How to Unblock Someone On FACEBOOK 2022

How to Unblock Someone On FACEBOOK 2022

HOW TO UNBLOCK SOMEONE ON FACEBOOK – Do you want to unblock a contact on Facebook and don’t know how? We tell you

Facebook is the world’s leading social network with 2.7 billion users. If you use the application and have blocked someone because you did not want them to see your publications or see what they published,

But now you want to allow them to see your updates and also see theirs, we will show you how to unblock someone on Facebook.

In the last year, Facebook grew by 11.8%, placing it in the first social network ahead of YouTube. 

Its ease of use and the possibility of connecting with a lot of friends and acquaintances is among the keys to its success.

If you are one of those who have a number of contacts added on Facebook, you may not be interested in the publications they make or that they may even bother you. For that it is useful to use the lock option. 

If you have blocked someone, but now after a certain time for whatever reason you want to allow them to see your posts again and you also want to see theirs, you can easily unblock them.

To unblock someone on Facebook from a computer

First thing you have to do is log into your account. 

Then in the upper right you have an icon in the shape of an inverted triangle, next to a bell. Click on that triangle icon to access your account settings.

Once the menu is displayed you must click on “Settings and privacy” and “settings”. A new screen will then open in which you have a menu on the left side of the interface. 

Find and click on “Locks.” Now you will see in the central part the names of the people that you have blocked . 

How to Unblock Someone On FACEBOOK 2022

Find the person and click the “unblock” option next to their name. Facebook then asks you if you want to carry out the action, click on “confirm” to give the ok.

How to unblock on FACEBOOK Mobile

If you already know how to unblock someone on Facebook from a computer, but you don’t have a pc or you need to do it from other devices, we will tell you how to unblock mobile on Facebook.

If you have a mobile device with Android or iOSyou must open the Facebook application and click on the three lines that appear on the screen. 

On Android devices they will be in the upper right part of the screen while on iOS they will also be at the bottom right. Then scroll down to where it says “Settings and Privacy”.

How to Check FACEBOOK Privacy

If you want to control what your contacts see on your account, it is interesting that you know how to check Facebook privacy

In the privacy settings section, you can decide who can see your publications, your content or, for example, who can search for you or not within the application.

You can also decide if you want to be tagged in images or if you want to show the location and what is to appear in your publications. 

Another of the functions that you can adjust within privacy is to show when you are active for example in Messenger.

To review your privacy and configure it again, you just have to open Facebook from your mobile or PC, access your profile and enter settings and then privacy. 

There you will see the different tabs on privacy elements that you can customize.

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