How to Increase Sales On Linkedin 100% Work

How to Increase Sales On Linkedin 100% Work


For those who are not familiar with it, LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. Today, LinkedIn has more than 433 million users worldwide.

Although users are not as many as Facebook, there are many businesses who use LinkedIn to increase sales. This is a new fact that has proved many results. Then, how to increase sales on LinkedIn ? 

Powerful Tips to Increase Sales on LinkedIn

The first thing before you can sell on LinkedIn, you need to know how to create an account on LinkedIn and how it can benefit your business. 

How to Increase Sales On Linkedin 100% Work

Furthermore, it is also recommended that you first understand the various advantages of LinkedIn and build a business on LinkedIn . 

Have you read all the reference articles about LinkedIn on techjustify ? Ok, if you have, let’s continue the discussion about powerful tips to increase sales on LinkedIn. 

To note, LinkedIn has a fairly different way of working compared to other social media platforms. 

It can even be said, using LinkedIn is much more complicated, compared to using Facebook for business or using Instagram as a promotional medium .

However, don’t worry. You just need to understand how it works first, then just use this platform to grow your business. There are several selling tips on LinkedIn that you can follow, including:

Join 100 Groups

The best way to make connections organically is through groups. When you join a group, you get the opportunity to interact with many people, from greeting each other, answering questions, showing your skills, and uploading your own content.

How to Increase Sales On Linkedin 100% Work

One way to sell on LinkedIn, you can start by taking advantage of all the features in it. Then, join into groups that are appropriate and relevant to the business you run. 

This is because, LinkedIn created an application with the aim of expanding the group network. No wonder the group becomes very powerful .

Use the LinkedIn App to Stay Connected if You Don’t Know Your Email Address

LinkedIn is indeed very unique. LinkedIn has 10 official applications, of which 3 are paid applications. 

As for those of you who are engaged in marketing, applications that are suitable and important for you to use, such as LinkedIn, LinkedIn Pulse, and LinkedIn Groups.

Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn also has a desktop version . However, using this version often makes users face problems, related to unknown email addresses when trying to connect with other users. 

An example case, more or less like this. You intend to connect with someone, then you will get the question how to get to know that person. 

Automatically, you need an email address to complete the connection request you want to make. If you don’t have the person’s email address, then you can’t connect.

That’s why it’s highly recommended that you use the LinkedIn app . By using the app, it is much easier to build relationships and interactions, even with new people. 

All you have to do is open a person’s profile, then click the connect button, and you’re ready to make a connection with that person.

Expanding the network on LinkedIn is one of the LinkedIn marketing strategies . The wider your network, the easier it will be for you to grow your business , sell on LinkedIn , get relationships, and so on.

Introduce Yourself to the Group Moderator

When you’re new to a group, try to make friends with the moderators of the groups you’re in. This, will help in increasing sales on LinkedIn. 

Within groups, moderators are often referred to as admins. Just send them a message introducing yourself, then ask them what the rules are in the group. 

How to Increase Sales On Linkedin 100% Work

If you are close and friends with admins, it will be easier for you to get approval and publish content into groups. It’s a good idea to spend some time getting to know the admins of the groups you’re in.

Pay Attention When Your Online People Change Jobs

Who would have thought, if promotions and new jobs were obtained by other people, it turned out to be a new business opportunity. 

You can use LinkedIn to increase sales. At least once a week, you should check who got promotions, job changes, and other activities. Use the good news as an opportunity to connect more intensely with that person.

Later, when they need a collaboration that turns out to be still relevant to the business you are running, they will immediately think of you. 

So, be diligent in opening the LinkedIn app . Usually, there will be a notification about a new update in your network. 

You can click the button, congrats, when a friend gets a promotion in their job. Through these simple words, you can make even closer relationships with other people.

See Who Viewed Your Profile and Send Messages

Take a look at who’s visited and checked your LinkedIn profile. Of course they check not just a fad. They must be looking for something or maybe someone. 

Greet them in a message, call them, and ask if you can help find something, or someone they’re looking for. From asking, it could result in a conversion.

When using Gmail on Firefox or Chrome, Use Rapportive

One thing to note, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with people you’ve emailed . With Rapportive, you’ll get a view of that contact’s LinkedIn profile and Twitter account, as well as any shared connections you have with them. 

To be able to use Rapportive, you just need to install it as an add on in your browser. Once installed, put it to good use to optimize your network of professionals on LinkedIn.Have Fun with Your Social Sales Index

Every year, LinkedIn strives to launch new useful tools, and remove features that are no longer relevant. One of the newest features you need to take advantage of is the Social Sales Index.

This is a new tool and few people know about it. Learn how to use it so you can make the most of it to increase sales on LinkedIn.

Increasing sales and growing a business does require a good effort and strategy, considering that there are currently many businesses out there. It’s called competition, it’s unavoidable. You can work with a digital marketing agency.

They are experienced in conducting targeted digital marketing strategies, organizing social media marketing , and can even help you implement influencer marketing on LinkedIn.

Here are some ways to increase sales on LinkedIn. Hopefully it can help you to grow your business through this special professional networking platform 

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