How to Overcome Laptop No Sound (Missing) – Solved

How to Overcome Laptop No Sound (Missing) - Solved

How to Overcome Laptop No Sound (Missing) Complete – A laptop that has no sound is one of the conditions that can make users uncomfortable. Of course, quite a lot of things require the presence of speakers: like listening to music, watching videos, and the like.

Even though you can actually use earphonesheadphones, and even active speakers, it will still feel less effective. The reason is, we have to flash the hardware before using it, it can’t be automatic.

How to Overcome Laptop No Sound (Missing)

But don’t worry, for those of you who are currently having a laptop problem with no sound or the sound of the laptop is missing, on this occasion, I will show you how to solve it. Please watch until it’s finished.

How to Solve Laptop No Sound

Before going to the main point, it’s good for us to know what is the cause of the laptop not having sound? In general, the problem of missing laptop sound is caused by the Windows system, drivers, or the speakers themselves.

When the problem is still in the Windows system or driver, we don’t need to replace hardware. However, if the problem lies with the speaker itself, it seems that hardware replacement is indeed necessary.

Okay, let’s go, here are some ways to deal with a laptop that has no sound:

list of contents

  1. Check Laptop Audio Driver
    1. Windows Default Driver Update
    2. Reinstall Laptop Audio Drivers
    3. Install Laptop Audio Drivers
  2. Make sure the laptop speakers are active
  3. Check Default Speaker on Laptop
  4. Laptop Audio Troubleshoot
  5. Do a Windows OS Update
  6. Use External Speaker
  7. Service Hardware (Speakers) Laptop

Check Laptop Audio Driver

The basic step that must be taken to overcome the laptop no sound is to check the audio driver. In fact, almost all laptops can still make sound even though the driver has not been installed on the laptop itself.

However, it is not uncommon for laptops to be unable to produce sound due to driver problems, either because the driver crashes or is corrupt , or it could be because the installed driver is not compatible with the laptop audio.

At this stage, I will provide 3 ways, namely updating Windows default drivers, reinstalling Windows default drivers, and installing laptop audio drivers.

Please practice one by one yes. For example, using the first method has worked, then there is no need to practice the next method. If not, do it until the last step.

Windows Default Driver Update

  • First, click on Start then search for Device Manager .
Overcome Laptop No Sound: Device manager
Overcome Laptop No Sound
  • After that, open Sound, video and game controllers .
Overcome Laptop No Sound
Overcome Laptop No Sound
  • Right-click on the laptop driver you are using (eg Realtek High Definition Audio), then click Update driver .
Overcome Laptop No Sound update Driver
Overcome Laptop No Sound
  • Follow the steps given and wait for the process to finish.
  • Finished.

Reinstall Laptop Audio Drivers

  1. Follow the previous steps (from number 1 to number 2 ).
  2. Right-click on the laptop driver you are using (eg Realtek High Definition Audio), then click Uninstall device .
  3. Please restart your laptop, then the laptop driver will be reinstalled automatically.
  4. Finished.

Install Laptop Audio Drivers

  • Open your browser, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.
  • Type in “your laptop audio driver + type.” for example, Dell 3493 audio driver then select the official website.
Install Laptop Audio Drivers
Overcome Laptop No Sound
  • On the website, please find the audio driver and download it to your laptop.
Install Laptop Audio Drivers
Overcome Laptop No Sound
  • After successfully downloaded, just do the installation by following the steps given.
  • If the driver has been successfully installed, restart your laptop.
  • Finished.

How, after doing some settings the laptop speaker sound driver that doesn’t come out has been fixed successfully? 

Make sure the laptop speakers are active

Even though the driver has been installed properly, if the position is disabled , it’s useless. So, you also have to make sure that your laptop speakers are active in the sense that they are on the right settings.

To make sure, please follow these steps:

  • Please enter the Control Panel by using the Windows search feature.
Overcome Laptop No Sound Overcome Laptop No Sound
Overcome Laptop No Sound
  • After entering the Control Panel, change View by to Small icons then select Sound as shown below.
  • On the Sound menu , make sure everything is active, usually marked with a Ready statement .
Overcome Laptop No Sound Overcome Laptop No Sound
Overcome Laptop No Sound
  • Finished.

If previously there was a device that was not active and now it has been activated, your laptop should have sound. If not, just try the method below, who knows you haven’t set the default speaker on the laptop.

Check Default Speaker on Laptop

When there are multiple audio devices on a laptop, you can set one of them to be the default speaker. This is so that the sound that comes out of the laptop uses the device.

Well, it could also be that the laptops have no sound problem is caused by an incorrect default speaker. For that, you have to set the laptop’s default speaker to be the laptop’s speaker itself.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Control Panel as in the previous step.
  2. After logging in, also change View by to Small icons then select Sound .
  3. In Sound settings, click Speakers according to your laptop (if mine is Realtek High Definition Audio ) then select Set Default .
  4. Click OK to save the settings.
  5. Finished.

If your laptop speakers are not the problem and the default speakers are set correctly, the laptop speakers should be functioning properly.

Laptop Audio Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot is a Windows feature that can be used to fix laptop audio that doesn’t sound out. In short, you just run the feature and will be directly directed by Windows.

For more details, immediately practice the following steps:

  1. First, open Settings in Windows then select System .
  2. After entering Settings , click Sound > click Choose your output device according to laptop speakers > click Troubleshoot .
  3. Wait a few moments until Windows detects the speakers on the laptop. If so, click the speaker you want to repair and then click Next .
  4. Finally, you just have to wait for the troubleshoot process .
  5. Finished.

Do a Windows OS Update

Overcome Laptop No Sound Do a Windows OS Update
Overcome Laptop No Sound

Sometimes, there are versions of the Windows OS that have bugs in certain parts, for example, the speakers. When your laptop uses this version of Windows, then there is a possibility that the laptop speakers will have problems.

Well, to anticipate this, you must update Windows regularly. By updating, the bugs in the previous version will be fixed by Microsoft.

If you are a Windows 10 user, please read how to update Windows 10 . In this article, I have provided several options for updating. So you can choose the method that is considered the easiest.

Use External Speaker

Overcome Laptop No Sound Use External Speaker
Overcome Laptop No Sound

Using external speakers is the easiest and fastest way to fix a laptop with no sound. Simply by plugging external speakers into the laptop, your laptop sound will appear again.

If you decide to use external speakers, there are lots of options to choose from, ranging from cheap, medium, to expensive ones. Please adjust it to your needs.

Oh yes, if you have other problems with laptop speakers, such as broken speakers, you can also use these external speakers.

Service Hardware (Speakers) Laptop

Overcome Laptop No Sound Service Hardware (Speakers) Laptop
Overcome Laptop No Sound

If all the methods above don’t work and you don’t want to use external speakers, then the last step is to take the laptop to a service center, consult directly with a professional.

By taking it to a laptop service center, you will know which part is damaged and will be given the best options. Later, you will also know how much it will cost to fix it.

Well, those are some ways to solve & Overcome Laptop No Sound that you can do. This method applies to all laptop brands, be it Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, HP, and other laptop brands

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