How to Make Text Transparent in PowerPoint

How to make text transparent in PowerPoint 2022

How to Make Text Transparent in PowerPoint – Some time ago, I saw a TikTok video on how to create cool transparent text in Canva. When shifted to and fro, the text that is positioned above the image will become transparent, and only the outline or border of the text remains, as in the example image above.

How to Make Text Transparent in PowerPoint

I tried to make it in PowerPoint and it worked. We can use this cool text effect to make an interesting title or title and we can put it on:

  • Slide opener PowerPoint (opening slide)
  • Cover video Youtube (Youtube thumbnail)
  • Report cover
  • Book cover or ebook
  • Flyers (flyers or pamphlets)
  • Posters and more

To make it even better, we can add animation effects to transparent text, so that the writing will automatically move when displayed on a slide show or on a PowerPoint video.

Image and Font Preparation

Here are some examples of images with transparent text effects.

PowerPoint transparent text effect example

Images should be used:

  • Does not have a background or does not cover the entire surface of the slide.
  • Images have white or other bright colors, such as light gray.

Text with a transparent effect is suitable for using a large bold font or what is called a display font.

You may already have some on your computer or you can install a new one from

How to Create Transparent Text Effect in PowerPoint

Although it may seem complicated, the way to make it is actually very simple. You can watch it in the following video or read the detailed explanation below.

Create a PowerPoint Transparent Text Effect


1. Insert a picture into a PowerPoint slide using Insert | Pictures .

2. Remove the photo background by clicking on the image and in the Picture Tools tab | Format , click Remove Background .

Next, delete the unwanted parts of the image. The purple color is the part that you want to get rid of.

3. Adjust the image size and position on the slide.

4. Now enter the text by Insert | Text Box and type the text.

5. Change the Font type and increase the font size. This tutorial uses the Arial Narrow font with a size of 180 pt.

6. Create a picture behind the text by: right -click the text box we created in the step above.

Hover over Send to Back and select Send to Back .

Create a PowerPoint Transparent Text Effect 2 1

Tips : if you have created a shortcut menu like the example in the video, then you can click Send to Back on the menu.

6. Copy and paste the text. The copy will be above the image.

7. Arrange the position of this second text on top of the first text so that it fits perfectly on top of it.

8. With the second text box selected, do the following in the Drawing Tools | . tab Formats :

In Text Fill, select No Fill.

In the Text Outline, choose the color Black.

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How to Remove the Background in Canva

Now the text with the transparent effect is visible. If necessary, adjust the position of the writing to fit the image.

Important things :

  • The transparent effect will not work if the two images are grouped together ( Group ).
  • You must select both text boxes to move their position at the same time.

Easy Ways to Select Stacked Text Boxes

Because the text boxes are stacked on top of each other, you may find it difficult to select the two texts.

To make it easier to select the two texts, activate the Selection Pane , which is on the Drawing Tools | tab Formats.

In the pane at the side of the screen, click the first text box, and then while holding down the CTRL key, click the second text box.

Easy Ways to Select Stacked Text Boxes

Tips: use this method to select other objects, such as images.

Additionally, in the Selection Pane, we can also:

Hide and show objects by clicking the eye icon. This is very useful when you want to edit text where the text boxes overlap each other.

Move the order of objects by clicking the up and down arrows. This feature can be an alternative to Send Backward and Bring Forward.

How to Animate PowerPoint Transparent Text


  1. Select both text boxes as shown above.
  2. On the Animations tab , select the desired animation from the Animation gallery.

Next, make other desired settings. 


So the trick is to use the same 2 texts with the image position between the text. Transparent text effects can also be created in Word, but they are easier to create in PowerPoint. 

Results in PowerPoint can be copied and pasted into a Word document. But the size and position still have to be adjusted again.

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