10 Ways to Optimize Youtube SEO to Enter the First Page

10 Ways to Optimize Youtube SEO to Enter the First Page

How to Optimize Youtube SEO to Enter the First Page – Youtubers definitely want their uploaded videos to be on the first page of search so that many people see it. This is what all YouTubers want, both seniors and beginners.

There are many benefits that channel owners can get. Namely, the video can go viral and become a money field for YouTubers who have monetized their channel, get endorsements, and other advertising offers.

It’s not much different from bloggers, the new content of a blog can’t just compete with content that has the same topic from other blogs. There is a benchmark that Google makes in ranking search results.

If there is an optimization on the website, on YouTube, there is also optimization. Here are some good and correct optimizations for youtube videos so that they can enter the top searches.

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How to Optimize Youtube SEO

1. Quality Content (Original & High Definition/HD)

Indeed, the motto Content is the king is not just bullshit. Now google keeps improving and updating its algorithm gradually.

Hundreds to hundreds of thousands of content with the same topic are published on the internet every day.

But only some of the best content is entered on the first page of searches, that’s because Google always chooses which content is of the best quality.

Therefore, for you YouTubers, make the best possible videos that contain and have high/HD video quality. It doesn’t have to be long, try to make the video original.

2. Interesting Title

In my opinion, the title must also be considered so that it looks good where the visitors are. Create a title that can invite and intrigue visitors. 

This is also a way of YouTube keyword research so that your videos can win when competing on the top page

Example: If you give a title like “people burnt alive in ” it might not be interesting, try giving a title like this “The second’s people are burned alive to death, Maybe between the two titles, number 2 will get more frequent visits.

3. Interesting Thumbnails

Create custom thumbnails by providing the best possible thumbnail images. But don’t refer to a hoax, okay?

If your thumbnail is a thumbnail that many people use, it might be considered spam.

You can make your own thumbnail in Corel Draw or PhotoshopEdit as interesting as possible and then put it on the youtube thumbnail.

4. Keyword Placement in the Title

In addition to being required to make the title as attractive as possible, also add keywords to the title. Because the right keywords are also a factor in your video being able to appear on the first page.

Example: If you want to make a title with the keyword how to root android, then you can make the title of the easiest way to root android with a pc and without a PC. Anyway, don’t forget the keywords in each of your uploaded videos.

For a tutorial on keywords, here’s a complete keyword research tutorial .

5. Video Descriptions Containing Keywords

This also cannot be underestimated, because a good description determines whether the video is good or not. Try to make a description by adding keywords in it.

10 Ways to Optimize Youtube SEO to Enter the First Page

Example: You are targeting the keyword how to root android. In the description you can write for those of you who don’t know about the Android root tutorial, here’s how to root Android with a PC and without a complete PC.

6. Video Tags and Categories

If you upload a new video on YouTube, at the bottom there must be a tag written, so fill in the tag with keywords, for example, or in other words that you think have something to do with your video. Try to fill in the tag and don’t leave it blank.

7. Share to Various Social Media, Communities, and Forums

This Optimize Youtube SEO method is also an effective way to attract as many visitors or viewers as possible. Especially if the video being distributed is a new video.

This way, your video has a chance to be shared by other users if it is of good quality and can go viral. 

Even if there are people who are interested, they will not only share the video, but they can also have the opportunity to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

The benefits that channel owners get from sharing content on social media, communities, and forums are truly numerous.

8. Add Social Profile

To increase the viewers’ trust in your YouTube channel, maybe you can add social accounts such as Google Plus Accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Maybe the viewers will think “wow, this youtube video and channel is good and interesting, who has it?, maybe I can learn from him”.

With a social profile, you can get more viewers, and can give viewers a sense of trust.

9. Connect Video On Website (Optional)

If you have a website, there’s nothing wrong with connecting to it. The trick is in the youtube description, add a link that refers to your website.

And vice versa, on the website, add embed youtube videos to your articles that have similar topics.

Besides being able to boost the popularity of your videos, this youtube SEO trick can also boost the popularity of your blog.

10. Consistent

This consistency is very important, as consistently uploading videos is also a way of consistently generating new ideas and of course don’t forget to pray.

If indeed all you have done, the last thing is to wait. It may take a long time, but if you do it regularly and correctly, success will not turn away from you.

So many articles on how to optimize youtube seo that is good and right so that your videos can compete on the top search page. Hopefully useful, thank you!.

How to RANK YouTube Videos on FIRST PAGE of Google

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