How to Block Illegal WiFi Users with Android Apps

How to Block Illegal WiFi Users with Android Apps

How to Block illegal WiFi Users with Android Apps – Annoyed that your wifi is often stolen or used illegally? Block immediately! Check out our guide here to block these illegal users

As for wifi owners, of course, we have to be careful with people who often break into our wifi.

Even though wifi has used a password with a full-strength level, the actions of wifi hackers will still be able to connect to the Wifi network they tap and one of them is on the wifi that we have.

If you have experienced it then you need to know about how to block illegal wifi users using an android application.

In today’s sophisticated era, we know that there are even a lot of wifi hacking applications that are scattered in the play store.

Of course this will make it easier for them to connect their devices on available wifi networks, if they are not blocked immediately then this will be detrimental to us as wifi owners.

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One effect if the wifi has been hacked by many people then the network will be slow, therefore if your wifi suddenly slows you must check your wifi to disconnect the network on the device that is connected to your wifi.

There are many ways to block our wifi users easily, one of them is by using an android application.

The wifi disconnect application also has many options such as Block WiFi – WiFi Inspector, Net Cut, Block WiFi – Router Admin Settings, Who Use My WiFi – Network Scanner and many more.

But on this occasion, we will use the Block WiFi Freeloader application. Like how? Let’s just see below.

How to Block Illegal WiFi Users with Android Apps

The first step we have to download and install an application called Block WiFi Freeloader. You can download it via the following linkBlock WiFi Freeloader.

Detailed Information on Block WiFi Freeloader Applications

  • License: Free
  • Languages ​​: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Indian, Vietnamese, and Tagalog Indonesian.
  • Category: Networks
  • Downloads : 44,381
  • Version : 1.0.6
  • Update : 17.11.17

So what’s the setting like? Let’s just see below.

How to Disconnect Wifi Networks Used by Others

  1. First, please install the Block WiFi Freeloader application.
  2. Next, please select “Rescan”.
  3. That way, please check the name of the device you know. Mark or “Know” for devices that you have allowed on your wifi.
  4. As for foreign devices, please change the status to “Stranger”.
  5. If you have found an unknown or strange device, then please enter the “Router Manager” section and select “Block”. later the device will be blocked automatically and no longer connected on your wifi.
  6. Finished.

It is guaranteed that now no more foreign devices can enter your network.

If in the future there is the same thing, we can repeat the above method for how to block wifi users via your android phone.

So what are the advantages of this application? Check out the following explanation.

Advantages of Block WiFi Freeloader Applications

  • Be used easily.
  • Detect wifi users that we have through the Rescan feature.
  • Disconnect wifi via android device.

Well, that’s the advantage in this application, now your wifi will be safer from the wifi thieves who have been breaking into your wifi all this time.

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