How to Make a Successful Podcast in 2022: Technology, Software, Platforms, and More

How to Make a Successful Podcast in 2022: Technology, Software, Platforms, and More

How to Make a Successful Podcast in 2022: Technology, Software, Platforms, and More – The podcast here to stay: From a few years ago has gained notoriety among people and is gaining popularity every day.

In fact, it isestimated that by 2022 they can generate net profits of approximately one million dollars.

Would you be interested in having your own podcast but don’t know where to start? Well, keep reading, because below we bring all the details that you must take into account whenmaking a podcast.

And is that creating a podcast is simple, but requires a lot of attention to detail.

The good news is that in this article you will find all the steps to follow to make this audio format that is transmitted online, without leaving anything out.

From how to plan the podcast itself, distribute the episodes, choose the software, host them and publish them so that everyone can listen to you.

How to Make a Successful Podcast in 2022: Step by Step

How to make asuccessfulpodcastis possible if you follow the instructions that we will explain below. To keep order, we divide the step by steps into three phases: Planning, Execution, and Publication.


The planning phase of a podcast is crucial, believe it or not, because it will help you get everything under control. This is what you must do to perform it:

  1. Define the objectives and goals of your podcast, so you will have a focus on what you want to achieve, whether it is to position your personal brand or your company.
  2. Determine who it will be aimed at, who will be the audience, also known as thebuyer person, who will listen to what you want to say through a podcast. With this step you will be able to define some aspects, such as the content, the topics and even the guests.
  3. Choose the type of podcast: There are several types, you just have to choose the one that best suits your goals. The most common is the monologue type, where there is a person speaking. There are also the informative interview type. You just have to choose the one that fits your experience and the content you want to show.
  4. Establish the identity of your podcast: This means that you will need to do podcast research related to your idea, themes and tastes of your target audience to have a presence in the world of podcasts.
  5. Choose the name: This step is crucial because, if you choose the name of your podcast well, they will be able to find you more easily. Make sure it is easy to remember, pronounce and give an idea of ​​what it is to avoid confusion or disinterest.

Episode planning

With the planning of what your podcast will look like, it’s time to do the same with the episodes. Start programming the duration, frequency, recording location, recording, and editing software.

How to Make a Successful Podcast in 2022: Technology, Software, Platforms, and More
  1. Determine the duration of an episode: this decision will depend on the availability you have to present your ideas in the podcast and your audience.
  2. To start, you could try an average time of 20 minutes and as you gain experience, you can increase it and take it to an hour.
  3. Regarding the frequency, it will also depend on the time you have. You can start once a month, and increase the frequency every two weeks, and then once a week to keep your audience captivated. You can use the podcast mode by season, that is, cover a topic in several episodes, stop for a few weeks or months, and come back with another season and topic.
  4. Episode titles: Just as you must be very skilled with the name of your podcast, you must also be very skilled with the name of the episodes.
  5. Avoid using “Episode 1” or “Episode 2”, because it doesn’t say anything. So try to get them to describe the topic that listeners will hear.
  6. Recording location: choose a closed place, without noise, so that there is no interference. Software to communicate with your guests in case you have them and they cannot be present with you at the time of recording.
  7. You can choose between Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or another platform with which you feel comfortable.

Sound and recording equipment

  • Music to identify: It is not mandatory to have it, but it certainly adds value because it can give your listeners an idea of ​​what they will hear, especially if it is the first time they arrive at your podcast.
  • Make sure it is a short intro, that does not exceed 15 seconds. On the other hand, there are several websites where you can find royalty-free music, but the downside is that others must already be using it and it wouldn’t be very original.
  • For about $ 12 a month, you could subscribe toAudioblocksand get less generic music for your podcast, some 100,000 music tracks, loops, and sound effects.
  • You can ask them to make a personalized one for you withMusic Radio Creativeor ask a musician friend to do it for you or use one of them with their consent.
  • Recording equipment: What you need tomake a podcastis a computer, a USB microphone, and Internet access.
  • As you improve your experience in the world of podcasts and want to make it more and more sophisticated, you will also have to have a digital recorder and, why not, a mixer.

Run: another step on how to make a podcast

Now that we have plannedhow to make a podcast, it is time to put our plan in motion.

  • Scripting or defining pattern: this is something of a guide to what you will say when recording the podcast. With the guidelines of what you will say, you will not be able to ramble and follow the order.
  • Record: Now that you’ve got a lot of fertile ground, it’s time to record! use a podcast-style tone of voice, breathe, and speak fluently.
How to Make a Successful Podcast in 2022: Technology, Software, Platforms, and More
  • Recording and editing software: This is one of the most important parts of the process.
  • Having the recording and editing software will allow you to improve and polish details after recording, such as volume levels, removing parts that you do not need or adding effects.
  • You don’t need to use a separate program, there are some that work for both purposes: recording and editing.
  • Among the programs that you can use, and which is one of the most used due to its simple interface, isAudacity, which is also free.

Publishing a podcast

Where to host

We have not gone so far in this process of how to make a podcast not to share it. There are several websites to host your podcast, but among the most used areSoundCloudandAnchor.

Statistics show they are the most popular and, in addition, they are free.. Although, after Anchor was acquired by Spotify, it has gained more relevance than SoundCloud,

But either of these two options will work to host your podcast and include it on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

How to Make a Successful Podcast in 2022: Technology, Software, Platforms, and More

Publish your podcast

After your podcast has been hosted, you must publish it on your website or on your social networks.

And this ishow to make a podcast, an increasingly used tool that helps to position a person or a company through audio.

We hope they have been of great help to you and that you can put them into practice to create your own podcast. Do you already have an idea in mind for one?

We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. This is a free service that we offer, We read every message we receive.

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