How to Overcome Forgot Twitter Password [Recover]

How to Overcome Forgot Twitter Password

How to Overcome Forgot Twitter Password Twitter is one of the social media platforms like Facebook which is used as a medium of communication, interaction, or just entertainment.

Have you ever experienced the incident of forgetting your password when you want to log in again? This incident can be said to be something natural. 

But don’t worry, because now there are several ways to overcome Reset twitter passwords.

Before that, there are things that need to be considered in terms of forgetting twitter passwords. 

Make sure the email you registered is a valid email and is still actively used, at least you still remember the email password. 

If using a cellphone number, make sure the number is still active. If both have forgotten, even the cellphone number is not active, the following method will not work.

How to Overcome Forgot Twitter Password

How to overcome forgotten Twitter passwords can be in various methods. This time there are 2 methods that techjustify will discuss. 

Make sure you follow each step carefully so that the Twitter account that forgot the password can be returned immediately.

1. How to Reset Twitter Password with Email

If you still remember the email that was first registered when you created a Twitter account, you can use the following method. 

Make sure you also remember the email password, or it can be accessed via your phone.

  • First, go to if accessing via PC/laptop. However, you can access it through an app on your phone.
  • Second, select Forgot Password .
  • Later you will be directed to a special page and asked to enter your email address or cellphone number or username. 
  • Please enter the personal email registered as a way to overcome the forgotten twitter password, then click Search .
  • If the registered email is correct, it will say “ Email a link to ********@g****.*** ”
  • If that’s your email, click Continue .
  • Please check the email earlier. If it’s not in the inbox, try to check the Spam folder. Later you will be sent a link to reset the password. Click the link.

The link will direct you to a special page for setting a new password, please enter it as you wish. Try a password that is easy to remember and do not use a password that was previously used.

How to Recover my Twitter Password

There are several cases when you have received an email and opened a link there is a warning that the link is expired, cannot be opened, and so on. So, how to solve it?

Repeat From Scratch – You have to repeat how to overcome forgotten twitter password from the beginning. This case is caused by the link sent to the email has a time limit.

Use Another Browser – Try to switch browsers and repeat the above method from the beginning. From the Twitter itself suggests using the Firefox browser.

Cookie Settings  – Make sure your browser settings accept cookies. However, try to clear the browser cache first.

If the above method also doesn’t work, you can try to overcome the Reset twitter password via SMS in the discussion after this.

2. How to Recover Twitter Password Reset Via SMS

The next way to overcome the forgotten Twitter password is via SMS. Make sure you have registered your cellphone number on your twitter account and that the number is still active.

If you use this number on 2 different accounts, this method will not work. Here are the steps:

How to Overcome Forgot Twitter Password
  • Just like before, please log in to or via the app on your phone.
  •  Then select Forgot Password .

On this occasion, you simply enter the cellphone number that was previously registered, then click Search .

A confirmation like this will appear: Send the code via SMS to my cellphone ending in [XX]. If correct, please click Next .

Wait until Twitter sends a verification code which will be entered in the previously provided column. The SMS will contain a 6-digit number code that has a time limit for input.

If you have received it, immediately enter the code in the column provided on the last page after inputting the mobile number.

You will be directed to a special page to reset the password. Fill in the desired password that is easy to remember and not too long. Combine numbers, letters and symbols for better password strength.

How to Reset Twitter Password

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