need; etc.

Thus, among the available models of smartwatches, anyone will find a suitable device for themselves.

Features of a smartwatch for a child. Do you need a kids smartwatch

Children’s smartwatches are needed primarily not by the child, but by his parents. Of course, the student will be pleased to have such a high-tech device.

Features of a smartwatch for a child. Do you need a kids smartwatch

But the main function of children’s smartwatches affect our lives is to track and transmit the location of the child to parents. Mom or dad will always know exactly where their son or daughter is walking. This increases the safety of the child. In addition, children’s devices are also equipped with a built-in SIM card, so that you can call your baby at any time.

Does a child need a smartwatch? The answer to this question depends on how confident you are in the safety of the city and region in which you live.

The main functions of a smartwatch that will be useful to a person

Let’s go directly to what a smart watch is for.

The main functions of a smartwatch that will be useful to a person

Displaying phone notifications

When a call, SMS message, notification from a messenger or social network arrives on a connected smartphone, the smartwatch will alert the owner with a vibration. Many models can also display the caller’s number, push text, and even pictures.

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This is very convenient for people who correspond a lot in instant messengers and social networks: you can turn off the sound on your phone so as not to feel annoyed by the numerous “delin-delin”, but at the same time do not miss an important notification.

Physical activity tracking

Even the cheapest smartwatches can count steps. Models are more expensive – they determine the heart rate, track physical activity, register training and suggest the right approaches to sports. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch can track load distribution while running.

Physical activity tracking

But the main thing is that the watch can really motivate you to lead a more active lifestyle. For example, go through a few extra bus stops on foot. Or waking up in a fast phase to get up early but feel refreshed.

Display of important information on the wrist

Weather, the date of the next departure, the time of the next event from the calendar, reminders, a to-do list, buttons to control the music playing on the phone – all this can be displayed right on the wrist. You don’t have to take out your phone and search for applications.

Working in headset mode

Many smartwatches that affect our lives can work in Bluetooth headset mode. Therefore, you can leave your smartphone and go to the gym to play sports or install wires at a height – and at the same time stay in touch while receiving calls. This gadget can do a lot. The most important thing is to find the right smartwatch for yourself.

How smartwatches save lives

How smartwatches save lives

The answer to the question “Why do we need a smartwatch?” may sound like this: to save your life. For example, one day an Australian received a notification that his heart rate was exceeded in his sleep. To find out what was wrong, he went to the doctor – and the doctor diagnosed him with a congenital heart defect. The watch also helped in the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and the early detection of myocardial infarction.

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Also, once Casey Anderson from the United States with a 9-month-old son had an accident. She was trapped in a mangled car. Then the girl said: “Siri, call 911” to her smartwatch – and they not only called for help but also sent the coordinates of the accident to the rescuers. And there is a lot of information about such cases.

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