How to Delete All Tweets at Once in Twitter Free 2023

How to Delete All Tweets at once in Twitter Free 2022

How to Delete All Tweets at once in Twitter Free Twitter does not allow you to delete all tweets (also called tweets) at once. However, there are some online tools that offer the option to delete posts in bulk and reset posts on the social network.

In our walkthrough we will use the TweetDelete website. The process can be done both on PC and mobile, through the browser of your choice.

Before deleting all tweets From Twitter

Before deleting your tweets at once, we recommend that you save your posting history. So, if you regret it, you can review everything you have already posted on the platform. You can request the file through the smartphone app and the website.

  • On PC follow the path: icon → Settings & Privacy → Your account → Download a file with your data . It is possible that you will be asked for your password and that Twitter will send a code to the email registered with the service. In the Twitter Data section , click the Request File button .three dots icon
Download a file with your data form Twitter 1
  • On mobile , the path is similar. Tap your profile picture → Settings & Privacy → Your Account → Download a file with your data. You may be asked to enter your password. Under Twitter Data , go to Request File .

The service will send you a message when your file is ready. You can only download it via the app or via email if you have a verified email address associated with your account.

Only after receiving and downloading the file with your data do we recommend that you delete all tweets. But if you believe you have nothing to lose and don’t want to wait, go to the next step.

TweetDelete – Easily delete your old tweets

Now that you’ve downloaded your history (or not!), you can say goodbye to your old posts. TweetDelete allows you to delete up to 3200 posts including the images, Twitter poll votes and other informations at once,, starting from the most recent ones. That is, if the defined time period has more than 3200 posts, the newest ones are deleted and the oldest ones are kept.

1. Open your preferred browser and access the TweetDelete website ;

2. Go to the Sing in with Twitter button ;

Delete All Tweets at once in Twitter from TweetDelete 
Delete All Tweets at once in Twitter

3. Enter your access data on the social network. Before clicking Authorize application , we suggest that you read the permissions you will give if you agree , listed just below the button;

4. On the next screen, you can now define the posts to be deleted. In Age of tweets to delete , choose how long ago the tweets you want to delete were posted. The options and their respective translations are as follows:

  • All my Tweets ;
  • Tweets older than one week (Tweets older than one week);
  • Tweets older than two weeks (Tweets older than two weeks);
  • Tweets older than one month (Tweets older than one month);
  • Tweets older than two months (Tweets older than two months);
  • Tweets older than three months (Tweets older than three months);
  • Tweets older than six months (Tweets older than six months);
  • Tweets older than one year (Tweets older than one year).

5. In Only tweets containing this word/phrase , you can create a filter if you want to delete only tweets that contain certain words or phrases. This, of course, within the time interval determined in the previous field. If you want to delete all tweets, just leave this field blank;

6. Click the box next to I have read and agree to the TweetDelete terms to agree to the site’s terms of use. By checking this item, he also states that he understands that deleted tweets cannot be recovered;

7. Complete the process in Delete my Tweets! .

The service will scan and, at the end, will report how many tweets there were and how many were deleted.

Is it risky to use third-party apps to delete my tweets?

By associating your social network account with third-party applications and services, the user is giving the developers access to data and permissions. Although it’s not a fun task, it’s always recommended to check what permissions you’re giving an app. Especially if you are going to link it to an email account or social network.

Therefore, if the program asks for access to resources that have nothing to do with its function, it is good to be alert. For example, why would an image editor need access to your contacts? TweetDelete makes it very clear, before you give permission, what powers it is granting the service.

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This does not mean that developers will do everything they are allowed to do. Especially when it comes to serious and reputable companies. A good alternative is to let TweetDelete do its work and then revoke the given permissions.

Just go to the Apps page and Twitter sections , go to Connected Apps and find TweetDelete . Then, click Revoke Access .

Still, the safest way to delete your Tweets turns out to be native. In that case, it’s good to have the time and patience to delete one by one.

How to delete tweets natively From Twitter in Android

If, by any chance, you prefer to avoid exposing your data and delete tweets in the way that Twitter allows, you shouldn’t face any difficulties.

1. Access your profile. On your computer, click on the little doll icon ( icon). On your smartphone, tap on your profile picture and then on Profile ;

2. In the tweet you want to delete, go to the three dots icon;

3. Choose to Delete or Delete Tweet ;

4. Confirm on Delete and you’re done.

You need to repeat the process for all other posts you want to delete. Although repetitive, it takes a few seconds to delete each tweet.

What happens to deleted Tweets

Twitter explains that deleted Tweets are removed from your account, the timeline of people who follow you, and the social network’s search results. RTs of deleted tweets are also deleted.

However, if a user has copied and pasted your post to retweet it as a new post, the platform is unable to do anything.

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