How to Publish a Book on Amazon and make money

How to Publish a Book on Amazon and make money

How to Publish a Book on Amazon and make money – Small freelance authors need to gain visibility to gain readership, but budget can often be a huge constraint. 

Amazon has an alternative for emerging writers looking to publish and sell their first book

This is how KDP is introduced, a free self-publishing service for books in digital format and Amazon paperback versions.

The Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP is a trading platform operating electronic books since 2007. With this tool, you can start publishing and selling your books on e-commerce giants worldwide. 

In this guide we show you what you need to know to publish your book on Amazon.

How does Amazon KDP work?

How to Publish a Book on Amazon  and make money

Free of charge, you can now upload your literary works to Amazon. To use this service you need to create your own Amazon KDP account

Once registered you can upload your files to start promoting and distributing your publication.

Amazon then indexes you in its product catalog according to the category of books you want to sell. 

Your article is exposed to the massive public that visits the Amazon portal from anywhere in the world.

So your eBook is available in a few days in Amazon stores through this online desktop publishing platform. 

In the same way, Amazon gives you the possibility to define the market where you expect your book to be offered.

Price and royalties with Amazon

You set the price and Amazon sets the percentage or royalty to pay for the sale of each book published on its portal. 

In the Amazon KDP help section you can find a guide with detailed instructions on how to set the most convenient price for your book.

Depending on the price set per item and the established requirements, Amazon offers to pay a standard 35% in royalties

You also have to complete the necessary procedures to collect payments for the sales achieved.

How to create an account on Amazon KDP?

The first thing to do, as we explained a little above, is to complete an online registration to activate your personalized account. From here you can proceed to upload the material you want to sell.

How to Publish a Book on Amazon  and make money
  1. Access the Kindle Direct Publishing portal from your web browser.
  2. Complete the form below with your information (name, email and password).
  3. Set the configuration settings of your account in relation to your location, bank details to make the corresponding payments and necessary tax information.
  4. Validate your account to activate it.

Steps to publish your book on Amazon

With your account activated, you can proceed to upload the literary material you want to sell. 

For this, it is necessary that you have the book well prepared in its final edition format (electronic version or on softcover paper) and the cover of your volume. 

After meeting these requirements, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Access your Amazon KDP account.
  2. On the main screen, choose the option corresponding to the new title to create (Kindle eBook or soft cover book).
  3. Fill in the form below with the details of the book, including language, title, author’s name, description, publication rights, keywords, category and any other information that you consider important to add to the list.
  4. In the next step, upload the information corresponding to the content of your volume , and then proceed to upload your file.
  5. Mark the price and set your rights to the work.
  6. Accept the conditions and wait a maximum of 72 hours for your publication request to be approved and your title to become available in Amazon stores.

With your book already on sale, you just have to take care of giving it a good promotion. 

Take advantage of social networks to advertise your material. You can also use the advertising resources that Amazon itself offers to give your work more visibility: Kindle Countdown Deals and Amazon Advertising.

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