How to Delete Pinterest Account Permanently 2022

How to Delete Pinterest Account Permanently 2022 If you have a Pinterest account and want to stop using it, you have two options. The first is the option to deactivate the account, and the second is the option to delete the account.

The option to deactivate an account is suitable for you to choose if you just want to temporarily stop from Pinterest.

While the option to delete an account is suitable for those of you who want to completely stop using Pinterest.

How to Delete Pinterest Account on Computer

Open your browser , then visit the site . Don’t forget to login using your Pinterest account.

Then click the down arrow next to your Pinterest profile photo. Then click the Settings menu .

Delete Pinterest Account Permanently

After entering the settings menu, click Account settings which are located on the left side.

Scroll down a bit, then you will find two options, namely, Deactivate account and Delete account . If you just want to deactivate the account without deleting it, click the Deactivate account button.

Then click the Continue button if you are absolutely sure you want to deactivate your Pinterest account. After that your account will be immediately deactivated.

Delete Pinterest Account Permanently

If you want to permanently delete the account, click the Delete account button.

Click Continue if you are really sure you want to delete your Pinterest account.

An email will be sent from Pinterest, you have to click the link in the email to confirm the account deletion.

Once the link is clicked, your account will be completely deleted.

How to Delete Pinterest Account on Android and iPhone

For you iPhone and Android users, you can use the Pinterest application to make it easier. And follow these steps:

Open the Pinterest application, make sure you are logged in . Then go to the Account tab then tap on the three dot button and then tap on the Settings menu.

There are several menu options that will appear, select the second menu, namely Account settings.

Scroll down, then you will find two options, namely Deactivate account and Delete account. To deactivate an account, tap the Deactivate account menu.

Information will appear what will happen if you deactivate your account. Tap Continue .

If you want to permanently delete the account, tap the Delete account menu .

Tap the Continue button.

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Then check your email and click the link sent by Pinterest. If you have, then your Androbuntu friend’s Pinterest account will be permanently deleted.

Difference Between Deactivating and Deleting Account

For those of you who are confused about the difference between deactivating and deleting an account, the difference is actually quite a contrast.

Deactivating your account will only remove your account from circulation. Other Pinterest users can’t see your account or interact.

All Pins that you have saved will also be invisible to other users. In essence, your Pinterest account is not deleted, it’s just gone from circulation.

You can reactivate the Pinterest account by logging in again using the same email and password as before you deactivated it.

Your Pinterest account will then reappear and be visible to other users.

While the option to delete an account will actually delete your account permanently. Your account will be out of circulation for good, as will all the pins you have saved.

The difference with the option to deactivate an account, in this option your account will not be able to be returned again.If you already have a large collection of pins and followers, then my advice is to use the deactivate account option.

That way if you change your mind, you can reactivate the account without losing your pins and followers.

Unless you have very few Pins and followers and you really want to stop using Pinterest, then deleting your account is a good option.