How to Record WhatsApp Video Call

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call

How to Record WhatsApp Video CallRecording a video call on WhatsApp can be a lifesaver, especially in business meetings or important conversations. 

If the call you have is very important or if you want to keep it as a memory, you need to record the video call on WhatsApp

Unfortunately, there is no such setting or feature in the official version of the application. 

In other words, it is not possible to record a video call by only using the features of WhatsApp

If your phone supports it, you can use the default screen recording feature or you need a helpful app.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call?

We will get support from a helpful application here, but first of all, let’s say that if you have a screen recording feature on your smartphone, using it directly will make the process easier. 

All you have to do is start the screen recording. You can start the screen recording feature and switch to video calls on WhatsApp.

For users who do not have the screen recording feature on their phones by default, we will talk about a helpful application.

Screen Recording with Mobizen Screen Recorder

The name of the application we will use is known as Mobizen Screen Recorder. 

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call

Mobizen Screen, one of the most used applications for screen recording worldwide, will be sufficient for recording a video call on WhatsApp.

  • The process to be done is quite simple. from here first should go to the official Google Play Store app, and you must download and install the application.
  • Then start Mobizen Screen Recorder by clicking on the icon of the application .
  • The logo of the application will appear on the right side of the screen. When you touch this logo, you will see 3 small icons pop up. From here, press the camera icon and start recording.
  • Then start the video call on WhatsApp. The conversation will be recorded until you stop the screen recording. During this process, your screen recording will also be made.

Mobizen Screen Recorder 

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