How to Delete Instagram Account in 2023: Temporarily & Permanently

How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account– Instagram (IG) provides the facility to permanently or temporarily delete an Instagram account. A tutorialon how to delete a permanentor temporary Instagram account can be done on a cellphone or on a PC. To do this, there are no requirements that you must meet first.

Not everyone can survive and always be happy and comfortable using Instagram. There are times when taking a break and disappearing from Instagram can give you some mental peace. Deleting Instagram permanently or temporarily can be a way to temporarily disconnect from the busy world on Instagram.

Instagram accounts can also be deleted if you really don’t find benefits and positive things from that account. Some people delete Instagram accounts to get rid of traces. Whatever the reason, you can delete your account right now without having to go through a complex process.

How To Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account Via Phone

You can permanently delete your Instagram account. The steps to permanently delete an account are very easy and fast. Instagram accounts that you have permanently deleted will not come back.

There’s no way to get it alive again and usable. Therefore, you have to think about this carefully. IG does provide a lot of interesting things that can make you achieve a lot of things. There are times when an IG account that is owned is more suitable to be deleted and not used anymore.

You can delete your Instagram account permanently via cellphone and PC. There is no significant difference regarding how to do it there.

The following is an explanationby techjustify of variousways to delete a permanent Instagram account oncellphones and PCs.

1. How to Delete Instagram Account on Computer

Instagram users on a PC or laptop can delete their Instagram account permanently via the Instagram website. There, Instagram provides account deletion options available in the Help Center or Instagram Help Center.

Later, you can access the option to permanently delete your account. Instagram will ask the reason why you deleted the account. There is no right answer because you can choose any answer.

You can delete an Instagram account at any time via the website. If you want to do it right now, see the guide right here. Here’show to delete a permanent Instagram accounton a PC or laptop via the Instagram website.

  • Opena web browser.
  • Go to theInstagram Help Centerpage at
  • There, click onManage Your Account.
  • ClickDelete Your Account.
  • Then, clickHow do I delete my account?.
  • Clickthe Deleting Your Account Page.
  • Please choose a reason why you want to delete your Instagram account.
  • Continue by entering thepasswordfrom yourInstagramaccount .
  • To permanently delete, clickPermanently delete my account.
  • Your Instagramaccount has been permanently deleted.

Now, you no longer have and can no longer access deleted Instagram accounts. There’s no way to get it back. If you feel you need the account back, then you can create a new Instagram account. Instagram has completely destroyed the IG account.

2. How to Delete Instagram Account From Instagram

Mobile phone users, both Android and iOS can delete Instagram accounts permanently through the Instagram application installed there. You are also free to do it on the website. Account deletion via the application is not much different from via the website. The plot and end result are the same.

How to delete a permanent Instagram accounthere will still use the IG Help Center. The only thing that differs from the method is how to access the service. The rest, you actually only need to follow the same procedure or method of deleting as above (website).

Here is a guideon how to delete a permanent Instagram account on an Android phonevia the IG application.

  • Open theInstagramapplication .
  • Tap theThree Linessymbol at the top right,
  • Then, select theSettingsmenu .
  • Continue by tappingHelpand selectingHelp Center.
  • SelectManage Your Account on theInstagram Help Centerpage .
  • Then, selectDelete Your Account.
  • Then, clickHow do I delete my account?.
  • Tap theDeleting Your Account Page.
  • Please choose a reason why you want to delete your Instagram account.
  • Continue by entering thepasswordfrom yourInstagramaccount .
  • To permanently delete, click Permanently deletemy account.
  • Your Instagramaccount has been permanently deleted.

After you have successfully deleted the permanent IG account, you will lose the data that is there. If there is important content that you want to save, then you have to do it before permanently deleting your Instagram account. If it has been permanently deleted, then the data is lost.

3. How to permanently delete an Instagram account because you forgot your password

What if the Instagram account you want to delete has forgotten its password or is no longer known? If this happens then there is nothing to worry about. The first step that you must take if you forget your Instagram account password is to change the password by contacting Instagram.

Your goal is to enable you to come up with a new password. If you get a new password, then you can enter there and log into your Instagram account.

From there, you can just delete your Instagram account. Changing the password is mandatory.

There is no other way to delete an Instagram account that has forgotten its password by getting a new password and deleting it from within.

Prepare your cellphone number and email address to complete verification. You must complete this process in order to get the facility to change the password. Here is a guideon how to delete a permanent Instagram accountthat forgets the password.

  • OpenInstagramvia the application or website.
  • There, selectForgot Password.
  • Type in theEmail,Username, orMobile Numberregistered there.
  • You have to do the nextverification .
  • Verificationcan be done via email or SMS.
  • Check if there is an email fromInstagram.
  • If there is, open it and click on theVerificationpage included there.
  • Complete theVerificationprocess .
  • Next, you must enter a newpassword.
  • After the newpasswordis created, you must enterInstagramagain .
  • Log in to Instagram with the newpassword.
  • From here, you can delete yourInstagramaccount permanently.

At this point, you must have been on an Instagram account that forgot the password. The next step is to delete the Instagram account in the same way as before. You still have to delete your Instagram account through the Instagram Help Center service, either via cellphone or PC.

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4. How to Permanently delete Instagram accountvia reporting it (Report)

What if someone’s Instagram account is stolen or hacked so you can’t get in there at all. You can just delete an Instagram account without knowing the password if you are in that situation. The way to do this is to take advantage of the reporting service to Instagram.

In this case, you will report your account for violating Instagram’s community guidelines. This reporting allows Instagram to delete your account.

However, this method may take a while because it requires IG’s approval. Here’show to delete a permanent Instagram accountwithout a password by reporting it.

  • Open theInstagramapplication .
  • Go to theProfile of theInstagramaccount you want to delete.
  • Then, click on theThree Dotsat the top right.
  • Select theReportoption .
  • Select the optionI believe this account violates Instagram’s community guidelines.
  • Next, just click onThis profile pretending to be someone else.
  • SelectMyoption .
  • Instagram will checkyourreport and request.
  • If accepted and successful, theInstagramaccount will be deleted.

The time it takes for Instagram account deletion requests by Instagram varies. If Instagram doesn’t grant your request, then account deletion is impossible. This method may not be the best way you can use to delete an IG account.

What if we use this method to delete someone else’s Instagram? You can only do this if the Instagram account you want to delete violates Instagram’s community guidelines.

Do not use the service carelessly, especially with malicious intent.

If you delete your Instagram Account then you will Again Reactivate a Permanently Deleted Instagram Account

How to Delete a Temporary (Inactive) Instagram Account

In addition to permanently deleting IG accounts, Instagram also provides temporary account deletion.

How to delete a temporary Instagram accountis different fromhow to delete a permanent Instagram accountcompletely. Here, you will not access the Instagram Help Center menu.

Account deactivation will make your Instagram account dead and inaccessible to other people for a certain period of time. This decision is more suitable for those of you who still want to use IG in the future. Don’t worry, deactivated accounts are not permanently lost.

When reactivated, the Instagram account still saves the data that was there. You can deactivate your Instagram account via cellphone and PC. The service for deactivating an Instagram account is indeed available in the Profile menu of the user’s account, more precisely in the Edit Profile option.

Here’s how to delete a temporary (inactive)Instagram account for a certain period of time.

  • OpenInstagram.
  • Log in there with theInstagramaccount to be deactivated.
  • Then, open yourProfile.
  • Continue by selectingEdit Profile.
  • Then, selectTemporarily deactivate my accountat the bottom right.
  • Please fill in the reason for deactivating the account.
  • Re-enter InstagramPassword .
  • SelectAccounttemporarily disabled.
  • Instagramaccount will be disabled temporarily.

How long will the temporarily disabled IG account last? There is no provision regarding the duration of how long the account will die. Account users can return to accessing IG accounts that have been temporarily disabled within a period of months to years.

Account deactivation is not a free-to-use service. After an Instagram account that has been turned off is revived, you have to wait up to one week for the account to be turned off again.

With this policy, you obviously cannot turn off and turn on your IG account at will without any limitations.

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