How to Improve Mp3 Sound Quality on a Headset

How to Improve Mp3 Sound Quality on a Headset

How to Improve Mp3 Sound Quality Headset Sound – Often experience speaker sound that is less clear, squeaky, and doesn’t sound clear? Surely you have never visited this site.

Why? because here, we provide tips on how to improve the sound quality of audio and video mp3 specifically for Android-based smartphones.


How To Improve Sound Quality Audio Video Mp3 Bluetooth Headset On Android

. Check Settings

To improve the sound quality issued by smartphones, especially those based on Android, you can check the following tutorial.

  1. Please turn on your smartphone first and then open all the locks that lock it.
  2. Then first open the Settings menu > Sound and Vibration then tap to open it.
  3. When done, please tap the SOUND option and the Vibrate option , set as needed.
  4. Don’t forget to also set the Earphones option section , please set it according to taste.

2. Volume Booster Application

You also use a third party to strengthen and improve the sound quality of your Android smartphone.

  1. Please open your Google Play Store application first.
  2. Then look for the SEARCH option then enter the keyword ” Super Volume Booster “.
  3. Then tap the install option and wait for the process to finish.
  4. When the installation process is complete, please open the application.
  5. Set it according to your needs and don’t forget to close when you’re done.
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Notes! you can also use other apps like Bass Booster & EqualizerFlat Equalizer, or Equalizer Pro.

3. Keep the Hardware Clean

In addition to software, hardware cleanliness factors are also very influential on the quality of the sound produced, see the following tips to overcome them.

  1. The first step, please open your smartphone casing first.
  2. Then find the location of your speaker, and please clean it using a tissue and alcohol.
  3. You can also use a toothpick or needle/cottonbud to clean it.
  4. Another way, please stick the tape on the speaker and then remove it.
  5. In addition you can also set the volume to 100% for 10 minutes or more.

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