6 Best Ludo Games for Ultimate Fun in 2024

6 Best Ludo Games

Best Ludo Games – Although there are many games with realistic graphics and super complex gameplay mechanics such as PUBG, Asphalt, and COD Mobile, it seems that the Ludo game cannot be lost from the hearts of the people.

The simple mechanism, simple appearance and no need to think much make this relaxing game a favorite of all circles, especially because it can be played in multiplayer which makes it a fun way to get along.

Now talking about Ludo, it turns out that there are lots of choices on Google Play.& Appstore You all probably know the most popular one: Ludo King, but the fact is that the most popular is not necessarily the most fun, you know!

Best Ludo Games on Android and iPhone

Ludo King

It is undeniable, this is the most popular ludo game. It has been installed by more than 50 Crore+ people, is ~50MB in size, and has been rated by more than 950 lakhs+ people.

The gameplay is normal, you use dice and the number of players is 2 to 4 people. Each player has 4 ludo pieces, and each round you will roll the dice to get a number of how far the Ludo piece has to walk. Choose one Ludo piece to walk and the fastest to the middle is the winner.

You can find this Ludo King game at security posts, boarding house guards, at roadside hangouts and all other hangout places.

Although this game can not produce anything in the real world, but it is very fun to play. Please search for yourself on Google Play, you don’t need to be taught anymore, you’re already big.

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Lusdo Star

Ludo Star has been downloaded more than 1 Crore+ times on Google Play, is about 70MB in size, and has been rated more than 949 thousand times.

Although far from Ludo King (1 Crore+ download), this game has several interesting features, including a chat feature, a team play feature, to an online play feature with random people so you can expand your relationship and even learn a new language.

In this game, you can choose 3 modes, namely quick, classic, and master mode. Download on Google Play if interested.


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Ludo Club

Ludo Club is also widely played by +62 people, has been installed more than 10 crore+ times, but uniquely the size of this game varies depending on the type of smartphone you have.

These varying file sizes are intended so that those of you who have bad phones (possibly also limited internet) don’t have to waste too much internet to download. On the other hand, people with tens of millions of phones and unlimited internet must download the large version.

The appearance of this game is very simple, only a 2-dimensional board but it is very comfortable on the eyes without unnecessary decorations. You can play up to a maximum of 4 people.

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Ludo Win

Why is this the rank one and not Ludo King? The answer is because you can compete online and get real prizes with this game.

If you don’t know, Ludo Win is one of the games in the MPL app (which advertises Baim Wong on TV). This game is a little different from the others. While the Ludo game is usually played for recreation, chatting or to pass the time, the Ludo Win game is actually played for those who want to earn.

Yes, that’s right, in this Ludo Win game you can earn real money by fighting with other players online.

Uniquely, this Ludo Win game does not use dice, but all your steps will be given from the start so you have to strategize well, not luck like ludo games in general.

But yes, of course you have to be good at winning, not just losing and making your wallet thinner. Lots of practice first!

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Ludo Titan

Another popular ludo game, but let’s be honest almost everything is the same as other ludo games in this article. It is 89MB (huge), has been installed more than 10 million times, and has a 4/5 rating.

Some of the features of Ludo Titan are online features where you can play one game 2 to 4 people. You can invite friends, family, or it can be against the computer.

Love the traditional version of Ludo with arrows on the board? Ludo Titan has this arrow mode called Arror Mode. You can also create clubs and interact with other club members.

But, to be honest, this game has fewer players than Ludo King, Ludo Win (MPL) or Ludo Star, so it will be more difficult for you to find a random opponent who speaks Any language.

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Ludo Party

The main feature that is highlighted by Ludo Party is voice chat, so just like in PUBG, you can chat with other random players or talk carelessly!

This game has been installed more than 1Crore+ times, requires android 5.0 and above, and is ~50MB in size. This game was released by miniclip , and got a rating of 4.5/5 out of a total of 41.5T reviews.

Those are some of the best ludo games for android, some of which can also be played on iPhone/iOS, but some are only for android

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