How to Download Youtube Video Subtitles in TXT and SRT formats

How to Download Youtube Video Subtitles in TXT and SRT formats

Watching Youtube content in understandable language is easy to understand. But sometimes the Youtube Video Subtitles we see are in foreign languages ​​such as English or other languages.

Of course, those who don’t understand will look for translations or activate automatic subtitles.

Even when we download the translated video, it won’t download and that’s the problem. 

So even though on a cellphone or PC we can watch Youtube videos complete with subtitles, but that’s not the case when we download them.

In this article, the admin specifically discusses how to download videos from YouTube complete with subtitles.

Of course, the goal is to make it easier for us to understand foreign language YouTube video content that we download to a smartphone or laptop.

How to Download Video Subtitles Without an Application

Although there are special applications for downloading foreign language translations of videos from Youtube.

There is an easier and faster way without having to fill our phones with various Downloader applications.

The only way is to use the default browser on your smartphone or PC to access the Website service for downloading video subtitles in TXT or SRT format. 

The steps are as follows:

  1. Search on Youtube which video you want to download the translation for
  2. Then copy the video link, how to press the share button and copy the link, If using a laptop just right click on the video and copy the link address
  3. Close the youtube application and then open the browser application
  4. Go to the video and subtitle download site address, namely
  5. Once open, paste the copied link into the column provided
  6. After pressing the Download button, the page will automatically scroll down
  7. There are 3 links that can be accessed, namely Download Thumbnails, subtitles or videos
  8. Please click Download Subtitle and select the preferred format, namely SRT or TXT
  9. If you want to download the video too, press the Download MP4 button
How to Download Youtube Video Subtitles in TXT and SRT formats without an application

To play youtube videos that are stored in the download folder and want a translation, the subtitle file must be in the same folder as the video file.

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Maybe there is a question, the video can be downloaded but the subtitles can’t?. When that happens, usually content creators don’t include subtitles in their videos.

Likewise, we cannot choose the translation at will, because after all the translation will be available to the language provided by the video content creator. 

For example, there are only English subtitles, then we cannot download the country translation

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If that’s the way it’s really easy, just open the subtitles that have been downloaded using the Notepad application. 

Then copy all the words and sentences, then translate using google translate.

After that save it back to the same format. If it is in TXT format, it must be saved with the TXT extension as well, and vice versa if it is in SRT format.

Those are easy tips for downloading youtube video subtitles without an application that the admin can share

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