How to Make a Spotify Podcast

How to Make a Spotify Podcast

How to Create a Spotify Podcast – March 2018 was the first time that Spotify made an announcement that Spotify had provided a podcast feature in its application.

Podcasts have also grown very rapidly until now, and even you yourself can actually create podcasts on Spotify.

If you want to know the steps to create a podcast on Spotify, then you will find the answer in this article.

Spotify was originally known as a music streaming service that you can enjoy on your smartphone or on your computer.

Spotify has also provided the option to enjoy songs and music for free or the paid version.

In 2018, America has also started to use the feature provided by Spotify, which is called a podcast. You can actually create your own podcast on Spotify so that many viewers and fans of the Spotify application can listen to it.

However, before you get to how to create a podcast on Spotify, there may be some people who don’t know what a podcast is. Here are some definitions of podcasts that you can understand.

What is a Podcast?

Most people who are new to this podcast will surely respond that the way podcasts work is similar to how radio works. While this is true, podcasts and radio are actually different.

What podcasts and radio have in common is that they are both audio, although they are now also available on video podcasts.

Not only that but radio and podcasts also have similarities such as being free to choose which broadcast you want to listen to.

On the radio, you can listen to which radio station you want to listen to. Same with podcasts, you can also freely listen to podcasts to your heart’s content.

Several types of current podcasts that you can listen to. In fact, hundreds of thousands of podcasts have been found on iTunes. The variety of options for listening to this podcast has also become one of the factors that radio listeners are currently declining.

What is the difference between podcast and radio? the podcast is a recording if the radio is generally a live broadcast.

Not only that, but in podcasts, there are also very few advertisements, you can freely listen to any podcast, and you no longer need to follow a schedule like the one on the radio.

Because podcasts are just audio recordings, you can actually make podcasts too. 

What’s more, Spotify has also provided a platform for those of you who intend to create their own podcast.

But before you create a podcast, there are things you should pay attention to, namely starting from the equipment and how to make the podcast itself so that it looks more professional. Here is the full review for you to create a podcast on Spotify.

Podcasting Tools

Here are some of the tools needed to make podcasts on Spotify to make them look more professional and make the performance in making podcasts more optimal.

Webcam or Camera (Optional)

Podcasts were initially known for audio recordings, but now there are also video podcasts. Well, for this next tool you need to be ready when you want to make a podcast (video).

Meanwhile, if you want to make a podcast on Spotify in the form of audio-only, you no longer need a webcam or camera.


Yes, of course, the microphone is a tool that plays an important role in creating podcasts. You can also use the microphone to record your voice for inclusion in your podcast.

There are indeed many types of microphones to choose from, but you can also choose to use an analog microphone (XLR) and a USB microphone. 

Both are also very effective and great for recording your voice for podcasts.

Or if you want to be more cost-effective, then you can use a voice recorder on your smartphone. 

Because the latest smartphones are also now able to provide very good recording results.

Voice Edit Application

The second tool that you need to have before you try to make a podcast on Spotify is a sound editing application. 

You can install this sound editing application on your computer or on your cellphone.

You can also use Adobe Audition and Audacity applications to improve your audio recordings before being included in the Spotify podcast.

How to Make Podcasts on Spotify

Well, if you already know what tools you need to prepare before doing a podcast. Now you know how to create a podcast on Spotify.

How to Make a Spotify Podcast

Here are some ways that you can use to create a podcast on Spotify:

Create an RSS Feed

This RSS Feed is also useful for locating your MP3 files as well as for telling the location of new episodes in your podcast. You can also blog on,, Buzzsprout, or SoundCloud.

You can also use the above platform for free, although it is quite limited and you need to pay for some other features.

Preparing the Topic and Narrative

First of all, you need to know in advance what the topic of the podcast you want to make is. Make sure you have chosen a topic that you are really good at so you won’t be confused anymore in the stage of making the podcast narration.

Record Voice

Before you start recording the sound, first make sure that you have tried and tested everything from the application to the microphone that you use to work very well.

Make sure that you are speaking in a voice recording at a tempo that is neither too slow nor too fast. Also, give your opening greetings and closing greetings on your podcast.

Edit Sound Recordings

At this stage of how to make a Spotify podcast, you can also remove the noise that annoys you in your voice recordings. You can also pause and add music to the podcast at this stage.

Save the file in 128 kbps MP3 format for your audio podcast. Don’t forget to save the file in the editing process to WAV format, so have your podcast master suggestions.

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