12 Best Software Tools For Entrepreneurs in 2024

The 12 Best Tools for Digital Entrepreneurs

The 12 Best Software Tools for Entrepreneurs – According to research, in recent years the number of technological solutions with an emphasis on digital marketing has increased significantly by more than 80%.

This increase follows the growth of digital marketing and makes it more challenging for entrepreneurs to provide tools and implementation that serve the performance of digital marketing in terms of the job market and business purposes.

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So, I have selected the best digital marketing tools that are essential to boost your business and increase your business authority .

 What are the best digital tools for entrepreneurs?

Imagine that digital entrepreneurs can use digital marketing tools to monitor the performance of digital channels, manage goals and key performance indicators, improve their team’s activities, generating new insights based on the facts and data collected.

You can use the list that I will present of the 12 best tools to decide which one fits as the best for digital entrepreneurs in the year 2024.

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  1. Google Analytics
  2. SimilarWeb
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Hotjar
  5. Google Tag Manager
  6. Canvas
  7. RD Station
  8. Buzzsumo
  9. Keyword.io
  10. Slack
  11. Trello
  12. Hootsuite

Best Software Tools For Entrepreneurs

Google Analytics

In my opinion, Google Analytics is the future and offers the freedom to be free and the most used among digital marketers. Its main function is to monitor the traffic of a website, e-commerce or application.

You will find some information available such as visits, traffic origin, goals, E-commerce, and Marketing.


Think that with SimilarWeb you can analyze traffic data from any website, without a specific specificity or even an application.

With the information described, it is possible to carry out a process of searching for the best management practices leading to a superior performance of the competition, making the identification of possible new competitors, discovering new markets and mapping new trends.

They have a daily collection of 5 billion events, being characterized and sanitized, what is considered bad, or presents a problem is already discarded.

You can find some information available for free like: overview, audience interest, search, social, display advertising, similar.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is also free and aims to monitor and preserve the activity of a website in Google search results.

It has complete panels with important information that present metrics and indicators relevant to the achievement of objectives and goals drawn visually.

Thus facilitating the understanding of the information generated, making it impact the performance of the page when ranking in the Google search engine.


Hotjar is used to improve the experience of a user on a website and it is important to monitor user interactions with all elements of the page.

Hotjar offers a very complete package for mapping the customer journey within the website.

You can find in it: heatmaps, clicmaps, crollmaps, visitor recordings, feedback polls, test user.

Obtaining this information it is possible to opt for layout changes, and optimize conversion rates.

Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager, you can implement and manage tracking tags for various monitoring tools.

Any professional who has access to the platform can easily add or change tags without having to access the site’s line of code.

It increases marketing agility and autonomy by enabling real-time website script updates in a centralized and secure manner.

The 12 Best Tools for Digital Entrepreneurs 2022
The 12 Best Tools for Digital Entrepreneurs 2024


Canva is all good! A free design tool, in my opinion, the best tool because it has an intuitive interface, several layout options, and customization.

It has access to timely and suggestive collaborations making the approval and sharing process much less bureaucratic, practical, and much faster.

It offers posts for social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, it also has infographics, newsletters, graphics, and more.

RD Station

I often say that RD Station is a complete marketing platform, in my opinion, it is the future with all the necessary features to automate digital marketing strategies.

Enabling companies in the attractiveness of their potential customers to the site, also transforming the customer who is just a visitor into a possible business opportunity, establishes the connection to potential customers, the possibility of closing sales, and analyzing the return on investment of each network.

An interesting point of this tool is the functionality focused on the business, allowing us to understand which channel and which campaigns are bringing the most return, and how the general performance of these businesses can enable a more assertive and better decision in the future.

In the features of RD Station, we can find: dashboards, project planning, SEO analysis, landing pages, forms, and pop-us, email marketing, marketing automation, contact management and segmentation, contact qualification, and business intelligence.


BuzzSumo is a tool capable of identifying some content that can perform better on social networks on a given subject.

It’s easy, the user just needs to type the topic to be analyzed in the search engine and the application will return relevant content and greater general sharing and separated by social networks.

There is still the possibility of having a more assertive search by filtering the results by date, or language, country, or domain and even by the type of content.

Another interesting aspect is that it has a board that shows trends in real time, being filtered by technology, business, news, video and even personalized.


Keyword.io this is a fantastic tool and it helps to discover the words and terms that people are typing in major search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, App Store. Used through Google Autocomplete results generating hundreds of word suggestions.

A simple but very powerful tool that can add to many areas of digital marketing such as paid media, content production, and SEO.


Slack is a corporate communication software that allows the creation of channels being divided by any subjects that are relevant and need a specific channel.

The cool thing about this software is that it allows for the strengthening of communication between teams and the organization of information and files, performing integrations, in addition, it allows a connection with several other applications such as social networks, Dropbox, Google Drive.


Trello aims to assist in digital marketing initiatives, that is, it works in the planning and management part of ongoing processes. Being a collaborative tool to organize projects in boards.

It is a simple tool, with an efficient system of notifications via e-mail, which provides great success.
It has an app available so you can track projects anywhere.


Hootsuite was a tool created and developed with the objective of optimizing and automating the engagement in social networks of a particular company, monitoring mentions, responding to comments, scheduling influencers.

It allows a complete management of social networks, facilitating the entrepreneur’s routine in digital marketing.

Importance of tools for digital entrepreneurs  

As companies turn to digital marketing with the aim of generating more business opportunities, there is a need to accelerate the processes carried out in front of the strategies.

We know that managing a company’s digital marketing is challenging.

That is why there are many areas of responsibilities and competences that digital entrepreneurs must face daily, involving marketing itself, finances, data analysis, project management, among others.

The importance of these tools for digital entrepreneurs is linked to assertiveness that has made a big difference in business growth around the world.

The objective is the solution of digital marketing automation for a greater focus on the strategic aspect and availability of precious information for the optimization of the subsequent adjustment processes.

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